8. phrases


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8. phrases

  1. 1. Phrases - a group of words, without a subject and verb, that functions in a sentence as one part of speech.
  2. 2. Prepositional Phrases - Phrase contain a preposition and a noun or pronoun called the object of preposition. Examples : on the freshly pressed white jacket beside the driftwood and seaweed
  3. 3. Prepositional Phrases modify adjectives or adverbs and are called either adjective phrase or adverb phrase .
  4. 4. Adjective Phrases - a phrase that modifies a noun or pronoun by telling what kind or which one. Examples: An etching of a medieval battlement sold quickly. ( what kind of etching?) My aunt has fear of bugs. (what kind of fear?) I sent my friend in lowa a card. (which friend?)
  5. 5. Adverb Phrases - a phrase that modifies a verb, adjective, or adverb by pointing out where, when, in what manner, or to what extent. Examples : In central park you can ride horse-drawn carriages. ( Can ride where?) The volcano rumbled in the early morning hours. ( Rumbled when?) I consumed the sundae in short order. ( Consumed in what manner?)
  6. 6. Appositive Phrases - Is a noun or pronoun with modifiers placed next to a noun or pronoun to add information and details. Examples: The linebacker, a quick, strong senior from Texas, tackled the quarterback. My jacket, a windbreaker, fits well. I bought a book, an international atlas. The man gave his wife, his partner for ten years, a beatiful opal ring.
  7. 7. Verbal Phrases - a verbal with modifiers or a complement - it contain participial, gerunds, and infinitives
  8. 8. Participial Phrases - is a participle modified by an adverb or adverb phrase or accompanied by a complement. The entire phrase acts as an adjective. Examples: Burning brightly, the fire lit up the room. The bone broken in two places healed. Holding the snake, I felt its cool skin.
  9. 9. Gerund Phrases - a phrase with modifiers or a complement, all acting together as a noun. Examples: His loud, persistent yawning disrupted the meeting. Worrying about the deadline prevented the writer from sleeping. I estimated the cost by calculating quictkly. Fishing from the pier is permitted.
  10. 10. Infinitive Phrases -Is a phrase with modifiers, a complement, or a subject, all acting together as a single part of speech. Examples: The baby wanted to wiggle continuosly. I plan to visit during the afternoon. The foghorn helped warn incoming ships. The bank decided to lend the family the money. The student asked the college to send a catalog.
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