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Novaces General Brochure

  2. 2. LEAN SIX SIGMA BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT The countless documented successes of Lean Six Sigma in the manufacturing, ser- vice and defense industries are a testament to its effectiveness in generating busi- ness process improvements. however, many companies that implement Lean Six Sigma programs have difficulty achieving the expected benefits. dissatisfaction with Lean Six Sigma programs are due to a variety of reasons, including poor implementation planning and project selection. To realize a Competitiveness significant return on investment, gain competitive advantage and build best- The reality is that adopting Lean Six Sigma in-class programs, organizations need a proven approach that manages these programs, even for the best organizations, is implementation issues. essential to increase and maintain competi- tiveness. But holding true to the fundamental hallmarks of Lean Six Sigma implementation is difficult to accomplish. Our SystemCPi roadmap opens up the line of site to the right projects and tools to achieve op- erational excellence. This uniquely integrated solution is comprised of Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints that enables organization to choose the methods that will work best and sustain competitive advantage. Sigma Six Lean Six Sigma Six Sigma Simplify Processes Reduce Variation Simplify Processes Reduce Variation Eliminate Waste Eliminate Defects Eliminate Waste Eliminate Defects Implementation Roadmap Increase Speed Sustain the Gains Increase Speed Sustain the Gains a successful implementation. in the end, our We have shaped our experience into an inte- focus is on transferring these tools and meth- grated toolbox for planning, implementing odologies to make your process improvement and sustaining process improvement. We Theory of Constraints initiative self-sufficient. call this complete program that guides your Manage Constraints Manage Constraints implementation – SystemCPiSM. Our approach Focus on the System Focus on the System Whether you are just beginning the journey in Maximize Throughput Maximize Throughput was designed from the ground up to over- continuous process improvement or supple- come the roadblocks that prevent success. menting a current program, SystemCPi can easily be customized to your unique needs. Along the way, we provide you with our wealth Sustained Improvements Either way, we provide you with a written of knowledge, training programs, and cross- SystemCPi guides the development of core ca- guarantee for return on investment. functional experience to help you complete pabilities for sustained, profitable growth in any enterprise. Our roadmap incorporates proven ap- “Lean Six Sigma is proven to be proaches to break down the functional silos, align improvement efforts with your business strategy the best approach to generate and engender the essential human and motiva- sustained process improvements.” tional facets of change management. importantly, it creates a culture of continuous improvement that is weaved into the fabric of your organization.
  3. 3. “Lean Six Sigma has generated performance improvements in every department of our company, while helping us to deliver cost savings to our customers.” GET RESULTS Customized Lean Six Sigma Solutions Our implementations attack waste, inefficien- cies and defects enterprise-wide. yet, Lean Six Sigma initiatives don’t have to be overly com- plex. Our approach can produce measurable “NOVACES brings highly professional, results in less than 90 days. profound knowledge in Lean, Six Sigma Superior knowledge transfer n and other transformational technologies Improved results from projects n that positively impacted our business and Better project completion rates n our employees here at Ship Systems.” Achievement of deployment n maturity goals - Dr. M.J. Niccolai Decreased resistance to change Director, Six Sigma, Northrop Grumman Ship Systems n Increased return-on-investment n
  4. 4. BUILD Who We Are INTERNAL CAPABILITIES NOVACES is a premier implementer of today’s most powerful process improvement meth- odologies that strengthen operational capa- bilities and financial performance. We deliver Our services develop the critical Lean Six Sigma skills needed by today’s pro- Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints fessionals. To maximize learning, our training experts created a program that consulting and training to clients in the de- includes a balance of classroom interaction, team exercises, visual aids, and fense, healthcare, manufacturing, maritime hands-on process simulations. Training is coupled with real projects that par- and service industries. We are dedicated to ticipants complete to gain practical experience – and get real results. Moreover, advancing the science of process improve- our project mentoring and leadership coaching services help ensure success ment and leveraging research to provide the from the classroom to the field. most effective solutions in the market. LEAN SIX SIGMA SERVICES Whether you are planning a Lean Six Sigma program or need help with a cur- rent effort that is not meeting your objectives, we can provide you with the right kind of support. CONSULTING TRAINING Implementation Planning Lean Six Sigma n n Process Management Executive Leader n n Leadership Coaching Champion n n Master Black Belt Apprenticeship Master Black Belt n n Project Selection & Mentoring Black Belt n n On-Site Facilitation Green Belt n n Value Stream Analysis Lean Expert n n Rapid Improvement Workshops Statistical Software n n Theory of Constraints Integration n 650 POydrAS STrEET, SuiTE 2320 NEW OrLEANS, LA 70130 TEL: 504.544.6888 FAx: 504.544.6881 WWW.NOVACES.COM © 2008, NOVACES, LLC. ALL righTS rESErVEd.