Identity and Belonging: discovering our roots


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Argentina project--Identity and Belonging: discovering our roots (made by Wunshan Senior High School)

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Identity and Belonging: discovering our roots

  1. 1. Our team-Maximum.
  2. 2. • MY NAME IS 蘇幼銘. I‘m from Sichuan. • People there are very friendly and helpful. • I am 15 years old. I like my school.
  3. 3.  There‘re 3 people in my family: my parents and I.  I usually play online games in my spare time, or play sports.  My dream is to be a doctor, which is no easy。
  4. 4.  I was born in Sichuan.  My mother is Sichuanese and my dad is Taiwanese.  Two years ago, we moved to Taiwan.
  5. 5.  Hello!  My name is Amy.  I am sixteen years old.  There are six members in my family.  My motto is “Never says never.”
  6. 6.  I am a Wun-Shan Senior High School student.  This is my class; my classmates are friendly and enthusiastic. Our school & Student motto: We are, Unique, Nurturing, Self-motivated, Hard-working, Adventurous, and Noble.
  7. 7.  I like to watch fireworks.  It is brightening and beautiful!
  8. 8.  This is Chinese opera.  I am a big fan of it.
  9. 9.  I like pop-music. My favorite singer is A mai  She is an aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer and occasional songwriter  Her 2009 album "AMIT" impressed the judges of the 21st Golden Melody Awards
  10. 10.  Ip Man, a Hong Kong film loosely based on the life of Yip Man, starring Donnie Yen as the martial artist, was released in cinemas in 2008
  11. 11.  It is the place to cultivate the technology industry in Taiwan .  They developed many well-known brands  Including Giant, Merida, TREND MICRO, ASUS, HTC. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology building
  12. 12. Long times ago, my ancestors came to Taiwan from China because it is difficult to survive in my hometown. When my Great grandfather came across the Taiwan Strait, the weather was bad, so they stayed in Penghu for a couple of days. Finally, they arrived in Taiwan safely.
  13. 13.  My name is Yi Ru .  I was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on September 20,1996 in a middle-class family.
  14. 14.  I like spending my time taking photographs. That allows me to relax.  I talk with my family a lot.  I like to listen to light music or popular music.  I use my cell phone everyday. And, sometimes I will play on the computer.
  15. 15. 廖添丁 (Liao Tianding) My grandfather’s name is also called Liao Tianding (廖添停). It‘s interesting ,right ?
  16. 16. My grandfather My grandmother My dad My mom
  17. 17. From left to right:  father  sister  mother  me Hello~ My name is 朱品厚.
  18. 18.  Grade 4  Participating in the chess game  3rd place
  19. 19. Grade 7 I learned how to play the trombone It’s me!
  20. 20.  At the award I was so nervous that I was awarded the prize.
  21. 21. My Family
  22. 22. I like hiking.
  23. 23.  易乘議程.mp4
  24. 24. Diamante Poems
  25. 25. ◦My Chinese name is 楊學民
  26. 26. This is my brother This is me
  27. 27. This picture was taken when my Graduation trip. I'm here
  28. 28. This picture was taken when we were being a volunteer.
  29. 29. My first work is to be a walker- on!! Isn’t it Excited ?
  30. 30. 學名學名.mp4