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Online session 2
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Online session 2


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ACFE Facilitate eLearning presentation exploring Task 3, 4 and 5.

ACFE Facilitate eLearning presentation exploring Task 3, 4 and 5.

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  • 1. Session Two – Elluminate The Pitch
  • 2. Mood Meter – How are you feeling? Almost God Like Lovin Life Calm and Relaxed Nailing up the windows On the slippery slope
  • 3. The Pitch!!
  • 4. Task 3
    • Take another look at your eLearning Design Plan you submitted for Task 2
    • You have five minutes to present this plan to your co-learners today
    • The aim is for you to get peer feedback so you can then go on to develop your learning sequence ready for delivery.
    Pitch your idea
  • 5. Task 3
    • You must include in your presentation:
      • An overview of your intended delivery
      • What methods you will use to teach
      • An example of how you will use good teaching practice online
      • What technical support you will provide to your learners and how you do this)
      • How your teaching and learning materials will help build workplace skills and knowledge
  • 6. Task 3 – Peer Review
    • At the conclusion of your presentation your peers will evaluate your plan using the following criteria.
    • They will be asked to provide comments and to indicate if they observed you meet the presentation requirements.
  • 7. Peer Review
  • 8. Presentations
  • 9. Assessment Task 4 Demonstrate the delivery from your chosen delivery method (for example, Moodle, Blog, Wiki, Social Networking Site, etc) in accordance with the delivery sequence template submitted in Assessment 2 and outlined in Assessment 3.
  • 10. Assessment Task 4
    • A: Preparation :
    • Course content, assessment tasks
    • Development of orientation activities, student guides
    • At least one Discussion Forum
  • 11. Assessment Task 4
    • B: Delivery :
    • Delivery of learning
    • Trial the delivery and document the process and outcomes
  • 12. Assessment Task 4
    • C: Monitoring and support
    • Short report (450 words) on your monitoring and support activities across the duration of your delivery.
    • Set up a learner evaluation survey in Survey Monkey or Google Forms (need this for Task 5)
    • Technical Issues
    • Induction into your e-Learning environment
    • Monitoring and Supporting learners
    • Promoting collaboration
  • 13. Assessment Task 4 - Decide Getting the activities right is the hardest part – writing the activities and making them accurate and consistent with the skills and knowledge you are teaching. What you will be getting students to do (e Learning strategies – e.g. problem solving, decision making trees, quizzes, group work, collaboration online) Telling them as stories too to make them more accessible.
  • 14. Assessment Task 4 - Decide
    • How you will get the material to your learners
    • Blog
    • Wiki
    • Google
    • Other (Moodle?)
  • 15. Assessment Task 4 - Decide How you will develop this material (using free basic multimedia tools, PowerPoint, or commercial “rapid” e-Learning software or by building it direct into your blog and wiki)
  • 16. Assessment Task 4 How you will communicate with and how students communicate between each other (through a discussion board, email, instant messaging, blog comments or virtual classrooms such as Elluminate)
  • 17. Assessment Task 5 Reviewing your e-learning delivery Short report (450 words approx) to you review your e-learning delivery particularly in regards to student evaluation. (based on your survey)
  • 18. Thank you for playing