Treatment Pitch By: Ela, Yusra and Jamsheed  2nd draft
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Treatment Pitch By: Ela, Yusra and Jamsheed 2nd draft



Second, Drafted Treatment Of Our PowerPoint Presentation On Our Short Film.

Second, Drafted Treatment Of Our PowerPoint Presentation On Our Short Film.



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Treatment Pitch By: Ela, Yusra and Jamsheed  2nd draft Treatment Pitch By: Ela, Yusra and Jamsheed 2nd draft Presentation Transcript

  • Ela YasminYusra Chaumun Jamsheed
  • The genre is predominantly romance combined with an element of comedydue to the spontaneous scene of the male actor running hilariously, whilstholding a bunch of worn out flowers trying to catch his date. This scene willalso consist of animation to emphasise the comedy element to it.
  • The synopsis of our narrative is about a boy and girl always seeing each otherat bus stop on a Wednesday. They both seem to grow fond of each other andone day the boy plucks up the courage to ask the girl if she would like to go outon a date (this is done via a notepad) and she replies on her notepad “Yes”. Thegirl waits at their normal greeting spot but she is stood up by the boy; however itis not his fault as he took his time getting ready/ or fell asleep unaware of time.He picked up flowers on the way, in order to apologise to his date; but when hearrives the petals all disappear. Yet, during the scene of the boy who is rushingto get to his date, the girl gets bored waiting, she then realises another boygazing at her, and he gives her the eye - the implied meaning of him wanting toget to know her. The girl being so desperate and stood-up by her last date, shedecides to get some „boy therapy‟ and rushes off with the other fellow. The nextfollowing Wednesday, when the boy whom she was supposedly, suppose to goout on a date with, sees her; yet with another man. (Animations are used whenhe is upset.) Short film ends here.
  • The film which inspired me the most was Ben and Jackie as it has romance combinedwith comedy as Ben being rejected by Jackie. However our idea is quite distinctive ascontains an comedy twist to it of the boy reflecting on his past and what happened thenight he stood up the girl. In addition, our film will include animation in some scenes tomake our ideas entertaining and surreal which will capture our audience to be keen tofind out more on our film.
  • Our short film will mainly target the younger generation of teenagers fromfifteen to twenty-three as it consists of both romance and comedy intertwining.Although, teenage girls will engage the most as of the romantic elements inthe film; yet, both genders will engage with the entertainment of comedy. Also,families maybe attracted to our short film as it will be seen as a „striking rom-com‟ of love being limited.
  • The length of the film will be 5 minutes maximum,however we are still uncertain on how much of filming willbe on the flashbacks of when the male actor gets intotrouble.
  • In terms of logistics there will be various equipment and materials that we shall we be using. Forexample: camera, costume and props for actors, small equipment such as writing boards for theactors to exchange messages across to each other from opposite ends of the bus stops andmobile phones etc. In terms of feasibility, there will be a small cost for the minor equipment;although, this is more than affordable, also actors may ask for a fee but we are determined tocompromise. The location will mostly be shot at a bus stop as this is where they originally meetand parts of London (scene of boy running).
  • We have no swearing or violent scenes within our short film. Our film ispredominantly stereotyping how women are capable of cheating on men too,rather than the opposite way round. However, we have no act of discriminationtowards women but the moral of the short film is how women are emotionallyweak and give into temptation by the attractions of the opposite sex and howlove is limited!
  • Our main distribution channel will be YouTube as this will target ouraudience and enable them to access our short film easily. AlsoYouTube is a successful distributing channel and has won manydirectors and artist awareness in gaining a customer market base.