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Co-design an ILMS for the Future

Co-design an ILMS for the Future



Bootcamp workshop delivered at VALA2012: eM-powering eFutures, 6 February 2012. Co-facilitated with Carolyn McDonald and Kate Davis.

Bootcamp workshop delivered at VALA2012: eM-powering eFutures, 6 February 2012. Co-facilitated with Carolyn McDonald and Kate Davis.



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  • In gaining empathy for a person or understanding of one’s process through an experience, considering the details of that process can illuminate areas for potential insights. Creating a journey map is an excellent way to systematically think about the steps or milestones of a process. A journey map can be used for your own empathy work, or to communicate your findings to others.What are the main steps that they go through?How are they feeling at each point?Also consider:Who do they interact with?What slows them down? 
  • a unique, concise reframing of the problem that is grounded in user needs & insights

Co-design an ILMS for the Future Co-design an ILMS for the Future Presentation Transcript

  • co-designan ILMS for thefuture vala 2012 bootcamp
  • hello*waves*
  • katelecturer | information systems schoolscience and engineering faculty | queensland university of technologyphd student | information systems schoolscience and engineering faculty | queensland university of technologycoordinates@katiedavis | @katiedatworkkatedavis.info | k3.davis@qut.edu.au
  • carolynmanager | technology innovationinformation services | bond universitycoordinates@camcd | camcdona@bond.edu.au
  • zaanaassociate lecturer | information systems schoolscience and engineering faculty | queensland university of technologyphd student | swinburne universitycoordinates@zaana | z.howard@qut.edu.auzaanahoward.com
  • icelet’s break it
  • principlesfastdone, not perfectcollaborativevoices for everyoneno spectators
  • discoveryproblem definitionideationprototypingtestingthe pitch
  • http:/ /vimeo.com/35160709
  • http:/ /vimeo.com/35725858
  • discoveryLET’S GET SOME CONTEXT… you may want to take notes10:00
  • discoveryUNDERSTAND THE CHALLENGE what are the main challenges?10:00
  • discoveryDEFINE YOUR AUDIENCE map out the current users of an ILMS who are they? do the current challenges face everyone, or just certain users?08:00
  • discoveryDEVELOP A PERSONA choose 1 audience to design for it’s easier to design for *someone*, so create a persona to represent the audience, to guide you for the rest of the session10:00
  • I  have  a  persona  image  Jamesut  in  here  –   at farmers to  p enjoys shopping James’ situation just  need  to  wait  for  my  new  for the atmosphere and markets laptop  to   Goals • Stop eating out so much be  set  up!   experience. • Eat more healthily to lose weight and support personal training • Make veggies and salads (part of new diet) taste better • Feel more connected to the place and community where he What is getting in the way? lives • Limited cooking skills • Reluctance to buy food that might go o Frustrations and pain points • Convenience of shopping at mainstream retailers • Throwing out unused food • Being too busy to have time to enjoy the marketsJames • The chore of shopping at mainstream retailers KeywordsExperience shopper How will James interact with masterchef, jamie oliver, tv, celebrity, recipes, community, experience, place, cafe, relaxing FlavourCrusader?Age 32Occupation Account manager Referrer Word of mouth James’ storyEducation Bachelor degree Introduction touchpoint Facebook pageFamily status SingleLocation North Fitzroy, VIC Im a bit surprised, but Ive really been getting into Masterchef and Questions other cooking shows like Jamie Olivers. Ive just started on a healthChallenges Colour blind • What can I do with the food I have in the fridge? kick, signed up for a personal trainer and all that, and Im really trying to • Are there other markets I can go to? eat a lot better, and that means more vegetables. I dont really likeOnline locations: Work, Cafes etc., Mobile • Whats in season? (so I can get fresher options that last longer inComputer type: Windows laptop, Samsung them though, so watching the show has helped expand my ideas about the fridge) how I can cook them to make nicer meals. touch phoneConnection type: ADSL2, 3G mobile Reasons to returnInternet usage: 2–3 hrs I noticed that they were really pushing seasonal and locally-grown • Look up recipes based on ingredients veggies on the