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Just to make it easy accessable for others decided to store the file here

Just to make it easy accessable for others decided to store the file here

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  • 1. CURRICULUM VITAEName Surname: Yury Velikanov (Jurijs Velikanovs)Current Title: Oracle Apps DBA, Team Technical LeadEmail: velikanovs@pythian.comSocial Media: LinedIn, G+, Tweeter @yvelik, BlogSUMMARY:  16+ years in IT industry (since 1995)  Oracle Certified Master (since 2003), Oracle ACE Director  More than 15 years extensive Oracle DBA consultant experience (professional Oracle DBA since August 1997)  Strong 11+ years Oracle Applications DBA consultant experience (since 2001, including Oracle Financials, Human Resources, iStore etc)  Several Oracle Applications managed services projects technical architect (Senior Oracle DBA)  Performance tuning experience including telecommunication industry  Oracle Database and Application Servers high availability implementation projects  Oracle Real Application Cluster, Parallel Query, Multi-Terabyte databases experience  Solid experience of all Backup/Recovery scenarios and solutions  Strong experience in planning and implementing monitoring systems  Speaker at big Oracle public events in Australia, Europe and the US including Hotsos 2005/2006, UKOUG 2005/2006/2007/2008, AUSOUG 2009/2010/2011/2012, Oracle OpenWorld 2011, Collaborate 2012  Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) DBA since 1998, Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Master (OCM) since 2003, OCM 10G since 2008, OCM 11G since 2011EDUCATION: 1999 - 2001 Master’s degree in Computer Science (University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia) 1996 - 1999 Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia)CERTIFICATION:Remarkable 2011. Oracle11g Database Administrator Certified Master, Australia, Sydney 2003. Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Master, the US, Chicago (one of the first five Oracle Masters in Europe) 1998. Oracle 7.3 Certified Database AdministratorOthers 2012. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Certified Implementation Specialist 2011. Oracle11G Certified Database Administrator 1
  • 2. 2010. Oracle Database Exadata Certified Implementation Specialist 2010. Oracle Database 11g Data Warehouse Certified Implementation Specialist 2008. Oracle10g Database Administrator Certified Master, the UK, London 2007. Oracle 11i Applications Database Administrator Certified Professional 2007. Oracle 11i Applications Workflow Certified Expert 2005. Oracle10G Certified Database Administrator 2004. Oracle9iAS Web Administrator Certified Associate 2002. Oracle9i Certified Database Administrator 2001. Oracle8i Certified Database Administrator 1999. Oracle8 Certified Database AdministratorSKILLS: RDBMS: Oracle 7/8/8i/9i/10G/11G, DRBMS options: Partitioning, Real Application Clusters, Data Guard (Standby), Direct NFS, AWR, Parallel Query, Materialized view, Transportable tablespaces, Database resource manager, RMAN, Plan Stability, MTS etc. Multiple terabyte databases, Migration, Performance Tuning, Monitoring, Physical design, 24x7 systems, Backup & Recovery planning and implementations, Customers support, Oracle Database Appliance 2.0 ERP: Oracle Applications 11.5.3 (11i) - 12.1.2 (R12) (Financials, HRMS, HR & Payroll, Inventory & Purchasing, CRM, iStore, iRecruitment, Projects etc.) implementation, upgrading, patching, cloning (automatic cloning implementations), troubleshooting, tuning, maintaining, customization, stress testing, customer support, maintenance, strong knowledge of Oracle Workflow engine and advanced troubleshooting, implementation and maintenance experience in advanced configuration and topologies MIDDLEWARE: Oracle Fusion Middleware/Application Server (2.0 - AS 10g R3), Oracle Identity Management Suite (10.1.4), BPEL (SOA Suite), Oracle e-Mail Server, OC4J, Jserv. Strong knowledge in