Kanban - a SANE way to go agile in the enterprise


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n summer 2013 there is no question that business agility is required. You will also be hard pressed to find anyone arguing against the core principles of agility. but most enterprise organizations have not yet reached the levels of agility we talk about. whether due to shallow practices focused attempts or to lack of any effort. Agile in the enterprise is ttrying to cross the chasm or get out if the trough of disillusionment. We will talk about how Kanban is helping the concept of business agility cross the chasm into the zone of pragmatic enlightenment. What is it about Kanban and the "free market / pull based change management" approach I've been using recently in a couple of enterprises that help accelerate the journey towards agility without risking its stickiness.

Go to http://prezi.com/eotlextweb80/kanban-a-sane-way-towards-agility-in-the-enterprise/ for the Prezi version that was actually presented.

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