show, and heard from some friends about the local • Finding out whats in season to know whats good to get when farmers markets. Now that Ive been there a few times, Im reallyTop ve bookmarked websites: at the supermarket• Facebook • Internet banking starting to enjoy the atmosphere — it feels a bit like a weekly • Tips on cooking techniques and unusual ingredients "pilgrimage", a real grounding experience. I get a chance to slow down• SMH • Masterchef• Work webmail and have a co ee and these great macarons that they sell there, and ease into the weekend. Its cool that Ive been bumping into people I know there too — its got a real community vibe which Ive really connected with. Who in uences James? As a single guy living by myself I dont go through a lot of food,Technophobe Wired especially when I have a busy week and eat out a bit too much. I really TV hate throwing out veggies that go o , and Ive found that the ones I get Mum from the markets last longer, which is great.Mainstream retailers Famers markets James Its great to talk to the people at the market — Ive picked up some Mainstream great recipes there and learnt how to cook some things that Ive never retailers really come across before. I still nd I buy most of my stu from ColesBeginner Expert Market or Woolworths, but its a di erent thing really: I go to the markets Friends producers because I really love it there — I like to make time for it — whereas going to Coles is much more like a chore. Flavour Crusader personas. Courtesy of Zumio: http://zum.io/about/projects/flavourcrusader/
  • problemdefinitionMAP THE JOURNEY map your persona’s journey using the ILMS mark in the pain points13:00
  • Finding & recommendations for aligning OGT service touchpoints by Radar Station.Courtesy Service Design Tools: http://www.servicedesigntools.org/sites/default/files/res_images/02.jpg
  • The Train Ride by 31 Volts. Courtesy Service Design Tools.http://www.servicedesigntools.org/sites/default/files/res_images/CJM.png
  • one more… http:/ /www.youtube.com/watch? NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=rwjERqPAKnE
  • problemdefinitionSHARE YOUR LEARNING what themes and insights have you come up with? what are the main challenges and opportunities?10:00
  • problemdefinitionCREATE A PROBLEM STATEMENT make them juicy and actionable choose 1 to work with for the rest of the session10:00
  • howwho what why?BASED ON USER, NEED AND INSIGHT10:00 d leadership 2011 define lecture. Courtesy Stanford d School: https://dschool.stanford.edu/groups/dleadership/
  • example How might a (who) delayed mother of four (what) entertain her kids without disrupting the terminal so that (why) her bored children don’t annoy the already irritated fellow passengers? d leadership 2011 define lecture. Courtesy Stanford d School: https://dschool.stanford.edu/groups/dleadership/
  • ideationBRAINSTORMING GUIDELINES warm up05:00
  • d leadership 2011 ideate lecture. Courtesy Stanford d School: https://dschool.stanford.edu/groups/dleadership/
  • ideationBRAINSTORMING brainstorm solutions to the problem keep the problem statement in the middle of the table 50 ideas 10 minutes10:00
  • ideationIDEA SELECTION which ideas are most possible? most delightful? which are you drawn to? you each have 3 votes – use them to select an idea to work with10:00
  • hungry? so is he SCAN USING YOUR PHONE TO DONATE A MEAL NOW need2give.org need2give.orgYOUR PHONE TO THANKYOU! YOU HAVE JUST GIVEN A PERSON INE A MEAL NOW NEED A HOT MEAL CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE LIKE YOU HAVE DONATED AROUND THE CITY need2give.org need2give storyboard. Courtesy Stefanie di Russo http://twitter.com/stefdirusso
  • CommLogix wireframe sketch by Mike Rohde:http://www.flickr.com/photos/rohdesign/3307874546/
  • Election night bingo by tim_d: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tim_d/4475397251/
  • testingTEST 2 people stay to guide testing 4 people move10:00
  • testingCAPTURE LEARNINGS what did you learn about your prototype? what did you learn from the other prototypes that you could use in your own?15:00
  • testingITERATE PROTOTYPE based on feedback and new ideas10:00
  • the pitchDEVELOP THE PITCH10:00
  • the pitchWHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO ACHIEVE?WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE?WHAT DO YOU WANT THEM TO DO?10:00 Pitch structure. Courtesy Will Donovan http://www.willdonovan.com.au/
  • wrap up
  • kate@katiedatworkcarolyn @camcdzaana @zaana stuff http:/ /bit.ly/futureILMS