concepts, architecture, maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting OS: Linux (Red Hat AS 2.1/3.0/4.0/5.x, Suse 9), Sun Solaris 2.5-2.9, HP- UX 10.0-11i, IBM AIX 4.1-5.3, HP/Compaq TRU64 4.0-5.1, Windows NT – 2000 Strong knowledge in UNIX architecture and performance monitoring/turning. HIGH AVAILABILITY: Active-Active Clusters, Real Application Cluster (9i-11G), Oracle Data Guard, Red Hat Cluster Suite (Active-Passive), Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM), Oracle Cluster File System, Network Load Balancer, SSL Network Accelerators, Sun Cluster, Tru64 Cluster File System, SAN Solutions. LANGUAGES: Oracle SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Basic knowledge in Java, Perl, C, Pascal 2
  • 3. MONITORING: CACTI (Apache, PHP, MySQL, RRDTOOL), Big Brother, Nagios, MRTG, Hobbit, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Grid Control DEVELOPMENT: Technical Support & Troubleshooting Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle Designer (1.3.2-9i), Oracle Discoverer (2-4, +Web), Oracle Developer (4.5-10g) OTHERS: Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Connection Manager, Statspack, AWR, TKPROF (10046 event), Oracle Express, EMC IO Subsystems, OFA, OS troubleshooting tools (strace, lsof, netstat, ...)PUBLIC APPEARANCES: 2013 Speaker/AU “Direct NFS – Why and How” and “10 problems with your RMAN backup script”, NZOUG Conference 2013 – New Zealand (Wellington) 2012 Speaker/AU “Sharing experience implementing Direct NFS”, AUSOUG Conference 2012 – Australia (Perth) 2012 Speaker/US “10 problems with your RMAN backup script” and "Oracle 11G SCAN: Concepts and Implementation Experience Sharing", Collaborate 12 Conference – US (Las Vegas) ~6 000 participants 2011 Speaker/US “AWR Data mining” and "Oracle 11G SCAN: Concepts and Implementation Experience Sharing", Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Conference – US (San Francisco) ~40 000 participants 2011 Speaker/AU “AWR Data mining” and "10 problems with your RMAN backup script", AUSOUG Conference 2011 – Australia (Perth) 2010 Speaker/AU “Exadata Project Results and Details: LinkShare Implementation”, AUSOUG Conference 2010 – Australia (Perth) 2009 Speaker/AU “Automatic Storage Management - 11G R2 features for mission critical systems”, AUSOUG Conference 2009 – Australia (Melbourne) 2009 Speaker/AU “Foundation of Oracle Fusion Middleware management framework”, InSync 09 Australian Oracle Users Group conference – Australia (Sydney) 2008 Speaker Oracle Day Latvia 2008 Paper: “Experience using Oracle Automatic Storage Management” 2007 Speaker UK Oracle User Group conference 2007 (http://www.ukoug.co.uk). Papers: “Fusion Middleware: Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting” “Oracle Applications Cloning Best Practices” “Successful Workflow maintenance” “Workflow concepts & internals for Applications DBA” 2007 Speaker Oracle User Group Norway conference 2007. Paper: “Oracle Applications Cloning Best Practices” 3
  • 4. 2006 Speaker UK Oracle User Group conference 2006 (http://www.ukoug.co.uk). Papers: “All Oracle DBAs have to know about Unix Memory Monitoring” “Effective Oracle/Linux monitoring system”2006 Speaker UKOUG Apps DBA for OEBS SIG Meeting (http://www.ukoug.org). Paper: “Oracle Applications Cloning Best Practices”2006 Speaker Hotsos Symposium 2006 the biggest event in US dedicated to Oracle products performance (https://portal.hotsos.com/events/SYM06). Paper: “FUSION Middleware Performance Tuning and troubleshooting”2005 Speaker UK Oracle User Group conference 2005 (http://www.ukoug.co.uk). Paper: “OC4J Performance Tuning and troubleshooting”2005 Speaker Hotsos Symposium 2005 (http://www.hotsos.com/events/SYM05- abstracts.html). Paper: “OC4J Performance Tuning and troubleshooting”PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION:2011 “Oracle performance tuning”, Cary Millsap (Cary Millsap is the person who practically revolutionized Oracle database performance diagnostic and