6 Insane Business Lessons From Google - Part 2
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6 Insane Business Lessons From Google - Part 2



If you want to take your business to the next level, learn these business ideas from the big G. This is the first part of a two part series.

If you want to take your business to the next level, learn these business ideas from the big G. This is the first part of a two part series.



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6 Insane Business Lessons From Google - Part 2 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Business Ideas You Can Steal From Google (2) FLICK: ROBERT SCOBLE
  • 2. You’ve seen the first part... FLICKR: CAMDILUV
  • 3. FLICKR: NYCANDRE But If you haven’t...
  • 4. I’ve got you covered  CLICK HERE CLICK HERE
  • 5. FLICKR: AL_HIKE Now, the concluding part...
  • 6. 4 Offer Good But CHEAP products
  • 7. FLICKR: MIKEBAIRD % Competition makes customers happy
  • 8. But how can you compete in a new market... FLICKR: RICHARD MASONER
  • 9. FLICKR: AITOR AGIRREGARIRIA even with the best product?
  • 10. It’s by coming cheap!!! FLICKR: LIF...
  • 11. FLICKR: JD HANCOCK Android controls 70 percent of the mobile market
  • 12. Android is popular today because... FLICKR: KALEXANDERSON
  • 13. people see iOS gadgets as expensive devices. FLICKR: @NICKYCOLMAN
  • 14. FLICKR: LOUISH PIXEL Android is a cheaper option to iOS, offering the same functionality
  • 15. FLICKR: ALEK OLEK Nexus 4 is sold for almost half the price of iPhone 5
  • 16. FLICKR: NIXIEPIXEL Android is dominant ...
  • 17. FLICKR: JOHAN LARSSON ... since Google offers the best product at a cheap price
  • 18. 5 Just ADVERTISE!
  • 19. FLICKR: ECHERRIES It’s not enough that you have the best product
  • 20. Your customers must be made aware of it FLICKR: ADAM TINWORTH
  • 21. Your customers must see you FLICKR: FLOATO
  • 22. Chrome ad is everywhere on the internet FLICKR: SEBASTIAN ANTHONY
  • 23. It is called aggressive marketing. FLICKR: ZAC WONG
  • 24. 6 Employ the BEST hands
  • 25. FLICKR: SOMEDRIFTWOOD Google started with two university colleagues
  • 26. FLICKR: WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM but the genius of Eric Schmidt worked wonders
  • 27. The major achievements of Google was under Schmidt FLICKR: WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM
  • 28. Some people are great leaders FLICKR: TSEVIS
  • 29. others are good followers FLICKR: NUAGEDENUIT | CHIARA VITELLOZZI
  • 30. If you are struggling to lead your business... FLICKR: SUPERFANTASTIC
  • 31. employ someone that’ll do the job perfectly FLICKR: SAL FALKO
  • 32. FLICKR: AJNAGRAPHY Don’t let pride come between you and the success of your business
  • 33. you don’t have to call all the shots FLICKR: VICTOR 1558
  • 34. FLICKR: HIGHERSIGHTS someone may understand the market better than you do
  • 35. If you are hell-bent to grow your business... FLICKR: SERGIU BACIOIU
  • 36. consult the best in the industry. FLICKR: JDLASICA
  • 37. Yusuf Rafiu O. www.allaboutyusuf.com Digital Marketing . Technology Research . Market Analysis Have Ideas? Connect with me. @allaboutyusuf yusuf.oluwadare