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  • What is Webmatrix?????
  • How to install WebMatrix???
  • Starting Page Of WebMatrix
  • Files
  • What is WebServer???
  • IIS Express install automatically while webmatrix Installing
  • Visit my PetShopWebPage
  • Any Queries
  • Thanking You

Webmatrixppt Webmatrixppt Presentation Transcript

  • Microsoft Student Partner
    Program 3rd Seminar @
    Anna University of Technology Coimbatore
  • What is WebMatrix?????
  • Microsoft WebMatrix is a free tool that allows you to
    • Create,
    • Customize and
    • Publish web siteson the Internet.
    WebMatrix makes it easy for you to create web sites.
    WebMatrix provides everything your web site needs
    to run including the web server, database, and framework.
  • How to install WebMatrix???
  • You can download it from http://web.ms/webmatrix.
    Install the each item by clicking Add button and install button
  • Starting Page Of WebMatrix
  • Welcome screen support these ways of building a web site
    • My Site
    • Site From Web Gallery
    • Site From Template
    • Site From Folder
  • My sites:
    • It contain existing website which you created.
    Site From Web Gallery:
    • The Web Application Gallery (WAG) is a collection
    of open source web applications written using a variety of
    technologies, including PHP and ASP.NET.
    • Applications in the WAG give you a great head start
    where someone else has written a lot of the code
    for you and is allowing you to freely use it on your site.
    • WebMatrix makes the process of downloading, installing
    and configuring this code easy.
  • Site From Template:
    A number of simple template sites that you can
    customize and change.
    Site From Folder:
    If you have a collection of web files already and you want to edit and run them on a web server quickly
  • Creating web sites with WebMatrix
    Using Template option
  • Choose the Site From Template option and see dialog option below
    When you press OK, WebMatrix will create a new, empty, web site
    for you. This web site will then be loaded into the WebMatrix editor.
  • You can see this here:
  • Having a server built-in to Web Matrix makes it very easy for you to develop your web site in a way that behaves exactly like a web server on the internet
    The server is serving this site at the address http://localhost:8946,
    which means that the host for the server is local, i.e. your
    development machine.
  • Site button
    It gives you details on your web site, such as the URL of the site, and other tools that you can use such as monitoring your site requests.
    Files Button
    WebMatrix will now open the Files workspace, and because you don’t have any files in your web site yet, it looks pretty empty.
    It allows you to add a file to your site, or you can use the
    New button in the toolbar to create a new file.
  • The Choose a Add File to your site dialog which gives you lots of choices for lots of different file typesused
    on the web.
  • Choose the HTML file type, and call it default.html and press OK. WebMatrix will now create a simple HTML file and open it for you
  • Edit your page so that it looks like this:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
    <meta charset="utf-8" />
    <title>My Favorite Movies</title>
    <h1>A list of my Favorite Movies</h1>
    <li>It's a wonderful life</li>
    <li>Lord of the Rings</li>
    <li>The Fourth World</li>
    <li>The Lion King</li>
  • WebMatrix toolbar you’ll see a ‘Run’ button
  • WebMatrix will launch your browser, and open the web site running on your local server
  • What is WebServer???
  • Web Server
    A web server is a special piece of software that listens for requests for dataover the internet, and answers bydelivering that data, usually to a web browser.
    Webmatrix integrates a web server called IIS Express
    IIS Express install automatically while web matrix Installing
  • Look down at the system tray of your PC, and you’ll see a
    little icon indicating that IIS Express, the web server, is running.
    Right click on it, and you’ll see that it is running your Movies site
  • Deploying your site
  • Finding a Hosting Provider
  • you can just go straight to http://www.microsoft.com/web/hosting where you'll find the full gallery of web hosting providers with a variety of offers to suit your needs
  • Signing up with a Hosting Provider
    I'm going to use Cytanium, because they have a free hosting offer for WebMatrix
    Just visit their site and click the friendly 'Free Signup' button
  • Configuring WebMatrix
    to Publish to Cytanium
  • You'll get an email from noreply@cytanium.com
    Scroll down through this email and you'll find a section called
    'WebMatrix - WebDeploy (preferred)' –
    it should look something like this:
  • Open the sites workspace in WebMatrix, and find the 'Publish' button.
    Drop it down by clicking the arrow at the bottom of it, and
    select 'Settings'
  • The publish settings will open.
    Fill out the details that you got from the email:
    Click 'Validate Connection
    to make sure that the settings
    are correct
  • If they are you should see a 'Connected Successfully' tick as above.
    Click 'Save' to exit the Publish Settings dialog.
    Now, drop down the 'Publish' button again, and this time select
  • You'll see a 'Publish Preview' screen where WebMatrix determines the changes on your site. Depending on what you've done recently
  • Publishing will start, and you'll see its progress in the yellow bar
    at the bottom of the WebMatrix window.
    When it's done you'll see that it's complete, and for
    convenience you'll get the URL of the finished site:
  • Viewing your site online
  • Just select the URL
    When you do this, you'll see your site running, live, on the Internet:
  • Post Your Comments To
    Visit my PetShopWebPage
  • Any Queries
  • Thanking You