tuning, http://method-r.com/services/biographies/cary- millsap ), 3 days seminar2008 “Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting”, Tanel Põder (one of the famous Oracle researchers, see http://www.tanelpoder.com), 2 days seminar, Latvia – Riga2004 “AskTom Live with Tom Kyte!”, Tomas Kyte (one of the famous Oracle experts in the world, see http://asktom.oracle.com), 3 days seminar, Estonia – Tallinn2003 Oracle Open World, conference, France – Paris2003 “Optimizing Oracle – Performance by Design”, Jonathan Lewis (one of the famous Oracle experts in the world), 3 days course, Estonia – Tallinn2002 Oracle Open World, conference, the US, San Francisco2002 Oracle9i Real Application Cluster EOUG Focus and EOUG tutorial Day, Netherlands – Amsterdam2001 Oracle Open World, conference, Germany – Berlin2000 “Oracle8i: Parallel Server Implementation”, Oracle Education course, the US, Washington DC2000 “Oracle8i: Implementing Scalable Systems", Oracle Education course, the US - Washington DC2000 Oracle User Group, conference, Denmark – Copenhagen1999 “Oracle8i New Features (Database Server)”, Oracle Education course 4
  • 5. 1999 “Oracle on Windows NT”, Oracle Education course 1998 “UNIX system administration”, Soft-Tronic Ltd. Course 1997 “Oracle7: Backup and Recovery”, Oracle Education course 1997 “Oracle7: Administration”, Oracle Education course ORACLE COMMUNITY WORK: Since 2013 Oracle ACE Director Since 2012 Oracle RAC SIG International Chair (http://www.oracleracsig.org) Since 2011 Oracle ACE Since 2009 Organizer of Sydney Oracle Meetup. The group currently have +300 members and had +57 events as for now. Yury is organising and coordinating the events. He often speaks himself during meetups (http://www.sydneyoracle.com.au) 2011 -2012 Oracle RAC SIG Australia & New Zealand Chair (http://www.oracleracsig.org)RELEVANT PROJECTS:Oracle [Apps] DBA / Team Technical LeaderThe Pythian GroupSeptember 2009 – Present (3 years 4 months) The Pythian Group. One of the leading remote Oracle DBA services provider in the world. Role and Responsibilities: Senior Oracle [Applications] DBA / Technical Team Leader Working as Senior Oracle DBA for Oracle RDBMS and Oracle e- Business Suite areas. Providing ongoing customer’s environments maintenance and project type work. As Technical Team Leader responsible for team members technical development. Among the projects Yury worked on are the following: - Oracle Database Appliance 2.2 implementation - several projects (including EBS system migration) - downtime optimizations - ODA upgrade activities - Oracle 11GR2 RAC (SCAN/GNS) implementation - Oracle 11GR2 Direct NFS implementation - Oracle 11GR2 performance tuning - E-Business Suite R12 - Cloning Automation to 100% - Oracle Single Sign On troubleshooting - Technical Team lead for several clients - Support to Local Australian and Global clientsLead Oracle DBA consultantRolta TUSC Asia PacificJanuary 2009 – August 2009 (8 months) 2009 Macquarie Bank. One of the largest banks in Australia Role and Responsibilities: Senior Oracle DBA Disaster recovery implementation (Oracle DataGuard 10g); Solution integration with Veritas Cluster Services. Backup and recovery procedures development, testing and implementation. IO Subsystem 5
  • 6. advanced troubleshooting. Support of development implementation project (Informatica, SmartStream)Senior Oracle Applications DBA consultantTietoEnatorNovember 2006 – January 2009 (2 years 3 months) 2008 - 2009 TietoEnator. TietoEnator is a professional service company providing IT, R&D and consulting services. With approximately 16000 employees (http://www.tietoenator.com). Oracle e-Business Suite 11i TietoEnator’s ERP system takeover for further maintenance. Role and Responsibilities: Technical Architect, Senior Oracle Applications DBA The System used across most of the countries TietoEnator operates in (30 counties). A goal of the project is takeover from current Managed Services team to improve services and value to the customer, develop maintenance procedures to be