Asian development bank by Zabih Lucky

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That was prepared for the financial management in 7th semester and got some good marks

That was prepared for the financial management in 7th semester and got some good marks

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  • 1. By Zabihullah Ahmadi 1
  • 2. Asian Development Bank Prepared By Zabihullah Ahmadi
  • 3. Introduction of ADB • The Asian development bank, founded in 1966 • ADB has grown to encompass 67 members – of which 48 are from within the Asia and Pacific region and 19 outside. • Georgia is the 67th and newest member, having joined ADB effective 2 February 2007. By Zabihullah Ahmadi 3
  • 4. History of ADB By Zabihullah Ahmadi 4
  • 5. History of ADB By Zabihullah Ahmadi 5
  • 6. Vision ADB is an international development finance institution whose mission is to help its developing member countries reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their people. By Zabihullah Ahmadi 6
  • 7. MISSION Its mission is to help its developing member countries reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their citizens. By Zabihullah Ahmadi 7
  • 8. Vice President President Takehiko Nakao Chairperson of Board of Directors, April 2013. Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs at the Ministry of Finance of Japan Vice President Op1 Mr. Bindu N. Lohani V-P for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development. Mr. Xiaoyu Zhao is the V-P (Op1), Sep 2008. Responsible for operations of the South, Central, and West Asia Department. By Zabihullah Ahmadi 8
  • 9. FOCUS ADB Focuses on poverty reduction. It emphasizes on: • Promotion of pro-poor , sustainable economic growth • Social development • Good governance In support of the above ADB concentrates on: • Protection of environment • Promotion of gender & development • Private sector development • Regional co-operation By Zabihullah Ahmadi 9
  • 10. What does ADB do ? ADB's over arch goal is to reduce poverty in Asia and the Pacific. It helps to improve the quality of people's lives by providing loans and technical assistance for a broad range of development activities. By Zabihullah Ahmadi 10
  • 11. SOURCES OF FUNDS By Zabihullah Ahmadi 11
  • 12. Sources of Finance • ADB raises fund through bond issues on the world's capital markets. Also trust on members' contributions, retained earnings from its lending operations, and the repayment of loans. • ADB has provided over $575 million for road projects in Afghanistan(ADF) By Zabihullah Ahmadi 12
  • 13. Sources of Finance • ADB is a multiparty development finance institution that engages in mostly public sector lending for development purposes in its developing member countries. • In 2008, India was the largest borrower with $2.9 billion. By Zabihullah Ahmadi 13
  • 14. PRODUCTS • These are some of the products ADB provide to support private sector projects in the Asia Pacific region with a positive developmental impact. By Zabihullah Ahmadi 14
  • 15. DEPARTMENTS By Zabihullah Ahmadi 15
  • 16. Registration Date By Zabihullah Ahmadi 16
  • 17. Projects in Afghanistan Country • Afghanistan Approval Date • Gas Development Master Plan • 11 Jul 2013 • Supporting the Inter-Ministerial Commission for Energy • 22 Feb 2013 • Energy Sector Development Investment Program - Tranche 4 • Afghanistan Project Name • 18 Dec 2012 • Transport Network Development Investment Program - Tranche 2 • 10 Dec 2012 • Afghanistan • Afghanistan By Zabihullah Ahmadi 17
  • 18. Project in Afghanistan sectors 317.18 70.50 Total lending 952.28 Million Cumulative on 31st Dec 2012 167.80 10.70 338.10 Total percentage 95% By Zabihullah Ahmadi 18
  • 19. ADB in Afghanistan ADB’s country partnership strategy (CPS), 2009-2013, for Afghanistan continues to focus on energy, transport and communications, agriculture and natural resources, and governance. By Zabihullah Ahmadi 19
  • 21. Afghan By blood, Legend by history, Proud by grace of god, Strong in the arms, Carzy in the head, we are born with guns And die with guns thAt’s why we are called afghans By Zabihullah Ahmadi 21