Race dividing the world


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describes how race as a social construct becomes very divisive

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Race dividing the world

  1. 1.  SWBAT give examples of how race has been used as a tool of divisiveness SWBAT to see how the hegemony has been able to change the definition of race over time
  2. 2.  Define the term culture What is affected by culture? Does culture have a plural or singular nature?
  3. 3.  What is race? In your own words? How have we redefined the word race? What is the biological foundation of race? Where did the concept race originate from? Why did the people in charge feel a need to separate the races?
  4. 4.  For generations I would argue that in the US, the concept of race has been polarized between black and white. How do you think the recent immigration issues in the US may challenge those views?
  5. 5.  The American Revolution Who had privileges of full citizenship? White males
  6. 6.  Read through paragraph 3 What other groups were in the US at the time? How did Congress react to Charles Sumners Suggestion?
  7. 7.  What words were used to describe the “others”? Why do you think that other groups were described like this?
  8. 8.  Who is white? Who decides who is white? Read through paragraph 4
  9. 9.  Who was making the distinction of whiteness? Were the Chinese considered white? What were they?
  10. 10.  Armenians? Hawaiians? Turks? Indians? Mexicans? Native Americans?
  11. 11.  According to Mathew Frye Jacobson, race has been used to guard what? Not for understanding global relationships among the world’s people.
  12. 12.  Takao Ozawa Japanese immigrant Petitioned the court US citizen 1875 law=Africans are citizens Also, Judges had previously ruled Anyone not black was white
  13. 13.  Read paragraph 7 to find out?
  14. 14.  Why? WTH??? White but not Caucasian? Caucasian but not white? What is Caucasian anyway?
  15. 15.  Google Caucasian! What does it mean?
  16. 16.  Immigration 1924  Who’s being included?  Who’s being excluded? 1965  Who’s being included?  Who’s being excluded? P.9 1991-1994  Who’s being included?  Who’s being excluded?
  17. 17.  Who decides which differences matter? How is that point of view enforced? What do the Supreme Court rulings suggest about the meaning of race? What do they suggest about race and its relationship to power?
  18. 18.  Census-I looked for the results of the 2010 census-empty handed  What do the numbers suggest about the 1965 law? What do they suggest about the 1990 law?
  19. 19.  That the 1990 law has racial and ethnic biases built into it. What are those biases? How are they held to the ones held in earlier US history? What differences seem most striking?