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  • 1. Local and Mobile Search Presenter: Alex Porter Vice President SearchAdNetwork
  • 2. Overview
    • Local search usage from consumers is on the rise
    • Companies need to take advantage of map listings to reach customers actively searching for their business
    • Map listings are used to power search engines, Internet yellow pages, review sites, mobile searches and in-car navigation results
  • 3. Local Internet Statistics
    • 63% of US Internet users performed a local search online in July 2006*
    • Users made 808 million local/Internet yellow page (IYP) queries †
    • Local search increased 43% between July 2005 and July 2006*
    • 82% of IYP and local search users make contact after viewing a businesses local advertisement
    • 47% of local searchers visited a local merchant as result of search behavior*
    • 41% of local searchers made contact offline as a result of search*
    • * Source: comScore, Inc., September 2006
    • † Source: comScore, Inc., April 2007
  • 4. Local Search Landscape
  • 5.  
  • 6. Local Map Listings... Where is the data coming from? Issue: Basic information, not 100% accurate, no keywords or categories, no enhancements
  • 7. How to Incorporate Into Marketing?
    • Directly submit to each engine for a free basic listing
    • Utilize submission services to submit multiple properties
  • 8. Enhanced Map Listing
  • 9. Receive multiple listing exposure through map and organic listings
  • 10. ROI Measurement
    • Call tracking, coupon tracking,
    • in store surveys, video views
    • Google page view stats, Analytics reports
  • 11. KML Site Map
    • Keyhole Markup Language
    • Expresses geographic information in applications like Google Earth.
    • Increases the possibility of inclusion in the Google maps search and indexing of the business profiles.
  • 12. Ranking Factors
    • Similar to Search Engine Optimization
    • Proximity
    • Content
    • Link Authority
    • Title of Listing
    • Freshness of Data
    • KML
  • 13. Map Spam
    • Non authorized users have taken over control of many popular search term listings and changed the URLs to an affiliate listing.
    • When the user clicks on the link it takes them to an affiliate site instead of the corporate site.
  • 14. Mobile and GPS
    • Mobile and GPS data is pulled from this same data source.
    • To insure locations are showing up in these databases it is imperative to actively manage the location data.
  • 15. What You Learned Today
    • Business listings area simple, low cost solutions for companies with a local presence.
    • Enhanced business listings utilize SEO strategies to display general business information, contact information and photos/videos.
    • Measuring ROI through combination of engine data, analytics and call tracking.
    • Listings are not only displayed on local search engines, they are pulled into organic results on the main engines as well.
    • Implement KML site maps
    • Continuously manage the data and review for accuracy.
  • 16. For more information or a copy of this presentation, please either provide a business card or contact me. Alex Porter, Vice President SearchAdNetwork [email_address] 303.291.0645