used in the future operations according the industry’s best practices. Review, adjust, develop and start procedures for maintenance areas like backup and recovery, performance monitoring and tuning, environment managements (including EBS environments cloning), change delivery (including EBS patching) etc. 2008 - 2009 Telenor. Telenor is one of the biggest providers of mobile communications services in Europe with ownership interests in 12 mobile operators across Europe and Asia. (http://www.telenor.com). Oracle e-Business Suite 11i Finances & Human Resources+ system Maintenance. Role and Responsibilities: Team Technical Lead, Technical Architect, Senior Oracle Applications DBA The System is used across Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Pakistan, etc. 9000 users connects to the system on monthly basis, up to 3000 users connects daily. System consists of 22 servers (46 IP-s including virtual). Lead of an Apps DBA team responsible for all maintenance and technical development activities for that system including backup and recovery, performance monitoring and assistance in tuning, upgrades and changes delivery, cloning, environments management, technical architecture development and Apps DBA services to development projects. Supervising project’s DBAs, junior DBAs recruiting and mentoring. 2007 - 2008 Telenor (http://www.telenor.com). Oracle e-Business Suite 11i Finances & Human Resources+ system (OEBS) relocation project from one hosting provider to other. Role and Responsibilities: Project Technical Lead, Technical Architect, Senior Oracle Applications DBA Responsible for cross-platform OEBS migration planning and implementation, System Capacity and availability planning, High Availability implementation, OEBS in Active-Passive Red Hat Cluster, Network Load Balancer and SSL Accelerator, OEBS, Oracle Single Sign-On, BPEL and Web-Discoverer implementation, OEBS Multi- Node implementation including shred APPL_TOP, multiple security zones and internet services publishing, OEBS integration with Oracle Identity Management Suite to ensure users transparent authentication, reimplementation around 100 interfaces. 6
  • 7. Project planning, managing, all technical activities coordination between multiple implementation parties involved. Maintenance routines definition and implementation. Supervising project DBA-s, defining tasks, helping in implementation and troubleshooting efforts. 2007 Telenor (http://www.telenor.com). Role and Responsibilities: Technical Architect Oracle e-Business Suite 11i Integration strategy review (Based on Oracle SOA Suite). 2007 TeliaSonera Group. TeliaSonera is the leading telecommunications company in the Nordic and Baltic region (http://www.teliasonera.com). “Oracle e-Business Suite 11i Workflow for applications maintenance and implementation teams” course development and delivery. Role and Responsibilities: Workflow Technical Expert – Instructor 2 days course development and delivery. 2006 - 2007 TeliaSonera Group (http://www.teliasonera.com). Oracle e-Business Suite 11i Order Management System house keeping implementation project. Role and Responsibilities: Senior Oracle Applications DBA Suggesting, developing and implementing OEBS housekeeping procedures according to Industries maintenance best practices. 2006 TeliaSonera Group (http://www.teliasonera.com). Oracle e-Business Suite 11i Order Management System performance tuning project. Role and Responsibilities: Senior Oracle Applications DBA Workflow based system performance tuning. Analysis, solution suggestion, testing and solutions delivery.Oracle Applications DBA consultantDSP GlobalAugust 2006 – November 2006 (4 months) British Telecom, UK (www.bt.co.uk) Oracle e-Business Suite global instance implementation project (CHORUS) Used technologies: OEBS, Linux Suse 9.2, RDBMS 10G R2, Financials, iProcurement, Projects etc. Role and Responsibilities: Senior Oracle Applications DBA Preparing and documenting OEBS requisites against hardware and operational system, installing OEBS, implementing CPUs (Oracle Security Update Patches), comprehensive patch analysis, patching and upgrading (Database to 10G R2 version, used JDK to 1.5 version, Developer to latest available version etc.) OEBS environments maintenance, OEBS environments cloning across different Linux flavours, implementing backup strategy, troubleshooting.Senior Oracle DBASolihull CouncilAugust 2005 – August 2006 (1 year 1 month) 7
