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Prepared by Heidi Bradburn for Induction session for ACPET Beginners stream

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Acpet vic beg_induction_2012_draft

  1. 1. ACPET Vic GovtElearning ProgramBeginner Mentoring Group 2012Induction Day
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda• Getting to know the structure of this program• Getting to know each other• Getting to know the tools we will use during this program: – Moodle: our online resources & networking space – Elluminate Live Virtual Classroom: our online meeting room• Getting to know eLearnng options and design techniques – Types of eLearnng – Designing eLearning: orientation to the site & a webquest!
  3. 3. The Mentoring ProgramProvides a structured, mentored, goal-orientedprogram underpinned by best practice strategies one-on-one and peer group mentoring experience elearning both as a learner as well as a facilitator 2 streams - beginner and intermediate supported by the f2f and online workshops in theProfessional Development Workshop Series
  4. 4. Beginner StreamDesigned for those who have not yet investigated norsuccessfully trialled eLearnng with students Each project team/individual will be mentored through the processof • researching • planning • designing • developing • implementing • evaluatingtheir chosen trial unit of competency
  5. 5. Beginners – What do you get? Induction day f2f workshop 1 on-site/online consultations monthly f2f practical group workshops (Mar – June) monthly online group mentoring sessions & peerinsight seminars (Mar – Nov) two f2f group project development sessions (Jul &Oct) access to online resources and discussion forumsestablished for the beginner stream access to email support as needed thru the project
  6. 6. Workshops (NB. The following is a rough guide – please check Program Schedule for actual dates each month)• Online Peer Insight Seminars – learning from more experienced peers – Where: ACPET Elluminate Live virtual classroom• Online Mentoring Sessions – eLearnng foundations plus practicing online facilitation & participation skills – Where: ACPET Elluminate Live virtual classroom• Face-to-face Practical Workshops & Project Development sessions - developing practical design skills and progressing your trial project – Where: Training Choice at Level 3, 455 Bourke St, Melbourne
  7. 7. F2F Draft CalendarMonth TopicMarch 22 Preparing for & Designing ELearnngApril 19 Delivery PlatformsMay 24 Enhancing, Finding, & Customising ResourcesJune 21 Creating ResourcesJuly 19 Finalise Design Map & Begin Trial DevelopmentAug 23 N/ASept N/AOct 11 Finalise Trial Development & Begin Sustainability PlanNov 14 Showcasing our Achievements
  8. 8. Getting to know each other• Pair up, interview & introduce – Where is your RTO based? – What key quals does your RTO have on scope? – What aspect of eLearnng are you currently most curious to learn more about? – Tell us something about you that is not work- related 
  9. 9. DeliveryModels of training delivery that compliment the use of a LMS Fully Online Compliance Knowledge Preparation for F2F Skills Workshop Induction Skill Blended – Mix ofrecognition/currenc online & F2F y/RPL Skills update on demand Collaborative Learning with Peers
  10. 10. Tools Potential Tools to underpin a flexible delivery Virtual ClassroomLearner Management Systems Web 2 Portal (Blog, Wiki, Manuals, Facebook) CD ROMS USBExisting resources ePortfolios
  11. 11. Asynchronous LearningAny learning event where interaction isdelayed over time. This allows learners toparticipate according to their schedule, andbe remote from the trainer•Email•Discussion Forums•CD ROMS•Textbooks•Video/Audio resources•Web searches/Social Networking sites
  12. 12. Synchronous LearningAny learning event where interaction happenssimultaneously in real-time.•Virtual Classrooms•Shared Whiteboards•Application Sharing•Teleconferencing•Videoconferencing•Virtual Worlds•Face to Face Workshops
  13. 13. Infrastructure - Support Help Desk Online enrolments Out of hours learner support Integration with Student Management SoftwareEmail and Phone Web help – guides, FAQ Assessment Reporting
  14. 14. A Model Trainer/Learner Communication Model Structured eLearning Platform Knowledge/Skills Industry Knowledge Self Paced Staff Capacity CollaborationeLearning Training Tools Compliance Authentic Tasks
  15. 15. What is my relationship to my learners?•Trainer•Mentor•A Model•Guide on the Side•Resource•?
  16. 16. Elluminate Live Virtual Classroom• Click on the link to our session• Orientation
  17. 17. Moodle•• Login (top right) (Remember to record your login on your Logins Record Sheet)• Enter our network via ‘My Courses’ (top right)• Orientation
  18. 18. Moodle•
  19. 19. Program Planning This E- learning is so gone daddy oIn Groups:What do youvalue in training?
  20. 20. Group SnapshotUse Feedback tool in Moodle - short questionnaire
  21. 21. Designing Elearning• Orientation to the website• Types of eLearnng
  22. 22. Preparing and supporting learners• Providing support for learners• Learning about your learners - reviewing the research – –• Complete the survey provided
  23. 23. Survey MonkeyTime to create your own e-survey:• Creating an account• Initiating a survey• Creating questions• Collecting responses• Analysing the results
  24. 24. Lets Phlog!Audio Post at iPadio – Your Proposed Project •Unit •Client Group and their characteristics •How existing training is delivered to this group •Your vision for eLearnng for this delivery •How you see the trainers role in this delivery •Mode of Delivery •Obstacles to overcome/learning to be acquired •Organisational Readiness for eLearnng
  25. 25. Call ipadio with your responseAudio Post at iPadio – Your Proposed Project Ring 1800-802569 Enter the Registered Number: 1161409317625 # Enter the Pin number: 5676 Begin your phonecast Channel Homepage:
  26. 26. Networks and Resources
  27. 27. Flexible Learning Framework
  28. 28. ElNet
  29. 29. Cathy Moore
  30. 30. Centre for Learning & PerformanceTechnologies
  31. 31. Rapid e Learning Blog
  32. 32. Any Questions?