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This slide is designed to make people aware of the earthquake in China. And hoping to have more people standing together with them.

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  • China-Sichuan-earthquake

    1. An 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck Sichuan province in China, at 2:28 PM (0628 GMT) 12 May 2008. Till the time of these slides are made, 40,075 deaths and 247,645 injuries are reported…
    2. During this earthquake, thousands of children were killed at school.
    3. Photo taken on May 16, 2008 shows a dead student's hand tightly holding a pen in the debris of Dongqi Middle School in southwest China's Sichuan province.(Xinhua photo) They can no longer attend the classes they loved to…
    4. The hands of a dead student is buried among the ruins of a destroyed primary school in the old city district, near a mountain at the earthquake-hit Beichuan county, Sichuan province, May 15, 2008.
    5. Zhao Jialin,10,a student in Qushan Primary School at quake-hit Beichuan town weeps for her parents killed in the disaster on Monday, which causes many people entombed in the rubble of the bombe buildings. (The Beijing News) Many children became orphans in a blink…
    6. Lonely and helpless crying is the only thing left …
    7. What is in front of them…
    8. Hearts are broken for the loss of their loved ones…
    9. A Chinese woman cries amongst the rubble of collapsed buildings after offering prayers for her dead daughter in Beichuan in Sichuan province.
    10. Yang Yumin (C), 41, lost her 14-year-old daughter in the earthquake. (REUTERS/Stringer)
    12. Parents mourn over their child who was killed in a collapsed school building in earthquake-hit Hongbai county of Shifang, in Sichuan province, May 15, 2008.(Stringer/Reuters)
    13. The helpless are heart-broken…
    14. Still, many people are waiting in hope…
    19. People are desperately fighting with death…
    20. A soldier carries a wounded child as she is rescued after an earthquake in Beichuan, Sichuan province May 13, 2008. [Agencies]
    24. It’s a race against time…
    26. However, touching stories are everywhere…
    27. A boy is helping his classmate…
    28. A wounded boy salutes with his weak arm after being rescued…
    29. The last message a mother left to her baby.. This baby was saved beneath her mother. The mother was dead when the rescuers found her, crushed by the fallen house. Through the gaps of the ruins, people saw her posture at the moment of dying. She was kneeling, bending her body and supporting herself with her hands pushing the ground, like an ancient person kowtowing, but the body was crushed and distorted to a terrible shape. A mobile phone was found tucked in the quilt. On the screen, was a draft text message, 'My dear baby, if you survive, remember I love you.'
    30. The husband is driving a motorcycle with his wife bound on his back. His wife died during the earthquake. He wanted to take her to a quiet place and give her a decent funeral instead of simply burying his beloved wife in the rubble. As a husband, this is the last thing he can do for his wife...
    31. People hold a candlelight vigil to commemorate earthquake victims at Hongshan Park of Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, May 17, 2008. [Xinhua]
    32. A girl holds a candle during a candlelight vigil to commemorate earthquake victims at Hongshan Park of Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, May 17, 2008. [Xinhua]
    33. Survivors are still in need…
    34. Earthquake survivors sleep at a temporary shelter in Beichuan County, Sichuan province, China on Wednesday, May 14, 2008. (EyePress/AP Photo)
    35. Residents camp out in the grounds of Sichuan University on May 15, 2008 in Chengdu, Sihuan province, China. (China Photos/Getty Images)
    36. People gathered on the playground waiting for support and transfer…
    37. They have limited food to ease the hunger They have limited water to clean up They have combs to keep pretty They are helping the elders as they were brought up Be brave and live on!
    38. Homes are to be rebuilt…
    39. A man cries while sitting amongst debris in Hongguang village in Qingchuan County, Sichuan province, on May 15. Three of his family members are still missing, three days after the massive earthquake, Xinhua said. (Jiang Hongjing /Xinhua/Associated Press)
    40. An earthquake survivor tries to salvage what she can from her destroyed houses at the Renhe Village on May 15, in the outskirts of Shifang, one of the hardest-hit cities in Sichuan Province in China. (China Photos/Getty Images)
    41. People scour the debris of collapsed buildings for their property in Dujiangyan, in southwest China's Sichuan province, on Monday May 12, 2008
    42. Numerous destroyed apartment houses are to be rebuilt…
    43. China Earthquake: A totally destroyed town
    44. What can we help…
    45. Donation Methods 1. Redcross canada 2. Google check http:// / 3. Hong Kong Red Cross Credit Card Donation 4. ( SVTN ) Silicon Valley Tsinghua Network. The 2008 Sichuan Earthquake Relief Committee by Oversea Chinese was formed by the Silicon Valley Tsinghua Network, Legal Immigration Association, and several other Chinese organizations. For More Info Regards the Earthquake 1.
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    47. When there is a disaster on the earth, we are moved by the humanity in the world, no matter where we are living, no matter what races we are ... Thank you for your kindly help !! 谢谢 !!