The Dancers


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The Dancers

  2. 2. Thedancersby: alberto s. florentino jr.
  3. 3. The Dancers is astory/drama written by AlbertoS.Florentino Jr. It is all about a typicalFilipino family composed ofFather, Mother and Children or Siblings.It is a story of a poor family whostruggles in the harshness of poverty.Because of poverty, Mang Tomas (thefather) wants his youngest daughter-Nenita to join her sister Rita and make aliving at a young age as a club dancer.The older brother –Tony does notapprove to his father’s decision and theyoungest sibling –Juanito seemsbecome submissive and no longer arguewith them. As well as their Mother doesnot approve to her husband’sdecision, but then Mang Tomaspersistently insist because for him hehas the right and he has the authority todecide for his daughters being theirfather.
  4. 4. characters
  5. 5.  Mang Tomas (static)PHYSICAL:• Not that old to stop working.• Strong and healthy.• He is a man.• Forty years of age.• The father of Tony, Juanito, Rita and Nenita• The husband of the wife (Mother).SOCIAL:• A calesa driver before.• From a poor family.• Catholic (affiliation)PSYCHOLOGICAL:• A high-handed Father.• An idle husband/ Father.• A wicked Father/husband.• Selfish• Disrespectful• Useless.• Sinful.MORAL:• Mang Tomas is not a good example to his family. He is immoral by tolerating his daughters to dance at the club/salon even to go with the Chinese. He seems right for himself even he is not, he doesn’t know how to listen to his son and wife.(static because from the start to end of the drama/dialogue his character as a father insisting his family to send his daughter Nenita to the salon/club was still the same and he was victorious in sending his daughter at the salon/club at the end of the drama.)
  6. 6.  Mother (static)PHYSICAL:• She is a woman.• An old woman.• Wife of Mang Tomas.• Her heart gets weaker and weaker everyday.• Age (didn’t mention in the story).SOCIAL:• Market vendor.• From a poor family.• Catholic (affiliation).PSYCHOLOGICAL:• An industrious mother.• A very loving mother.• Religious• A devoted Mother.• Caring.MORAL:She is a good wife to her husband and a good Mother to her siblings. She always praying for their safety and praying to give them strength everyday. She always worry about her children and still working hard to pay debts.(static because no changes in her character as a Mother.)
  7. 7.  Tony (static)PHYSICAL:• Older brother.• Eldest son.• About twenty- one years of age.• Wearing denim pants and T-shirts.SOCIAL:• A jeepney driver.• From a poor family.• Catholic.PSYCHOLOGICAL:• A good brother.• Hardworking son.• Respectful son.• A loving son/brother.• A supportive brother.MORAL:He is a good brother to his sister and a very supportive son to his parents. He gives his money to his mother to be able to pay debts. And he respect his father even his father hits him hard on the face but he never fight back.(static because his character being a supportive son never change and he still disapproved the decision of his father until the end of the story.)
  8. 8. Juanito (developing)PHYSICAL:• A thin gangling boy.• Twelve years of age.• Wearing shorts.• Youngest son of Mang Tomas.• The youngest brother of the family.SOCIAL:• He always accompany his sister Rita at the cabaret/bar/club.• From a poor family.PSYCHOLOGICAL:• Very emotional person.• Very young.• Childish.MORAL:Juanito, as a younger brother of the family, his character being the source of information about what happened to his sister –Rita, Juanito is a supportive brother.(developing because his character changed and developed. At first he never intend to share what really bothers him and he is so sensitive and shouts if someone ask him why he is not feeling well but on the later part of the story he burst out his feelings and cry out loud and refuses his sister to accompany them at the bar.)
  9. 9.  Rita (static)PHYSICAL :• Eldest child• About 26 years old• Very mature lookingSOCIAL :• A dancer/ a club dancer• From a poor familyPSYCHOLOGICAL :• A supportive child• Provider/ a good provider• Emotional• HardworkingMORAL : Being a dancer, Rita provides living for their family. Maybe we can say that being a club dancer is an act of immorality but if it is a pure act of dancing we can’t say it is an act of immorality but an act of entertaining people. Rita was sent to dancing at the young age because of their need of money for the medicines of their mother when it got sick.(static because her character never changes.)
  10. 10.  Nenita (static)PHYSICAL:• A growing girl of seventeen years old• Youngest daughterSOCIAL :• From a poor familyPSYCHOLOGICAL :• Submissive• She never protest not to go with her sister Rita.
  11. 11. Elena (developing)PHYSICAL:• She’s around 23 years old.• Gaudily dressed in a bright colored, tight, short skin.• She wears heavy make-up and a shawl around her shoulder.SOCIAL:• CLUB DANCER• Maybe from a poor family too.PSYCHOLOGICAL:• She’s emotional.
