Judeo christian & greco-roman perspectives


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Judeo christian & greco-roman perspectives

  1. 1. Judeo-Christian & Greco-Roman Perspectives Law, Reason, & Faith
  2. 2. What are we looking @O How are their perspectives similar?O How are their perspectives different?
  3. 3. Similar & Different about what?O The law, reason, faith, duties of the individual
  4. 4. What are laws?
  5. 5. What does reason mean?
  6. 6. What about Faith?
  7. 7. Duties of the individual
  8. 8. OK! Lets get started!O Greco-Roman? HUH? Who are they?
  9. 9. GreeksO GreeksO 8th century b.c.e.O polis- city-stateO center of Greek lifeO politics
  10. 10. But what is it?O City-stateO Town, city, or villageO Center/higher areaO People meetO Political reasonsO Market place/plaza
  11. 11. First you get the money…O Actually no!O 3 groups in a polisO Citizens with political rights O Who?O Citizens with no political rights O Who?O Non-citizens O Who ?
  12. 12. Please allow me to introduce myself!O Aristotle-Greek philosopherO “We must rather regard every citizen as belonging to the state.”
  13. 13. Greek TyrantsO Who are tyrants?O Not super wicked!O They were good for GreeceO Got rid of aristocratsO Democracy could flourish
  14. 14. DemocracyO Direct-democracy-u vote for lawsO Republic-democracy-u vote for representatives to make laws
  15. 15. We already met…O Now lets meet PlatoO PhilosopherO “Professional thinker”O Men & women should have access to schoolO 3 groups: O Philosopher Kings O Warriors O Everyone else
  16. 16. Back to AristotleO 3 good types of governments O Monarchy O Aristocracy O Constitutional government O Studied 158 state constitutions
  17. 17. Now lets travel to Rome
  18. 18. Dos, two,deuxO GroupsO Patricians-wealthy land ownersO Plebeians-everyone else
  19. 19. Down with the King!O Created a republicO What was that again?
  20. 20. Roman SenateO 300 patricians serve for lifeO Also had peoples assemblies
  21. 21. O A system of lawsO Wasn’t very good
  22. 22. Moooooove-get out the way!O Rome spread all overO They conqueredO Biggest empires everO Spread ideas like Christianity
  23. 23. What is that?O Jewish prophet named JesusO “love God and one another”O Went around preaching
  24. 24. They freaked outO Saw Jesus as a threat to the Roman empireO They turned him overO He was crucifiedO Followers became known as ChristiansO After his death, Jesus’ ideas spread
  25. 25. Believed in only 1 GodO Wouldn’t participate in Roman ceremoniesO Honored Roman gods and emperorsO ProblemsO Eventually it couldn’t be contained
  26. 26. Roman & Christian viewsO Virtue/stand up for one’s ideasO Duty to one’s community & the state
  27. 27. But…O Christians believed that nothing should come before one’s relationship with God!O This is where they differ the most
  28. 28. Greeks, Romans, and ChristiansO Shared a devotion to duty and virtueO Allowed the WEST to blend their ideas into government.
  29. 29. Lets Break it downO Greco-Roman views: O Citizens should participate in government O The world has natural laws-can be discovered through reason O There should be written laws O Democracy can be protected by having three branches
  30. 30. ChristiansO Every person is born with worth and dignityO Every person has the ability to choose between doing good and badO Every person has the responsibility to help others in need and the community
  31. 31. The End