CouchDB in The Room
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CouchDB in The Room



This is the slide to introduce CouchDB in Open source conffrence 2009 Tokyo fall.

This is the slide to introduce CouchDB in Open source conffrence 2009 Tokyo fall.



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CouchDB in The Room CouchDB in The Room Presentation Transcript

  • Dear Couchers... -CouchDB in the room- OSC 2009 Tokyo/Fall 15:15 - 16:00
  • Agenda 1. Basic Relaxation(z.ohnami) 2. Social Relaxation(Mr.sasaki) 3. CMS Relaxation(Mr.Fujita)
  • At first,Hot topics !! Hello !!
  • 0.8.0 (incubating) 0.8.1 (incubating) 0.9.0 0.9.1 0.10.0 Beta
  • Windows installer http://wiki.apache. org/couchdb/Windows_binary_installer
  • RainDrop
  • Ubuntu One png
  • sponser CouchDB JP
  • Basic Relaxation What is CouchDB? by z.ohnami
  • Who am I? It calls 'zetto ohnami' I'd worked at mainframe env(z/OS) DBA z/OS,DB2 current job DB Development consultant Building Virtulization env CouchDB guy I wrote the article at "@IT" No.1,No.2 is released. I'm enjoyning android programming,too.
  • z.ohnami z-ohnami z_ohnami
  • No1 CouchDB's Basics Check it !!
  • We can acces via HTTP method GET(refer) POST(add) PUT(add/update) DELETE(delete)
  • Document is map on URI http://servername:5984/DB name/doc name (example)
  • We treat data as JSON { "_id":"good-idea", "title":"how to be relax day off", "date":"2009-10-31", "descripiton":"yeah,Let's go to OSC", "equipment":["laptop","card","Poken"], "status":{ "guts":3, "thru":40, "heart beat":80 } }
  • Wrapping up Access via HTTP GET PUT POST DELETE Reply as JSON format http://server name:5984/ { DBname/document name name:"z.ohnami", phone:"555", blood:"AA" }
  • The structure of CouchDB CouchDB DB1 Document1 DB2 Document3 Document2 Document4 ・・・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ "HTTP://servername:5984/DB name/document name" ・・・
  • No.2 Design Document (「・ω・)「ガオー
  • We can change various form using D.D
  • More details...
  • Let's use view !! change the key of document Document's default key is "_id" Add parameters getting view results. .../_design/d01/_view/gin-by-proof?key=30' .../_design/d01/_view/gin-by-proof?startkey=20&endkey=60' .../_design/d01/_view/gin-by-proof?descending=true' .../_design/d01/_view/gin-by-proof?descending=true&limit=10' Map & Reduce Each document is applied map function. Data summary is easy,if we use reduce
  • show&list show Adjust document format JSON → HTML Relax!! list Adjust view's output format JSON → HTML Relax!! Data list → detail(list → show)is popular pattern
  • No3 Replication Far away
  • Push and Pull !! CouchDB "HTTP://servername:5984/_replicate" DB1 Document1 DB2' Document3 Document2 ・ Document4 ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ DB1' Document1 Other CouchDB Document2 DB2 Document3 ・ ・ Document4 ・ ・ ・ ・
  • No.4 Application Development Where to use CouchDB?
  • What kind of data is suitable for CouchDB? wanna know ?
  • Document oriented database CouchDB is .
  • If you can write down paper,Let's CouchDB!!
  • Example paper(specification、order list、profile・・・・) card、Poken should use CouchDB book's page(photo is available) source code configuration file(like ini File)
  • How do you set CouchDB ? like a furniture ?
  • Off course.
  • Off course,too
  • CouchDB covers all layers !!
  • Fun !!
  • Wrapping up sum(Basic Relaxation);
  • Let's use CouchDB!! put the data toward CouchDB with relax !! Most suitable data is paper data Enjoy Design Document & replication CouchDB is flexible to design system archtecutre
  • Be relaxed !! Wait the next session ...