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Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
Mg Tweek4
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Mg Tweek4


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. IE20403Business ManagementWEEK 4
    Menara 8A
  • 2. Get all related materials
  • 3. Exam movies to watch
    Internal Affairs 2 –DVD will be provided for personal view.
    The ‘CASINO’ Martin Sorcese’s film-staring Rober De Niro, Joe Pesci & Sharon Stone – will be provided.
  • 4. Organizational Strategy
    3 steps of Strategy –making process-to produce sustainable competitive advantage
    Assess need for strategic change
    Conduct Situational Analysis
    Choose strategic Alternatives
    Providing better value for customers than competitors can
  • 5. Sustainable competitive advantage concept
    Firm use resources to create and sustain competitive advantage-to provide greater value to customer
    Your competitive advantage becomes sustainable when competitors cannot duplicate the benefits it provides
  • 6. Elements needed in achieving sustainable competitive advantage
    Firm’s resources must be valuable (capable of improving efficiency and effectiveness) people,things in your company,product or services
    It must be rare/unique resources (not own by anyone)
    Imperfectly imitable (extremely costly or difficult to duplicate)
    No substitutable- competitors cannot substitute other resource to produce similar value.
  • 7. Next you need a strategy
    But before you develop a strategy you first need to understand the process of making one.
    There are 3 steps in making a strategy
  • 8. 3 steps of the strategy making process
    Assess need for strategic change
    Conduct a situational analysis
    Choose strategic alternatives
  • 9. Assessing the need
    Decide on what the firm/the company /the organization needs
  • 10. Situational Analysis
    Basically it’s a SWOT analysis
    Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in an organization and the opportunities and threats in its external environment
  • 11. Choosing strategic Alternatives
    Choose strategic alternative that will help companies to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage
    competitors cannot duplicate the benefits you provides
  • 12. Practice Being A Manager
    Organizational strategy is aimed at achieving sustainable competitive advantage over rivals in a particular market. This exercise will offer you the opportunity to consider how companies in the restaurant industry might develop a strategy and attempt to gain sustainable competitive advantage.
  • 13. Step 1-Develop a concept for a new restaurant business
    Get into groups of 6.
    You may choose to develop your concept as local, regional or national company-but it must be opened locally
    You must include 1) name of your restaurant/chain 2) description of your menu, layout and other distinguishing features c) likely direct competitors of your new concept
    Present your concept informally 2 minutes
  • 14. Step 2 others be the judge
    Each teams goal is to achieve “Most likely to Succeed” concept.
    Other teams should look into and apply the Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    Other teams evaluate and must give
    competitors cannot duplicate the benefits you provides
  • 15. Q&A
    What are the challenges of achieving sustainable competitive advantage in the restaurant business?-what factors that determine-locally
    Do you think restaurant chains have a built-in sustainable competitive advantage over local competition in your area?-what is the source then?