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Novaces Brochure Healthcare

  1. 1. LEAN LEAN SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTHCARE SIX SIGMA SIX SIGMA Simplify process Eliminate defects Eliminate waste Reduce variation Increase speed Sustain improvements Achieve quick results Achieve predictable results The healthcare landscape is changing at an astonishing rate. Now more than ever, healthcare facilities are faced with the imperative to reduce costs while delivering increasingly better patient care. Plus, maneuvering through stricter accreditation requirements and Medicare’s changing reimbursement policies will be more dif- ficult and costly without a framework for producing systematic improvements. Competitiveness LEAN Sustained Improvements SIX SIGMA The reality is that adopting Lean Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma develops core capabilities Simplify processes Eliminate defects programs, even at the best healthcare facili- that address urgent needs in patient care and Eliminate waste Reduce variation ties, is essential to just being competitive. For- safety and make the kinds of improvements Increase speed Sustain improvements tunately, the objectives of controlling costs that save lives. In this way, it creates a culture and improving quality – two goals seemingly of continuous improvement that is weaved at odds with each other – can be achieved si- into the fabric of the healthcare system. multaneously. This methodology can be applied through- “Lean Six Sigma develops core capabilities out a healthcare facility to achieve improve- that make the kinds of improvements in ments in infection rates, medical records and pharmaceutical errors, bed turnover, emer- patient care that save lives.” gency room bottlenecks, supplies and equip- ment availability, patient satisfaction and Value much more. Importantly, Lean Six Sigma uses a data-driven approach to fix root causes of Studies of operational improvements in problems with strict controls that ensure cor- healthcare using Lean Six Sigma are becom- rective actions are sustained. ing commonplace. By borrowing best prac- tices from the corporate world, this proven methodology works to achieve high levels of business efficiency while still delivering com- passionate care. And with dramatic results. “NOVACES brings highly professional, profound knowledge in Lean, Six Sigma and other transformational technologies that positively impacted our business and our employees.”
  2. 2. “The Lean Six Sigma methodology helped focus our team on identifying unnecessary work steps and on developing a redefined and truly better GET process. Training was very, very good.” RESULTS SystemCPI™ Flexible Lean Six Sigma ROADMAP TO OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Implementations ASSESS PLAN APPLY SUSTAIN Our implementations attack waste, Strategy Alignment Executive Sponsorship Quick Hit Improvements Replication Metrics Opportunity Prioritization Lean Financial Validation inefficiencies and defects hospital- Gap Analysis Training Six Sigma Rewards & Recognition wide. Still, Lean Six Sigma initiatives System-Level Value Stream Teambuilding Constraints Management Deployment Review don’t have to be overly complex. Our CHANGE MANAGEMENT approach can produce measurable re- Implementation Roadmap “The first projects we sults in as little as 90 days. We have shaped our extensive experience conducted showed us how into an integrated toolbox for planning, im- Lean Six Sigma enables plementing and sustaining process improve- Maximize cost effectiveness n ment in healthcare. We call this complete pro- us to see our processes, Reduce turnaround times n gram SystemCPI™. understand our systems Increase materials control n better and make us more What’s more, our training courses incorpo- Improve discharge rates n rate the terminology, examples and simu- competitive.” Exceed accreditation standards n lations that reflect the reality of today’s - Baris Turgutoglu healthcare environment. In the end, our focus Director of Management Operations is on transferring these tools and methodolo- gies to make your process improvement ini- Kent Hospital tiative self-sufficient. Whether you are just beginning the journey in continuous process improvement or supple- menting a current program, SystemCPI™ can easily be customized to your unique needs.