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Growth Hacking strategy and framework
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Growth Hacking strategy and framework



Hypothetical growth hacking strategy and framework. Building blocks and checklist

Hypothetical growth hacking strategy and framework. Building blocks and checklist



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  • Email is changing. With 30% of mobile users now accessing their emails using their phone, the inbox is now a moving target. Plus there are all the new inboxes created by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.. Add further different user experience on operating systems e.g. Windows 8, Apple & user behaviour of switching between devices to read sometimes the same email, marketers need to supply the same email in multiple formatsSegmented Behavioural targeting to all these different inboxes with customised emails for each screen size & inbox will drive ROI up.

Growth Hacking strategy and framework Growth Hacking strategy and framework Presentation Transcript

  • Growth Hacking StrategyFrameworkBest viewed in Presentation Mode
  • Executive Summary• Acme Newspaper content can be consumed anywhere. Outside of AcmeNewspaper ecosystem.• No need to come to The Acme Newspaper website to get news. Can be read onFacebook or competitor with ease.• Whats the Acme Newspaper’s “viral” factor, why use The Acme Newspaper oversomething else?• Any Growth Hacking strategy needs a “core product” to “grow”.– Facebook has its USP and its “walled garden”.– The Acme Newspaper “product” is disseminated across channels. Facebookon the website or mobile or tablet provides the same experience.• Once the Acme Newspaper product experience is stabilised. Then bring in theTechnology and Marketing to optimise the conversion rate.– The higher the conversation rate, the higher the viral growth factor.• Certain assumptions have been made
  • Contents• Acme Newspaper Growth Hacking StrategyConceptual Model• Social Media Optimisation Big Picture• Editorial Approach• Technology Building Blocks• Product Framework• Marketing Skeleton• Analytics, Testing & Optimisation Stratagem
  • Key to Success is...Technological WalledGarden / Ecosystem
  • Acme Newspaper GrowthHacking Concept
  • 6Conceptual Growth Hacking PlatformA multi tier approach; outer layers translate to core goal of monetisation of the userMonetisingthe userPersonalisationAcquiring theuserActivating theuserMarketing: Bought MediaAnalyticsA/B|MultivariateEditorialEditorialCultureTVVideo
  • Social Media OptimisationBig Picture
  • Social Media landscape could beviewed as absurd in its complexity
  • And the previous chart is missing...thebelow and many, many more....Wikis, crowdsourcing sites, crowdfunding sites, countless other travel sites, music sites, social TV networks andmore and more niche networks like goodreads focusing on a specific activity or passion are popping up everydayTo achieve ultimate VIRALITY , the Acme Newspaper must take their content towhere the target audience spends their time online
  • Use of Gamification Social Engagement tacticsGamification of the News – Can it be done? YES!
  • HOW? Can the Acme Newspaperachieve ultimate virality?• Day-to-day management of the Acme Newspapers social profiles, content and campaigns, across ALLof thesocial networks is required. Some networks maybe more relevant to some types of editorial / content.SocialMediaTools &PlatformsAutomatedDistributionof content& commsSocialNetworksAPIintegrationLocalisationPersonalisa-tion forNetworksA/BTesting ofSocialProfilesExponentialViralDistributionTechnologyMarketing /PRProduct Editorial Analytics ViralitySocial CRMSocial Design & IntegrationGamification
  • Personalisation of content viaSocial, Interest, & even KnowledgeGraphcme Newspaper.co.ukCirca 2002Acme Newspaper.co.ukCirca 2006Acme Newspaper.co.ukCirca 2008Acme Newspaper.co.ukCirca 2010Pushedcontent, staticPushedcontent, augmented by semi-trusted reviewsRecommendedcontent based onpast viewsDeep, personalanalytics basedon social graph"People dont want something targeted to the whole world--they want somethingthat reflects what they want to see and know“-- Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, September 2010
  • Viewed another way. Imagine all the unique Acme NewspaperFacebook & Twitter profiles AMPLIFIED, LOCALISED &PERSONALISED every WHERE.
  • Editorial Approach
