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Power Point Presentation for Northwestern Technologies, class IMKT120-1305A-01

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  • In the modern world the social media establish a different way of communication and connections around the world. These items give to the company the possibility of more profits.
  • Anything use is for increase the company profits, the information that its receive from social media will help to make better decisions. This will allow the company to establish trends, filter and analyze data and the most important item, improve the Return of Investment. To know what is the value that the social media give to the corporation, we need to create the brand to be recognize among the audience. At first we need to prepare the strategy according with corporate mission, vision and objectives. Work the plan for the implementation process. After develop the plan, transfer to owner (Corporation) for testing. Implementing and check the activities to add value to the plan. Measuring the results to refine it and comply with the expectations.
  • Communication is everything in business world. The industry or type of company will determine if the company will be using Social Media or not. The Communication industry is the top industry that use social media.
  • Knowing the statistics about users and employees, will give an idea what Social Media, will give more return or profits.
  • After evaluate the Return of investment, metrics, and statistics a corporation will know is the Social Media is right for them. We need to establish the pros and cons from the value and cost that the Social Media Implementation can cause.
  • In order to get a good marketing plan, we need to monitoring, analyze, and reports, what we understand will help the creation of the plan for the social media. To success we need to get the historical analysis, that include data, old models and historical response, evaluate the market, define the strategies to use, see what are the priorities. Use a simulation for the response expected, the new trends, and the plans to use.
  • Unit 2 IMKT120-1305A-01

    1. 1. What is Social Media? Trends Communication Connections Profits
    2. 2. Social Media Lifecycle
    3. 3. Communications
    4. 4. • 200 Million Users • 3177 Employees 2013 • 1.15 Billion Users • 3976 Employees 2013 2013 Social Media Statistics • 218 Million Users • 900 Employees
    5. 5. Is the Social Media right for your Corporation? ROI Social Media Metrics Statistics Pros Cons
    6. 6. Marketing Plan Monitoring Analyzing Engagement Reporting
    7. 7. References Social media and Its Effect on Communication. “Solari making the complicated simple. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Nov. 2013. <http:// www.solari/position.Media-and-Communication.pdf Termin, Davis. “introducing “10 More don’t’s of Corporate Social media.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 19 de Nov.2013. Web 20 Nov.2013 . <http://www.forbes.com (sites/deviatemin/2013/11/19/introducing-10-more don’t’s of corporate social media/>