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Synopsis of Teacher Leadership course

Synopsis of Teacher Leadership course

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  • 1. Teacher Leadership EDTE6024
  • 2. Interacting with you during the course, andLearning as much from you as I hope you will learn from meYour full participation is what will make this course “happen” for us so, Let’s get started !
  • 3.  TeacherLeadership is an emerging concept that emphasizes the critical role of classroom teachers in helping schools become more successful in improving student performance and overall school improvement .
  • 4.  This course aims to: Provide participants with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to influence school culture, facilitate excellence in practice, build successful teams and improve student achievement. Provide participants with an opportunity to develop and practice their leadership skills through implementing a mini-project designed to improve student, teacher or organizational learning.
  • 5. At the end of this course participants should beable to: Present a rationale for teacher leadership. Analyze organizational factors that influence teacher leadership. Demonstrate relationship building skills needed to function professionally as a teacher leader Design, organize, and conduct focused professional development activities
  • 6.  Conduct a range of teacher leadership activities including modelling best instructional practices, preparing position papers, being an advocate, encouraging community involvement & partnerships Conceptualise, plan, execute and reflect on a small-scale improvement project Synthesize, analyse and apply the principles, theory and skills learnt in this course to their work in a professional setting
  • 7. Unit 1: The Nature of Teacher Leadership Understanding the purpose and contexts of teacher leadership Continuum of teacher growth and development Roles, responsibilities and realities: organizational and cultural opportunities and barriers Critical issues for teacher leaders
  • 8.  Unit 2: Domains of Influence Teaching and learning School-wide policies and programmes Community relations How teacher leaders make a difference Self-assessment: Developing a professional identity as a teacher leader.
  • 9. Unit 3: Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes Important for Teacher Leadership Organisational diagnosis Expertise in pedagogical content knowledge Influencing tactics Building human relations: communication, trust and rapport Creating a vision for improved practice, engendering commitment Group dynamics, team building and collaborative structures Shared decision-making
  • 10.  Unit 4: Teachers Leading Learning in Communities of Practice Professional Development within Learning Communities  Leading and shaping the contexts and processes of professional learning  Characteristics of learning communities  Energizing and maintaining learning communities in schools  The role of critical friends and peer group feedback Coaching and mentoring
  • 11. Instructional Leadership Analysing the setting to resolve programmatic and instructional problems Reviewing school/department instructional practices against benchmarks of best practice Data-driven and research-driven decision making Using classroom-based action research to inform practice The Master Teacher process
  • 12.  Unit 5 Facilitating School Improvement Leading site-based school improvement initiatives, accreditation and other exercises Collaborating with parents and the wider school community Advocacy activities, Union work etc
  • 13.  Lecture/Discussion; Role play; Group presentations; Case study analysis; Field exercises; Independent study; Self and peer evaluation
  • 14.  This course will be assessed by coursework only and will include examination of teacher leadership literature e.g. critical review, reaction paper, position paper (20% - 2000 words) portrait of an effective teacher leader in practice (25% - 2500 words) an action plan and oral presentation of a mini- project that involves leading others and supports the attainment of an objective in the school/department improvement plan. (I5% - 1500 words) a „teacher leader‟ report or a written portfolio based on the mini-project to demonstrate the breadth and depth of their growth and learning
  • 15.  See Recommended references in course manual