  • 8. 2005 Solihull Council House, UK (www.solihull.gov.uk) Oracle e-Business Suite implementation and maintenance project Used technologies: OEBS 11.5.9-, Linux RH AS 3.0, RDBMS 9i-10G R2, RAC, OCFS, Financials, Human Resources, Payroll, Purchasing, CRM. Role and Responsibilities: Senior Oracle Applications DBA Troubleshooting (including advanced Workflow diagnostics), Performance Tuning, Automatic Cloning Implementation and support, Major upgrades planning and implementation (11.5.9 to, RDBMS to 10G R2, RAC implementation), Monitoring system implementation, OEBS Development teams support 2005 Solihull Council House, UK (www.solihull.gov.uk) Oracle AS 10GR2 distributed configuration implementation (J2EE, Oracle Single Sign on, Oracle Internet Directory). Role and Responsibilities: Senior Oracle DBA Troubleshooting, Performance tuning, Monitoring system implementation, development support.Oracle Applications DBA consultantIT AliseApril 1998 – August 2005 (7 years 6 months) 2005 Technology Distribution In Baltic States Ltd. (http://www.tdbaltic.lv) Oracle e-Business Suite 11i troubleshooting and performance tuning Used technologies: OEBS 11.5.9, Linux RH AS 2.1, Inventory, iStore, Oracle Workflow, Oracle Advanced Queuing. Role and Responsibilities: Monitoring system implementation, troubleshooting, performance tuning 2000. – 2004. Latvian Mobile Telephone (www.lmt.lv) Billing system custom development and implementation project Used technologies: Oracle 8.1.7/9.2.0 database, Sun Solaris 2.8/9, Sun Cluster, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Designer, Java, Parallel Query, Transposable Tablespaces etc. Sizing information: 100 Oracle Developers, Production DB Size 1+TB, 1800+ tables, 630+ packages. Role and Responsibilities: Development and Test environments maintenance, development team support and consulting, development guidelines implementation, physical design development, hardware planning, database upgrade from 8.1.7 to 9.2.0 coordination and implementation, troubleshooting, performance monitoring and tuning activities, implementation team member. 2004 Rural Support Service (www.lad.gov.lv) Information system custom development project Used technologies: Oracle database 9.2.0, Oracle Application Server 9i R2/10G, OC4J, PL/SQL, Oracle Report Server, Oracle Forms Server Role and Responsibilities: OC4J Troubleshooting and performance tuning, development consulting, production database tuning, production system maintenance management. Monitoring system implementation. 8
  • 9. 2003 - 2004 Health Compulsory Insurance State Agency (http://www.voava.lv/eng/) Information system custom development project Used technologies: Oracle database 9.2.0, Oracle Object option, Oracle Application Server 9i R2/10G, OC4J, PL/SQL, Oracle Report Server, Oracle Forms Server Sizing information: 1448 jsp files, 3283 class files, 965 tables, 593, views, 251 types, 220 packages, 800 heavy users daily. Role and Responsibilities: Strong experience in OC4J troubleshooting and performance tuning, development consulting, production database tuning, production system maintenance management.2004 IT Alise Ltd. (http://www.it-alise.com) “Oracle performance tuning” course development and delivery Role and Responsibilities: Oracle Technical Expert, Training instructor. Training of the Oracle development team.2003 State joint stock company "Latvenergo" (http://www.latvenergo.lv) Oracle e-Business Suite 11i migration to grid architecture Used technologies: Oracle EBS 11.5.3/11.5.7, HP Tru64 5.1b, Oracle database 8.1.7/9.2.0, Network Cisco