Google Adsense Tips - What, How, Who, Why, When And Where!


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Google Adsense Tips - What, How, Who, Why, When And Where!

  1. 1. Google Adsense Tips - What, How, Who, Why, When And Where!
  2. 2. The Amazing Google Adsense Program is today toweringlike a Colossus in the Internet. It has helped some smart Internet Marketers to make huge amounts of money,while at the same time it is interesting to note that many new Internet Marketers and Internet Home-BasedBusiness Entrepreneurs are receiving their first pay check from Google Adsense rather than the main affiliate program.
  3. 3. Given below are the Tips, What, How, Who, Why, When and Where of Google Adsense in a nut shell.
  4. 4. Adsense Tip: What is is Google Adsense:
  5. 5. Adsense Tip: How to get started with Google Adsense:
  6. 6. You have to apply to Google Adsense by completing an online application form at Once the application isapproved, you will be able to participate. You then have to copy and paste a HTML code that is provided by Google Adsense into your web pages. The code creates relevantads. to the content of the page. When a visitor clicks on it Google pays you.
  7. 7. Adsense Tip: Who can participate in Google Adsense:
  8. 8. Anyone who has a website can join the Adsense program but not adult and hate sites. You have to comply with Googles program policies. It is Free to join. Google has a massive advertiser base and they have ads. on the readyfor all categories of businesses. They also have ads. readyto match different types of content sites, from a pet store site to that of a highly sophisticated technological site.
  9. 9. Google Adsense can be used in many languages. It is also targeted geographically and hence Global business cantake advantage of this and webmasters living in any part of the world can participate.
  10. 10. Adsense Tip: Why Participate in Google Adsense:
  11. 11. The obvious answer is to make money from home. It does not cost you anything if you have a website, so why missthe opportunity to make money from home. Google pays you monthly if your earnings reach $100.The Google Adsense checks are a blessing to a large number of newbies with low budgets eager to make money fromhome. Some webmasters feel that Adsense ads. can leadtheir visitors away from their site. This possibility is there but if you have a website with good content they will always come back.
  12. 12. Adsense Tip: When to Participate in Google Adsense:
  13. 13. The Adsense program is Web related and hence you musthave a website to participate. Once your website is ready and the contents optimized, you can submit yourapplication. The Adsense program is not restricted only to high page rank sites as some seem to think.
  14. 14. Google approves most of the sites but ensures that theyare of acceptable standard. Normally they are approved within 2-3 days. Once approved you can immediatelyparticipate in the Adsense program by logging into your account.
  15. 15. Adsense Tip: Where to place Google Adsense ads. in your Website.
  16. 16. The Adsense ads. can be placed anywhere in your webpages, but there are specific areas in your web pages that are recommended by Google which have been found to generate more clicks.
  17. 17. According to Google and our own experience: Ads placedabove the fold tend to perform better than those below the fold.
  18. 18. Ads placed near rich content and navigational aids usually do well because users are focused on those areas of a page.
  19. 19. Ads placed at the top of the page and at the left generally perform better than others.
  20. 20. Ads at the bottom of long articles and those that areintegrated or merge with the content too perform very well.
  21. 21. Of course there are other strategies, such as creating highpaying keyword content pages to suit individual sites andalso generating more traffic to your site. These have to be implemented too, to ensure success.
  22. 22. The Google Adsense Program has come to stay. It is a great way to earn an additional income for most webmasters and a big income for some who have made the Adsense Program as the main source of income. Which ever way you look at it the Adsense Program is a happy hunting ground for all and these Tips can help you get started.
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