  12. 12. .SETTING.a) Place: at a doorway, a wide low window and three steps of adobe stones. At the front yard of a poor family’s dwelling on the skirts of the city.b) Time: Early evening.c) Social Conditions: They are from a poor family.d) Mood or Atmosphere: sarcastic, excited, violent outburst, shocked, speechless, hate, scared, crying, pain, struggling, screams, mad, calm, loud, ignoring, shouting,sad, etc.e) Language: Tagalog, English.Scenery: two long wooden benches, one on each side. Downstage, an old rattan chair, probably salvaged from a nearby dump. The street is to the left. The sound of children playing can be heard.
  13. 13. .plot.
  14. 14. BEGINNINGEarly evening, Tony came to their housefrom working as a jeepney driver. Henoticed that his younger brotherJuanito, who is sitting in front of theirhouse, doesn’t join the other childrenplaying near their house. Tony is trying toconvince his brother to join the childrenplaying but Juanito shouted at him. Then hesaw his sister, Nenita, sitting indecentlywhile reading her comics, “FilipinoKomiks”, then Tony says “ look at the wayyou sit! No wonder those boys at the cornerwere all looking this way!” then Nenita sitsproperly.But Juanito showed actions sayingthat he don’t want to accompany his sisterin buying a new comics. And their fathernoticed that Tony is already home, heforced Tony to give him some money.
  15. 15. EXPOSITION Nenita, a growing girl of seventeen, sits on the long, wooden bench at the right of her unshod feet resting on it. And reading her a copy of “Pilipino Komiks”. Then, at that moment when Nenita gone to buy a new comics, her Mother arrived and talked with her husband –Mang Tomas and they knew that Mang Tomas went at the bar and talked with the manager to let Nenita take in-to work for him.
  16. 16. MIDDLE COMPLICATION When Rita noticed Juanito and said tohim that he must get ready because they aregetting late in going to work. Then sheentered the house to dressed up. ThenElana, friend of Rita who also dance at thesalon goes over to Juanito and said that hemust move and get raedy but Juanito didn’teven bother to answer Elana. Elena still keepon asking Juanito if he will accompany themand Juanito shouted “No!”. Then Elenastarted rising her voice explaining and makehim to understand that if he will not go withthem their Mother will worry much aboutRita but still Juanito refused so madly.
  17. 17. CRISIS And there after Juanito called Elena a harlot because of hisanger, Rita was so mad to Juanito and asking him why he calledElena that way but instead of asking sorry to his sister Rita, heburst out that it was true! Because he heard the young men talkabout her and they always talk about her. But Rita disapprovedand told Juanito a liar. Rita shakes him violently. Her nailsdigging into his shoulder and because Juanito get hurt Juanitosaid in pain “let me go or Ill tell you about the Chinese!”. Ritashakes him with fury and said “what Chinese are you talkingabout?”. Juanito screams “ARAY! YOU WENT WITH HIM LASTNIGHT! I FOLLOWED YOU INTO A ROOM! YOU WERE GONE IN ALONG TIME!” then Rita shouted him “Liar! Liar! Liar!”
  18. 18. Rita was so surprised andshocked about what she heardfrom Juanito. At the height of heranger she slaps him several timeson the face and pushes him to theground. And Rita is about to kickhim –were it not for Tonywho, with his Father, had watchedthe whole scene in silence fromthe window. He steps forwardand stops her in time. Juanitopicks himself up and rushes downthe street crying.
  19. 19. OBLIGATORY SCENE Because of that argumentation Rita still wanted to go to salon even without Juanito but their father tried to stop Rita not because he don’t wanted Rita to dance but their Mother can’t sleep at night if she will go alone. So her father Mang Tomas decided and got the chance to let Nenita to join Rita to dance at the salon. Their brother Tony dissapproved his father but his father suddenly hits him hard on the face then Tony falls to the ground and he quickly stands up dazed with blood on his lips.
  20. 20. DISCOVERY Then their Mother saw Tony with blood on his lipsbut Tony run away. Then their Mother saw herdaughter Rita and Nenita dressed up and asked herhusband where they will go and Mang Tomas saidthat they will go at the salon. . Then their Motherstarted crying because she don’t want her babydaughter –Nenita to dance at the salon but hishusband is stronger than her and she don’t have thechance to stop him in letting Nenita to join Rita at thesalon. And Juanito, run to her crying…
  21. 21. conflicta) Type: External Conflict A struggle with a force outside one’s self.b) Kind: “ Man vs. Circumstances” “Man vs. Man”
  22. 22. theme Poverty ruins an individual, a familyand a society.