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Watergate powerpoint

Watergate powerpoint






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    Watergate powerpoint Watergate powerpoint Presentation Transcript

    • The Watergate Scandal
      • By: Zaarin B. , Helen Z. , & Shumaila S.
    • The Watergate Complex
    • The White House Plumbers
      • Secret group to stop government leaks, after the leaking of the Pentagon Papers
      • Used Illegal methods to to descredit Democrats
      CRP: Committee for the Re-Election of the President
      • Destroyed records of burglaries
      • Bribed burglars
      • Slush Funds
    • Key People
      • Richard Nixon
      • E. Howard Hunt
      • John Ehrlichman
      • G. Gordon Liddy
      • Carl Bernstein
      • Bob Woodward
      • Daniel Ellsberg
      • Eugenio Martinez
      • Frank Sturgis
      • Virgilio Gonzalez
      • James McCord
      • Bernard Barker
    • Richard Nixon
      • Won 1968 election against Hubert H. Humphrey
      • Attempted to cover up the Watergate Scandal
      • Denied having any knowledge of the break-ins
    • Daniel Ellsberg
      • Published the Pentagon papers in 1971
      • Gave them to The Washington Post , New York Times and 17 other newspapers
    • John Ehrlichman
      • Nixon’s assistant for domestic affairs
      • Directed the White House Plumbers
      • Ellsberg’s Psychiatrist office Break-in
      • Encouraged destruction of documents outlining plans to sabotage Democrats
    • E. Howard Hunt
      • Member of the Plumbers
      • Organized Break-Ins
      • CIA Agent
    • G. Gordon Liddy
      • FBI Agent
      • Also organized the Break-ins
    • Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
      • Reporters from The Washington Post
      • Reported the Watergate Scandal
      • Received info. from ‘Deep Throat’
    • Watergate Brings Down Nixon http://www.history.com/videos/watergate-scandal-brings-down-richar-nixon#watergate-scandal-brings-down-richar-nixon
    • The Five Burglars Bernard Barker Eugenio Martinez Frank Sturgis Virgilio Gonzalez James McCord
    • The Break-In
    • The Five Burglars Bernard Barker Eugenio Martinez Frank Sturgis Virgilio Gonzalez James McCord
    • The Break-In
    • The Scandal
    • Connections To The CRP
      • James McCord was the Security Co-ordinator of the CRP
      • Both Liddy and Hunt were affiliated with the CRP through the White House Plumbers
      • $25 000 was deposited into one of the burglar’s accounts from a CRP fund
    • Media
      • Woodward and Bernstein followed Watergate Scandal closely
      • Wrote articles like “Bugs Suspect Got Campaign Funds”
      • Got information from FBI agent Mark Felt a.k.a “Deep Throat”
      • Nixon attacks media, accusing it of being biased and unreliable
    • Cover Up
      • Nixon and his officials paid burglars “hush-money”
      • FBI Director L. Patrick Grey destroyed Watergate evidence then resigned
      • April 30,1973 four of Nixon’s top official resigned
      • John Dean admitted that there was a big cover-up
    • Continued
      • July 1973, citizens found out about Nixon’s secret tapes
      • Archibald Cox and Senator Sam Ervin took legal action to get the tapes
      • These tapes proved Nixon was guilty
      • Saturday Night Massacre
      • Nixon ordered his attorney general to fire Cox, but the Attorney General resigned instead
      • AGAIN
    • Nixon’s Resignation & Revealing of The Tapes
      • Nixon was pressured to reveal the tapes
      • The House of Representatives wanted to impeach him for
            • Obstruction of justice
            • Abuse of Power
            • Contempt of Congress
      • Two conversations were missing from the tapes, and one tape had an 18 minute gap.
      • Strengthened the belief that Nixon had destroyed evidence
    • Smoking Gun Tape
      • Revealed August 5th 1972
      • Revealed Nixon’s cover up plan
      • Planned to instruct the CIA to impede the FBI’s investigation
      • “ All right, fine, I understand it all. You call them in. Good. Good deal. Play it tough. That's the way they play it and that's the way we are going to play it.”
    • Significance
      • This tape proved Nixon had lied to Congress, and the Nation about not being involved in the break-ins
      • Even Nixon’s strongest supporters were for impeachment
      • On August 8th Nixon resigned, and became the first ever President of the United States to do so.
      • His abuse of power had a negative affect on American political life and created an atmosphere of distrust
    • Continued
      • Congress decided to curtail presidential power regarding troops, money matters and freedom of speech
      • The impeachment proceedings against Nixon showed Americans and the world that nobody was above the law
      • Scandal tattered Nixon’s political reputation
      • The Freedom of Information Act was strengthened which allowed easier government access to related documents
      • Public became more distrustful of politicians
      • Jimmy Carter was elected in 1977