Beginners workshop 2 2012


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Beginners workshop 2 2012

  1. 1. ACPET Vic Govt Elearning Mentoring Program Beginner Group 2012 F2F Workshop 2
  2. 2. Change of DateF2F Workshop 6 now 20th SeptemberConverge 22nd & 23rd November
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda• Revise Trial Project Timeline & Reporting Requirements• Enhancing your existing PowerPoint-based resources: Using iSpring Free• Creating learning resources using free rapid elearning: Using Udutu• Finding resources: Introduction to Toolboxes and the Toolbox Repository• Customising resources: changing words and images in Toolboxes
  4. 4. Trial Project Timeline• March – June: Research options & begin designing your unit• July – August: Design & develop the structure and elements of your trial unit (finalise your design; create interactive activities; set up your LMS or other platform; populate it with content, activities, support and assessments; practice delivering within a virtual classroom or chat room)• August: Finalise development & Survey the participants in your trial (use the 10 question survey we will create in SurveyMonkey)• September – October: Deliver the trial unit• October: Survey the same participants again after they have completed the trial unit (survey template will be emailed to you). Evaluate & Revise your trial. Draw on your conclusions to help you plan for the sustainable incorporation of elearning into the business of your RTO.• November - December: Celebrate your successes at the ACPET Showcase and State Elearning Conference, ConVerge.
  5. 5. Upcoming Reporting Requirements• Before our site visit – Submit your Draft Design Map to Sherrill by email prior to our site visit• 19 July: – Submit your Final Design Map to Sherrill by email• 29 September: – Submit a one page summary of your Pre-trial Student Survey results to Sherrill by email• 28 October: – Submit a one page summary of your Post-trial Student Survey results to Sherrill by email• 9 November – Present an overview of how your trial went at the ACPET Showcase• Nov 14(TBC): – Complete the e-survey (report on your trial) issued by Sherrill – Attend/present at Converge in Melbourne
  6. 6. Options for learning materials (refer to the Quick Guide in the May section of our moodle)• We have already looked at generating and assembling resources in Moodle• Today we will focus on finding & customising them• Our next and final skills development F2F workshop will focus on making resources (fast)
  7. 7. iSpring Free• Converts PowerPoint into flash and webpages• You can download a FREE 30 day trial of iSpring Free from• iSpring Free is not Mac compatible
  8. 8. iSpring Free• Converts PowerPoint into flash and webpages• You can download iSpring Free from• iSpring Free is not Mac compatible
  9. 9. iSpring Free • Create a menu • Add sound • Make a quiz
  10. 10. Udutu• Free online elearning content creator• Free to use. Need an account to log in from• Can export & download the learning objects you create
  11. 11. Toolboxes content developed by Australian RTOs and linked to qualifications – searching for material – downloading material – broken into “learning objects”
  12. 12. Customising Learning Objects• Introduction to using HTML Editors – Changing text in a webpage – Changing an image in a webpage
  13. 13. Learning Object Sample• Go to Toolbox Repository at• Search for “How do I look?”• Preview, then download the Toolbox code: 12_06 version
  14. 14. Learning Object Customisation• Edit Text and Images• Change or add links• Update flash interactions and audio
  15. 15. Any Questions?