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Barwon SW Online Session 1
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Barwon SW Online Session 1


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Presentation for first meeting of Barwon/South Western ACE providers participating in ementor programme. yum's Michael Gwyther is the Barwon/SW ementor.

Presentation for first meeting of Barwon/South Western ACE providers participating in ementor programme. yum's Michael Gwyther is the Barwon/SW ementor.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. ACFE - Vic Government e-mentor Program 2011
    • Online Session 1
  • 2. Programme
    • Using Blackboard Collaborate
    • Clarifying the project
    • Getting to know you
  • 3. Peer Review
    • Up to 3 minutes per ACE Provider to talk about
    • Describe:
    • Your experience with e things
    • How you’d like to do with the project
    • What you would really like to learn
    • Anthing else to help get to know you
  • 4. Tips
    • Use the chat to post any links or to have a back channel of communication
  • 5. Tips
    • You can use the emoticons to give you feedback
  • 6. Tips
    • Raise your hand if you have a question
  • 7. Using Elluminate
  • 8. Using Elluminate Your potential project Description A Clear on what I would like to do B Clear but need some support on where to next C Worried about the chosen tools and assessment D Having second thoughts about unit I have chosen E Absolutely no idea what I will do
  • 9. Mood Meter Beyond Human Having a Whitney Houston Metabolism in equilibrium Smiling while multi tasking Crackin’ Up & need meds Use the text tool to record your current mood state
  • 10. All about the project
    • This year
    • Explore your ideas
    • Experience technologies & tools
    •   Look at teaching and learning
    •   Come up with a plan
    • Next year
    •   Develop your plan and build your elearning
    •   Trial it with some learners
    •   Evaluate
    • Think about “Whats Next”
  • 11. All about the project
    • Introducing our ementors
    • Debra Smith
    • Terry Oakley
    • PD
    •   4 Face to Face Sessions
    • 2 site visits (1 this year, 1 next year)
    • 6 Online sessions
    • Statewide Network activities
  • 12. Part 2 Macro Planning How will you present the content to learners? Context Guidance & Support How do learners learn? Research Case Study Scenario Problem Solving Work Product Mode Delivery Platform
  • 13. Part 2 How to Deliver Mode F2F Fully Online (facilitated) Blended F2F Forum Email Phone Virtual Classroom Fully Online (self paced)
  • 14. Part 3 Features Select features you want in your design Context Guidelines Activities Collaboration Learning Supports Practical application Glossary Assessment Goals Virtual Classroom
  • 15. Part 4 Interactions Select features you want in your design Quiz Games Research Blogging/Journal Web quests Social Bookmarking Glossary Discussion Audio/Video Guest Speakers Scenario
  • 16. Template
    • Document:
    • Learning Events for your trial
      • What will learners be doing?
      • Mode
      • Communication
      • Facilitation (Teach/Training)
      • Multimedia
  • 17. Template
  • 18. Next Workshop Dates
    • Workshop 1 Oct 10 th 10.30 – 2.30 (Clovedale)
    • Workshop 2 Nov 7 th 10.30-2.30 TCB
  • 19. Melbourne Moodle Users Group
  • 20. Thank you for playing