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American gothic

American gothic






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    American gothic American gothic Presentation Transcript

    • American Gothic ( Para.11——14 )
    • American Gothic Grant Wood instanly rose to fame in 1930 with his painting American Gothic , an oftencopied interpretation of the solemn pride of American farmers. The painting shows a serious-looking man and a woman standing in front of a farmhouse. He was strongly influenced by medieval artists and inspired by the Gothic window of an old farmhouse, but the faces in his composition were what captured the world’s attention.
    • fame [feim] <n.> 名声 , 名望 Her chief fame rests on her several films. 她的名声主要来自她的几部影片 。 <vt.> [ 常用被动语态 ] 使出名 , 传扬 ... 的名 The city is famed for its scenic spots. 该市以风景优美著称。
    • interpretation [ɪntə:pri’teiʃən] <n.> 解释 , 说明 ; 诠释 This rule does not allow of more than one interpretation. 这条规则只能有一种解释。 表演 ; 演奏
    • solemn [‘sɔləm] <adj.> · 严肃的 He looked very solemn as he announced the news. 在宣布这一消息时 , 他显得非常严肃。 庄重的 , 郑重的 The Premier's burial was a solemn occasion. 总理的葬礼是个庄严的场面。 庄严的 ; 隆重的 The new Embassador was received with solemn ceremonies. 新大使受到了隆重的礼遇。
    • medieval [ˌmediˈi:vəl] <adj.> 中古的 , 中世纪的 This is a medieval story. 这是一个中世纪的故事 中世纪: the Middle age
    • American Gothic Wood liked to paint faces he knew well. For the grave farmer he used his dentist ,a sour-looking man. For the woman standing alongside him, the artist chose his sister, Nan. He stretch ed the models necks a bit, but there was no doubt who posed for the protrait . Nan later remarked that the fame she gained from American Gothic saved her from a very boring life.
    • grave [ɡreiv] <n.> 坟墓 She laid flowers on the grave. 她把花放在坟上。 死亡 He drank himself into an early grave. 他因喝酒过度而过早死去。 adj. ( 指情况 ) 严重的 This heavy rain could have grave consequences. 这场大雨会造成严重后果。 严肃的 , 庄重的 He looks terribly grave. 他脸色很严肃。
    • alongside [ə’lɔŋ’said] <adv. > 靠着边 , 沿着边 The boat came alongside. 船靠岸了。 <prep.> ( 表示位置 ) 在…旁边 ; 沿着…的边 ; 与…并排靠拢着 There was a butcher's shop alongside the theatre. 剧院旁边有一家肉店。 ( 表示比较 ) 与…放在一起比较 Put this cloth alongside real silk, and you will at once see the difference. 把这块料子同真丝放在一起比较 , 你就会立刻看出差别。 ( 表示伴随 ) 与…一起 , 与…一道 It's a pleasure to work alongside such men. 与这样的人一起工作是一件乐事。
    • stretch [stretʃ] <vt. >& <vi. > 伸展 ; 拉紧 Rubber stretches easily. 橡胶的延展性很好。 延伸 The road stretches uphill at a steep slope. 这条路以陡峭的坡度向山上延伸。 <n. > 伸展 , 延伸 , 延续 He had a good stretch on the bed. 他在床上痛快地伸了个懒腰。 一段时间 , 一段路程 , 一段水域 I see nothing but a small stretch of road immediately ahead. 除了近在眼前的一小段路之外什么也看不见。