Evaluation of eLearning


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Session for 2012 ACPET eMentor program

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Evaluation of eLearning

  1. 1. • ACPET e Mentor Program• Online Session 4• Wednesday August 15th 2012
  2. 2. Use the text tool to record your current mood stateHigh as a Smiling Calm & Fogged In Havingkite on while ready to Bex &expresso multi rip good lie tasking down
  3. 3. Welcome• Learner Evaluation• Useability Testing• Showcase update• Converge
  4. 4. Where are we?Quick snap shot of where you are with your project?• Planning• Developing• Snags• Issues – Design, Multimedia, Software etc
  5. 5. POLL!!!
  6. 6. Clarity..or clear & present danger?A Clear on what we will be developingB Clear but struggling for ideasC Worried about the chosen toolsD Having second thoughts about topicE Absolutely no idea
  7. 7. Tell us more if you chose the followingC Worried about the chosen toolsD Having second thoughts about topicE Absolutely no idea
  8. 8. Delivery Phase• Deliver to learners• Induct Learners• Survey of learners• Evaluation/usability• Showcase• Converge
  9. 9. Lead up activities How will you stay in touch with yourInduction& Support learners?
  10. 10. Induction• LMS• Technology• Communication• Support• Assessment
  11. 11. Your online Induction
  12. 12. Why Evaluate Training? Take the mic and tell us!
  13. 13. Why Evaluate • Gather information about your resource and how it is used by learners • Understand the ability of your facilitators to connect with and assist learners to work together and learn • Make decisions about improving the resource and approach to facilitation • Share experiences with colleagues to promote best practice and commitment to continuous improvement • Gathering data to make decisions about whether learners are learning and improving performance
  14. 14. Evaluation collection? • Online Survey Software – Surveymonkey (web based) – Lime Survey (open source) – Google forms • Learner Management Systems • Moodle – Questionnaire/Feedback module
  15. 15. Survey Monkey
  16. 16. Moodle• Survey• Feedback• Questionnaire
  17. 17. Google Form• Form• Embed/Link• Adds to spreadsheet
  18. 18. Evaluation questions• What information should we capture from learners in any evaluation process we work through?• Take a minute or two and add your ideas to the whiteboard
  19. 19. Evaluationquestions
  20. 20. Delivery reflections for Internal use• Review of your experience delivering elearning.• Consider your processes– how best to provide this information• What extras will elearning require?• Continuous improvement• Admin implication• Staff capacity building
  21. 21. FinalReport
  22. 22. Usability Testing• Help determine how end users may use your online self paced content• Identify any potential flaws or issues which hinder end users from using the online self paced content• Identify recommendations for improving the online program site• Is a different process from evaluating the quality/context/appropriateness of the learning material/activities
  23. 23. Useability Testing questions –• What information should we capture from our testers?• Who are the right people inside (outside?) your organisation to test your online materials?• Take a minute or two and add your ideas to the whiteboard
  24. 24. Useability Testingquestions
  25. 25. Useability Testingquestions
  26. 26. Useability Testingquestions
  27. 27. Useability Testingquestions
  28. 28. Useability Testingquestions
  29. 29. Continuous Improvement• Progress with learners• Unexpected issues, difficulties in the online environment• Alterations, adaptations or enhancements Re-evaluation and adaption of delivery plan• Any additional support or help you require to enhance the delivery to your learners• Insights and examples of learner feedback• Implications of your experience with this delivery trial for e learning at your organisation• Any other issues of relevance
  30. 30. Showcase Update5 Slides• What attracted you to the programme?• Have flexible delivery options helped you to achieve your goal• Demonstrate one thing you are proud of• Lessons Learnt• Implications for your deliveries in 2013
  31. 31. ConvergeState elearning conferencewww.eworks.edu.au/converge/
  32. 32. Audio & Sound• Next session Wednesday 29th August• 930 to 3.30@ Training Choice
  33. 33. Thank you for playing