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World history pre assessment

World history pre assessment






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    World history pre assessment World history pre assessment Document Transcript

    • World History Pre Assessment<br />Directions: This is not a graded test. This is simply an assessment to see what kind of knowledge you are entering the class with. Read each question carefully and circle the best possible answer.<br />
      • How many continents cover the earth’s surface?
      • a. 10b. 5c. 7d.3
      2. Which ocean lies in between North America and Europe?<br />a. Pacificb. Atlanticc. Indiand. Arctic<br /> 3. Please label the cardinal directions on the compass below<br /> <br /> 4. Select the best definition for the term democracy.<br />a. A system of government with a single leader who leads by force.<br />b. A system of government that is ruled by a king and leadership is passed down through family.<br />c. A system of government where citizens can participate in making decisions for the country.<br />d. A system of government that is ruled by a very small group of people.<br />5. Select the best definition for the term revolution.<br />a. An uprising in an attempt to overthrow the people in power.<br />b. A war waged between two groups within one country.<br />c. A war waged between two neighboring countries.<br />d. The systematic killing of a group of people within a country.<br />6. Which of the following countries did not participate in World War I?<br />a. The United States of Americab. Russiac. Germanyd. China<br />7. Which of the following events caused the U.S. to finally enter WWII?<br />a. The Holocaust b. The Armenian Genocide<br />c. The bombing of Pearl Harbord. The assassination of Franz Ferdidnand<br />8. Why was the 50 year period of increased tension between the Soviet Union and the United States called a Cold War?<br />a. The Climate in Russia is extremely cold<br />b. Shots were never fired between the two super powers<br />c. New technology allowed all weapons to deployed without gun powder<br />d. The weapons used were all nuclear<br />9. Which of the following Latin American nations has suffered instability due to the international drug trade?<br />a. Ecuadorb. Hondurasc. Belized. Colombia<br />10. One of the European Union’s first goals was to establish:<br />a. A common European currency<br />b. A common European tax<br />c. A common language<br />d. A unified European military<br />