load balancer, Sizing information: 800 users, database size 140 GB, 20 modules. Role and Responsibilities: Project coordination, Action plan development and follow ups, OEBS 11.5.3 upgrade to 11.5.7, Oracle database 8.1.7 upgrade to 9.2.0, Application tier migration from Tru64 to Linux platform (including customization, configuration etc. strong understanding in OEBS architecture and configuration files), Migration from single Application server to clustered application servers solution, Migration from single Tru64 server to Oracle RAC multiple (3) Tru64 servers, concurrent manager’s infrastructure customization, testing planning and implementation.2002 Latvian Mobile Telephone (www.lmt.lv) Oracle e-Business Suite implementation, ABM module Used technologies: Oracle EBS 11.5.7, Linux RH AS 2.1, Oracle database 8.1.7, Java, CORBA Role and Responsibilities: Initial Installation and configuration, troubleshooting, patch installation2001 State joint stock company "Latvenergo" (http://www.latvenergo.lv) Oracle e-Business Suite 11i performance tuning project Used technologies: Oracle EBS 11.5.3, HP Tru64 5.1, Oracle database 8.1.7 Role and Responsibilities: Project coordination, Action plan development, Monitoring system implementation, Unix Shell Scripting, Database tuning, OS tuning, Modules performance tuning, Application patch planning and installation2000 FIFA (http://www.fifa.com) Oracle Parallel Server Installation project (Netherlands – Amsterdam) Used technologies: Sun SPARC Solaris 2.6, Oracle Parallel Server 8.1.7, SunCluster Role and Responsibilities: Technical project coordination, installation 9
  • 10. planning (disks layout, configuration, software versions), Oracle Software installation, troubleshooting, Initial installation testing. 1999 – 2005 IT Alise Ltd. (http://www.it-alise.com) Customers Expert Services Role and Responsibilities: Customers’ consulting, Oracle products installation/ configuration/ troubleshooting/ upgrades, backup and recovery strategy development and implementation, monitoring system implementation, performance tuning, performance training, custom training Customers: Major Financial institutions in the country, Telecommunications Companies, Government institutions 1999 – 2000 Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Latvia (http://www.ic.iem.gov.lv) Information System “FILTRS“ (On administrative offences) custom development project Used technologies: Oracle 8.0 database, Sun Solaris 2.x, Oracle Forms 5.0, Oracle Designer 5.0 Role and Responsibilities: Development, Test environments maintenance, Development team consulting, System sizing, Troubleshooting. 1998 – 2000 Lattelekom Ltd (http://www.lattelekom.lv) Lattelekom is a large telecommunications operator in Latvia Information System “External Line Plant Recording System - DIPS” custom development project Used technologies: Oracle 8.0 database, IBM AIX 4.3, Oracle Forms 5.0, Oracle Designer 5.X Role and Responsibilities: Development, Test environments maintenance, Development team consulting, System sizing, Troubleshooting 1998 – 2005 IT Alise Ltd. (http://www.it-alise.com) Oracle First Line Support Role and Responsibilities: Oracle Support Analyst. Oracle products troubleshooting, Customers consultingJunior Oracle DBAMinistry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of LatviaAugust 1997 – April 1998 (9 months) 1997 – 1998 Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, government institution (http://www.ic.iem.gov.lv) Information System “Stolen vehicles“ custom development project Used technologies: Oracle 7.3 database, Sun Solaris 2.x, Oracle Forms 4.5, Oracle Designer 1.3.2 Role and Responsibilities: Development, Test, Production environments administration, Oracle Replication maintenance, Backup and Recovery implementation, Development team consulting. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Drivers Licence o Full Australian and International 10
  • 11. - Languages o Fluent English o Fluent Russian o Fluent Latvian 11