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Baking Presentation For EPQ By: Yusra Chaumun
Baking Presentation For EPQ By: Yusra Chaumun
Baking Presentation For EPQ By: Yusra Chaumun
Baking Presentation For EPQ By: Yusra Chaumun
Baking Presentation For EPQ By: Yusra Chaumun
Baking Presentation For EPQ By: Yusra Chaumun
Baking Presentation For EPQ By: Yusra Chaumun
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Baking Presentation For EPQ By: Yusra Chaumun


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  • 1. BAKINGBy: Yusra Chaumun
  • 2. WHERE IT ALL BEGAN…Baking began in 5600BCE, when humans used wild grass grains to soak them withwater and combine everything they assumed was food together, producing a broth-likepaste. The paste was then cooked, pouring it onto a flat hot rock surface, creating abread like substance. Eventually, the transferred mix was placed onto hot embers; thusmaking it easier to make bread as it could now be baked anytime fire was created.Baking developed in the Roman Empire about 300 BC; the pastry cook became a jobfor Romans (known as the pastillarium) and therefore became the most respectedprofession. Due to Romans finding pastries compassionately self indulgent, this madethem host festivities and celebrations for large banquets.
  • 3. HOW BAKING SPREAD?Since Rome began the evolution of baking, the art of baking eventually flourishedthroughout Europe and Eastern areas of Asia. Bakers often baked homemade produceat home and then sold them in the streets. For example: In London, pastry chefs soldtheir goods from handcarts; which instantly developed into a system of deliveringbaked goods to households. Hence the demand from it increased greatly as a resultwhich made bakeries open.
  • 4. POPULARITY OF BAKINGNow, baking has become a popular hobby and is one of Britains beloved hobbieswhich enables a universal audience to join in and create something spectacular. This isindeed very encouraging as children are grasping the techniques of how to craft bakedfoods. Thus expanding their knowledge in how food is made and the predominantdifferences between various ingredients.For instance, ‘The Great British Bake Off ’ is a tremendously popular televisionprogramme which was broadcasted in 2010. The show consists of 12 home bakersbattling it out to be crowned best amateur baker of the competition under the watchfuleye of the judges: Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. Baking has once again becomehighly embraced in the limelight and the show has rocketed to 7.2 million viewers in2012 final; coming ahead of ‘Holby City’ again, by 0.3 of a million viewers.
  • 5. MY INSPIRATION TOWARDS BAKINGAs a passionate baker, I was enormously inspired by the food writer and televisionpresenter: Mary Berry, who is a significant figure within in British television cooking.Mary left her hopeless domestic science classes and went to college to study cateringwhere her dreams slowly became reality. From there she moved, at the youthful age ofseventeen, to study at Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts school in France before working innumerous cooking related jobs.Mary has published over seventy cookery books which her first being: ‘The Hamlyn AllColour Cookbook’ in 1970. She has also hosted several television series for thebroadcasters BBC and Thames Television. Berry is an exclusive participant onWoman’s Hour and Saturday Kitchen who shows her entire contribution andenthusiasm to cooking. She is an invigorating individual who generously discloses herrecipes teaching the public what to cook and how it is best done.
  • 6. MY PROPOSED PROJECTI will demonstrate how fun the basics of baking can be by creating two spectacular yetsimple treats: A British classic Victoria sponge and I will be baking something from myown roots which will be a divine Mauritian delight: ‘Tarte à la Banane’ (Banana Tart).Also, I will be blogging and creating a baking sketchbook for a universal audience aboutthe outcomes of my baking and how they can adapt certain methods or leave outcertain ingredients which are optional. This will hopefully help move my youthfulaudience to attempt trying to create something, which is out of their comfort zone.
  • 7. A WORD OF ADVICE!• When you pick EPQ, ensure you know what your topic or idea wouldbe, before you begin your project. Or else you will struggle to complete it!• Ensure you meet all EPQ deadlines and never hesitate to ask your teacherfor assistance!