  • Long term plans, produce Editorial based on datareturned from Social, Interest & Knowledge GraphCull lowestperformingEditorialInformEditorialRoadmapMineConsumerData fromGraphEditorial A/BTests, gainmore insightSeveral AcmeNewspaper readers“like” Marvel ComicsmoviesSource more MarvelComics Movies Contente.g. News, rumoursRun tests on e.g.IronMan vs HulkContentDon’t Produce contenton “She-Hulk”
  • Technology Building Blocks
  • Growth Hacking Platform Capability FrameworkThe Acme Newspaper’s digital technology stack should encompass the following four layers andcapabilities17Editorial1.0 Content Management System2.0 Social Media Marketing Platform3.0 Mobile Platform4.0 Social Media Publishing Platform 6.0 On Site Search7.0 Digital Asset Management13.0 Ruby on Rails Dev Platform - Vanity 15.0 Ruby on Rails Dev Platform - Abingo17.0 Segmentation, Funnel Analytics - MixPanel 20.0 Person Web Analytics – KissMetrics – Who, Why18.0 Real Time Command Centre - GeckoboardMarketingProductAnalytics & Intelligence8.0 Gamification Platform – Bunchball or BigDoor or Badgeville or Gamify10.0 SEO Crawler / Spider Analysis - Screaming Frog12.0 Landing Page Builder - Unbounce9.0 Email Platform – Platform e.g. ExactTarget vs. Vendor e.g. Epsilon21.0 Real Time Command Centre - Leftronics19.0 Web Analytics - Google Analytics – What Happened 22.0 A B Testing – Optimizely14.0 User Testing – UserTesting.com5.0 Social Listening Platform16.0 Live Mouse Tracking, Heatmaps - Mouseflow11.0 Targeted Surveys - Qualaroo
  • Multi Screen Real Time CommandCentre
  • Product Framework
  • To this blogger, digital newspaper productsare not providing the service he wants
  • A /B Test Product Features to death
  • Forget iOS, Android, Blackberry, screensizes, downloading...bleh!In the native vs web argument, for a news & editorial provider, there is only onechoice. Thats CSS 3 & HTML 5
  • Refresh, Revive & Rethink AcmeNewspaper Open Platform• Revisit API strategy.• Drive towards vision of:- anything created with Acme Newspaperdata or API must live / function within the Acme NewspaperEcosystem /digital presence.• Have you ever noticed that you can share content on or inFacebook, but you can never share Facebook content outside ofFacebook?– Try sharing something from a FB wall or page you have liked. To sharea meme or video on FB outside of FB is not intuitive, nor easy!
  • Share on the Acme Newspaper Button• Would Facebook allow a “Share on the AcmeNewspaper” Button. Unlikely.286
  • Marketing SkeletonOptimise content for ALLforms of Search
  • Content Discovery:- Todays SearchLocation/MobileSearch EngineSocialNetworksBookmarkingSitesDevice BasedImages &VideoEcommerceSitesTAOBAOGrouponGrouponGoogle+LocalFacebook PlacesGoogle YandexYahooBaidu
  • Content Discovery:- Tomorrows SearchMindmeldGoogle NowApple SiriSamsung SVoiceFacebookGraphSearchYahooInterestGraph
  • Even Email has felt theinnovation waveOptimise content for ALLScreen Sizes & emailproviders. A/B Test to death
  • Content Discovery:- Next Generation Email=Social + Mobile + Email + Operating SystemRead Email on Social Networks ClientRead Email on Operating System / Browser ClientRead on Device Client Read on Email Client
  • Content Discovery:- Mobile Media.Mobile Ecosystem is rich & diverse + high conversion at low cost
  • Analytics, Testing &Optimisation Stratagem
  • Micro-Optimisation. For every touch-point in the Persuasion & Sales funnels,Identify, Benchmark, Target, Optimise [IBTO] metrics with the view that eachmetric contributes to a conversion. [below are examples only, some may not be relevant to the AcmeNewspaper]
  • Conduct Marketing Attribution Analysis. Determinemost effective channels for The Acme NewspaperAttribution Methodologies• First click- full credit is assigned tothe first interaction• Last click - full credit is assignedto the last interaction• Linear - all interactions sharecredit evenly• Time decay - more credit isassigned to interactions closer tothe time of conversion• Customized by channel - certainchannels are weighted more/lessheavily• Unique methodology developedin-house or by agencyAdded Value to the AcmeNewspaper• Ability to better allocatebudget/resources across channelsand ROI is improved.• Acme Newspaper are betterpositioned to obtain budget due tohigher accountability.• Attribution provides insights intoaudience makeup and behaviours.• Better understanding of howonline/offline media interactionswork.• Better understanding of how somechannels assist in conversion ratherthan play a direct role.
  • A/B Test Everything, Everywhere, Everywhen –Key tools that need to be in a growth hacking arsenal
  • Get in touch:-Twitter :- @zoheBlog:- http://www.zohe.co.uk/blogTwitter:- @GrowthHakkaWeb:- http://www.growthhakka.com/