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Published in: Education, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Strategies for TOEFL iBT Specking section Dalian New Oriental Austin
  • 2. Lesson 3: An Outline 2 3 Review work of Task 1 语音练习及提高 1 Task 2 独立题 2 Paired Choice
  • 3.
    • 07-3-3JJ:
    • Challenging experience and how to overcome it.
    • 07-3-10JJ:
    • Describe an invention which change your life most during last century?
    2 Task 1 独立题 1---review
  • 4. ◆ 题目涉及到的话题都是和学生 日常生活和兴趣爱好 相关 ◆ 两种情况: preference/agree or disagree ◆ 考生的选择不会影响分数 , 而考生对所选择的观点如何提供 理由和细节 的支 持才是评分的关键 SAMPLE QUESTION: Some people like to eat most of their meals with other people. Others prefer eating most of their meals alone. Which do you prefer and why? Include details and examples in your explanation. 2 Task 2 独立题 2 Paired Choice
  • 5. SAMPLE ANSWER 2 Personally speaking, I prefer having meals alone. To begin with, eating alone is more efficient. For example, the meal always takes me less than 20 minutes when I eat out by myself. However, if I eat meals with my friends, it often costs me one or two hours. And also, it is more convenient . that is to say, you can choose the food and the place as you like. Finally, I am a shy boy and I really don’t know what to say when I have meals with others.
  • 6. Task2 万能理由 2 1 、方便 :convenientconvenience 2 、效率 :efficient=save timemoneyspace 3 、个性决定原则 :considerate, confident, easygoing, sociable, isolated, conservative 4 、人的身心发展 :health, disease, energetic, develop 5 、娱乐性 colorful, pleasure, joy, recreation, entertainment, relax, tired, boring, lonely 6 、个人缺乏和需要 : as a college student, what I need is… personally, I just want to gain more… 7 、受他人影响的: parents, roommate, boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher 8 、分情况处理: if you are….maybe you can… but if you are, you should
  • 7. Task 2 独立题 2 Paired Choice 2 Some students like to live off campus, like renting an apartment; while others prefer living on campus, like living in dormitories. Which do you prefer and why? Include details and examples. 寻找理由。。。。。。
  • 8. Task 2 独立题 2 Paired Choice 2 Well, personally, I prefer living off campus like rent an apartment. First of all, I can’t focus on the test book efficiently if I live in the dorm with other room members . For example, sometimes I prefer reading books quietly in the dorm. However, some of my roommates are really crazy about listening to music loud at the same time. And also, I want to have my own privacy. That is to say, I don’t want my roommates to know what books I am reading or what movies I am watching Last but not least, it would be more convenient; at least, I don’t have to share the toilet with others and I can decide when to go to bed by myself.
  • 9. 总结 1 2 主题句 1s-5s A 扩展:大对比 5s-30s B 扩展:小展开 30s-45s C 扩展:看情况
  • 10. 总结 2 2 1 、最高频理由 : ★ 方便性 (convenient) ★ 效率性 (efficient) 2 、没有理由的充分理由 : ★ 个性 (personality) ★ 个人缺乏和需要 (need)
  • 11. A or B which one is better? 方法一:说三条 A 好的理由 方法二:说一两条 A 好的理由,反过来说 B 不好的一两条理由 方法三:让步说法,“即使 A 不也有不好的地方,但是可抑制” 例题: Do you agree or disagree with the following statements “having a lot of money is very important”. Use reasons and examples to support your response. 总结 2 2
  • 12.
    • People should enhance their awareness of doing sth
    • Laws and regulations should be carried out to do sth
    • Science and technology/economics should be developed to do sth
    “ 即使 A 不也有不好的地方,但是可抑制” 2
  • 13.
    • 按照原来方法:
    • When it come to this question, I do think having a lot of money is important. For a start, it will be more convenient. For example, I plan to study abroad so I need enough money for the tuition and fees. However, if I have no money, it is only a dream.
    • In addition, it saves time and energy. For example, I love traveling. If I have a lot of money, I can go everywhere by plane.
    • Finally, I just love money. It makes me feel comfortable and safe. Well, If I take a thousand dollars with me, I will be happy all day along.
    范文 2
  • 14. 2 Task 2 独立题 2 Paired Choice 2.3 Scoring (High-Level ) OG P234 CD track #32 This is kind of complicated question um I think it’s important to know which stage you are If you are an undergraduate student , I would rather to take wide range and wide variety of subjects and different areas because it would expand my knowledge, would improve my understanding for different topics, On the other hand, if I ’m a graduate student , I would rather to take specific courses, because if you know, when you are graduate student, you are working and dealing with specific topics and therefore you have to … 自己揣摩其中的内涵?到底什么样的文章可以得满分!!!
  • 15. Task 2 独立题 2 Paired Choice 2 Practice and Homework 练习与作业 真题训练 1) 大学在大城市好还是小城市好? 2) 对于业余时间 , 你觉得应该细心规划还是随波逐流? 3) 你是愿意当 leader 还是当 follower ? 4) 有些学校开设 PE 课程,有些没有,你认为是否应该开?
  • 16.
    • 连读的技巧:
    • I‘m working on-it. I’ll think-it-over.
    • run out of it
    • I called-you half-an-hour-ago.
    • There-is a football under-it.
    3 语音练习及提高
  • 17.
    • 略音: 第一条规则:以某音结尾的单词 + 同音开始的单词 -- 只发一次即可! You ate-too much. I don‘t know what-to-do. 两个辅音连接,只读后一个
    • 第二条规则:以[ t ],[ d ],[ k ],[ g ],[ p ]和[ b ] + 以辅音开始的单词 前面的发音“点到为止”,舌头达到发音中位,但不送气! Lend-me your black-bag.
    • an old picture of a big car
    • Would you mind-giving me that-red-book?
    3 语音练习及提高