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Recent curriculum Vitae 2014


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My name is Yusuf Abdu infectious disease and public health specialist formerly working in university college as lecturer and now working in public health NGO .Living in Addis Ababa Ethiopia .I have …

My name is Yusuf Abdu infectious disease and public health specialist formerly working in university college as lecturer and now working in public health NGO .Living in Addis Ababa Ethiopia .I have more than 15 years working experience in the area of public health including international NGO experience.

Yusuf Abdu Ahmed (BSc.public health ,MSc. Infectious Disease)
Address tel-00251911987131 E-mail

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  • 1. CURRICULUM VITAE I. PERSONAL DATA Name:- Yusuf Abdu Ahmed Martial Status:- Married Date of Birth:- 28th January 1970 Place of Birth Addis Ababa Sex:- Male Religion:- Muslim Language:- Amharic (Mother Tongue) - English (fluent ) ,Tigrigna ,Oromifa(medium) Nationality:- Ethiopian II. EDUCATIONAL BACK GROUND I.I. Primary and Secondary Education Educational status Name and place school Year Award Senior Secondary School - Black lion senior sec. School 1985 – 1988 Certificate Junior Secondary and Elementary School - Ethiopia Ermija Jun. Sec. School 1978 – 1984 Certificate I.II. College and University Education Name and place institution Duration of training Profession awarded -Addis Ababa University 2007-2008 MSc. Tropical infectious disease (Tropical Medicine one part of public health) - Jimma University 2001 – 2003 Public health degree with distinction - Gondar University 1989 – 1991 Diploma in nursing with distinction 1
  • 2. III. On Job Training Type of training Duration Award Trainer TOT on HIV/ AIDS 4 days Certificate USAIDS Teaching methodology 8 months Certificate MOH EPI for mid level managers 15 days Certificate MOH Integrated health Services 3 days Certificate Zonal health department (family health ) TB management 3 days Certificate Yirgalem hospital Harmful tradition 3 days Certificate At national level IMCI 7 days Certificate Yirgalm nursing school Reproductive health&Family Planning 10 days Certificate Cairo-Alexandria/EGYPT Management and leadership 2 days certificate Prof.Badeg from USA TB & HIV co-management 4 days “ FHI Ethiopia PMTCT 11 days “ Clinton’s foundation Water and sanitation 2 days “ World Bank Research Methodology 10 days “ EPHA Infection prevention 5 days “ AIDSTAR /USAID Effective Teaching 5 days “ “ Communication and leadership 3days “ Hawassa university and EPHA IV. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (and its description later ) Qualification Job Title Place of Work Year of Experience MSC. Member affairs’ officer Ethiopian Public health association(EPHA) 2013-now Addis Ababa MSC EPHA Chairman SNNPRG 2010-2013 MSC Ethio. Heart Associ. contact person SNNPRG 2013-2913 MSC. Lecturer, TTP Coordinator Hawassa College of health Science 2009-2013 HIV main streaming member, education quality assurance coordinator MSC Lecturer Central University college Hawassa Br, for health officers 2011-2013 BSC Assistant lecturer Awassa College of health Science 2004 – 2008 Diploma Nurse Tutor (Instructor) Yirgalem Nursing School 1997 – 2000 Norwegian’s organization and SNNPRG Diploma Nurse Technical coordinator Yirgalem health center 1993 – 1996 Diploma Head of health center and staff nurse BENSA health center 1991 – 1992 2
  • 3. Description of professional experience V.INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS EXPERIENCE  Working Experience in Saudi Arabia in clinic and hospital in 2009 GC(using thesis leave)  Working Experience in LDM/IIE (international organization working on RH/Family planning and leadership development its head office is Sanfransisco ) as associate member ,participating conference in abroad ,designing proposal ,presenting report by representing Ethiopian 2006-10G.C Key Responsibilities as Ethiopian Public Health Association SNNPR Chair person and in the Head quarter Planning of activities and designing of project proposal Following the implementation of the proposal Serving as liaison and representing EPHA in different occasions Preparation of report Participating in annual conference organization Organizing training and workshop Participating in end term evaluation of other organizations Advocacy and promotion of public health Key Responsibilities as lecturer in health science University college _Case management in clinical setting (Hospital and health center) _clinical supervision _conducting workshop _Lecturing for health officers and public health nurses _Conducting research and small scale study _developing teaching materials Areas of teaching Maternal & child health care (including clinical area supervision) Health Service management Epidemiology Communicable disease and other medical disorders Biostatistics Environmental Health Key Responsibility as Health center staff Coordination of inpatient ,outpatient ,EPI/ FP,MNCH and outreach activities 3
  • 4. VI. Computer Skill - MS – Word - MS – Excel - MS – Power point - Internet Operation,SPSS data analysis VII. Research 1. Incidental sex debut among Yirgalem Senior Secondary School Students, January 2003 (thesis) 2.Prevalence of risky sexual behavior among college students of SNNPRG 2010(published) 3.Utilization of VCT among college students in SNNPRG 2013(published) VIII. Reference  Ato Masresha and Ato Beca from Clinton Haealth Access Intiative Tel-0911771312 ,0911903280  Ato Aider Yasin former public health department head of Hawassa College of health Science Tel. 0911008629 Ato Temesgen Abdi Vice dean of Hawassa College of Health Science tel-0930069449  Ato Wosenyeleh Semion Dean of Hawassa College of Health Science Tel-0462207885  Ato Telto Ando Research and publication core process owner of HCHS Tel-0462207885  Haddis Mulugetta IIE/LDM former country director tel- 0911606294  S/r Almaz Family guidance association Hawassa tel- 0916828285  Professor Tefera Belachew, Jimma University Tel. 047 111 48 45  Ato Ali Beyene or Ato Kassaye Nebiyu EPHA regional chapters coordinators Tel-0911814277 /0923987398 / 0114166041 A/A  Yemisirach Shiferaw Public Health Department Head at Hawassa College of Health Ccience-0911040675  My wife ,Mehebuba Ali Tel- 0913275677 IX. Recent Address Yusuf Abdu Ahmed, Ethiopian Public Health Association ,Addis Ababa 00251911987131(Mob.)00251913275677(mob.), 00251114166041(0ff..) E-mail: 4
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