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zachs powerpoint zachs powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • A Child’s Adventure By Zach Doiron
    • In our modern world children turn to video games instead of going out side to have fun. This limits there opportunity to improve communication skills because they have no one to talk to.
    • Children have so many things that they can do inside. They don’t even have to go outside to have fun.
    • Children have very little imagination because they are just playing a game instead of being part of its creation.
  • Most children’s parents are both working leaving limited time for interpersonal communication with in the family. As the children are waiting for their parents to return from work they usually play video games and watch TV to pass time.
  • Children have trouble talking to other people face to face because the majority of their communication is through the internet which lets them think of their answer before they respond. This impairs there spontaneous communication.
    • Children back in the time of the great Depression did not have a lot of luxuries so they had to make up there own fun. They used their imagination to create games and adventures.
    • Singing and playing in groups gave children many opportunities to communicate with each other. This helped their interpersonal communication skills.
    • Playing outside, making up games, completing puzzles, and building play towers and forts help enhance problem solving skills. Some children now have limited problem solving skills due to their lack of exposure to problem solving related activities.
    • Kids spent more time outside because parents felt they were safe from harm. Neighbors looked out for each other making communities safer for all.
    • Children were more physically active which created more energy and attentiveness at school.
  • A child’s adventure from the Great Depression until now.
    • By Zach Doiron
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