Python and GObject Introspection

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  • 1. Python and GObject-Introspection Yuren Ju <>
  • 2. About me●● Hacking Thursday● KaLUG● Twitter: @yurenju
  • 3. GObject
  • 4. D-BUS notifyGlade GTK VTE
  • 5. GNOME platform
  • 6. Binding Librarybased on GObject
  • 7. Use codegen to generate GTK C Wrapper for Python gtk.c number of lines: 128,469
  • 8. If GTK+ add APIs in new version,python-gtk also need to upgrade for new APIs.
  • 9. Implement in Python,Also need to re-implement in Ruby, Perl, Java, Javscript again.
  • 10. GObject-Introspection
  • 11. Originalpython-gobject metadata GTK+ GTK+
  • 12. GObject-Introspection python-gobject parser metadata GTK+ GTK+
  • 13. Same metadata format python-gobject parsermetadata metadata metadataGTK+GTK+ gstreamer GTK+ ... GTK+
  • 14. Parser + metadata = GObject-Introspection
  • 15. tut-triangle tut.triangle+ get_color()+ set_color()+ get_centroid()+ get_centroidu()
  • 16. MetadataComments in Source code g-ir-scanner Gir XML file g-ir-compiler Typelib binary file
  • 17. Comments in Source code
  • 18. Gir XML file
  • 19. Metadata Comments in Source code g-ir-scanner Gir XML file g-ir-compilerlibgirepository Typelib binary file
  • 20. python-gobjectPyGTK 2.24.0 has been released. This is a stable release supporting the GTK+2.24 API. New users wishing to develop Python applications using GTK+ arerecommended to use the GObject-Introspection features available inPyGObject. Existing authors of PyGTK applications are also recommended toport their applications to PyGObject to take advantage of new featuresappearing in GTK-3 and beyond.
  • 21. gtk.c number of lines:128,469
  • 22. How to use GI?from gi.repository import Gtk;
  • 23. PEP-0302: New Import Hooks Append finder to sys.meta_path,Use finder.find_module() dynamic to find module.
  • 24. Load module● find_module()● load_module() ● Create DynamicModule ● Module._load() – Create self._introspection_module ● IntrospectionModule => repository.requre to load typelib
  • 25. Objectfrom gi.repository import Gtk - Widget - ContainerInitial all items in Gtk - WindowGet info from ...etc.repository.find_by_name()If item is a object instance, Use a MetaClass“GobjectMeta” to create a class wrapperFinally, you have a Python Class to create Object!
  • 26. Method – relative easy object.method() Call info.invoke() g_function_info_invoke
  • 27. Summary● GI Migrate metadata from language-binding to library● python-gobject let you use GTK, GObject, Gstreamer, VTE, Dbus,...etc.
  • 28. 一人成佛,雞犬升天