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Personal presentation noise pollution
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Personal presentation noise pollution

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affects of noise pollution

affects of noise pollution

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  • 1. Affects of noise pollution Made by Yumi
  • 2. Outline Introduction Main point: a. affect marine animals b. affect health & hearing power c. affect working efficiency Conclusion Reference
  • 3. Introduction• What is noise pollution ?Noise Nauseas (Latin word) disgust & discomfort• Sound VS NoiseSound: a form of energy that is transmitted by pressurevariations which the human ear can detect.Noise: unwanted sound
  • 4. Sound waves of equal amplitude with increasing frequency fromtop to bottom
  • 5. Noise intensityis measured indecibel units
  • 6. The source of noise
  • 7. Main point 1 Having effects on animals Damage the nervous system of the animals Having a negative impact on the wholemarine animals about food chain
  • 8. Main point 2 Affecting the general health and hearing power of the human beings Getting certain diseases like bloodpressure, mental illness and bad sleep Having hearing difficulties
  • 9. Main point 3 Decreasing in the efficiency of working Affecting the concentration required fordoing a work People need to devote more time tocomplete their task which lead to tiredness andfatigue because of lack of concentration
  • 10. Conclusion
  • 11. Reference Nicks J; 2012.03; Noise pollution effects Retrieved from http://www.buzzle.com/articles/noise-pollution-effects.html Popper A.N ; 2012 ;The effects of noise on aquatic life Retrieved from http://books2.scholarsportal.info/viewdoc.html?id=/ebooks/ebooks2/spring er/20 12-05-29/2/9781441973115 Phillips S; 2012.7; Five unfashionable environmental issues Retrieved from http://www.abc.net.au/environment/articles/2012/06/05/3518659.htm Turner, J.G ; 2005.2 ;Hearing in Laboratory Animals: Strain Differences and Nonauditory Effects of Noise Retrieved from http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/aalas/cm/2005/00000055/000000
  • 12. THANK YOUFor protecting health, please be far away from noise pollution.