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Modulo listening (1) Modulo listening (1) Presentation Transcript

  • UNIT 1 (GUIA 8) PRESENT CONTINUOSExercise 1. A. Listen carefully the dialogue and cover it.Ms. Costa: Welcome to the foreign language club. My name is Ms. Costa. I’m the club adviser. Please tell me your name and the foreign language you’re taking.Stacy: My name’s Stacy. I’m studying German. I’m in the 11th grade.Steve: Hi, my name is Steve Liu. Steve for short. I’m studying Italian.Justin: And I’m Justin Carlson. I’m taking French.Ms. Costa: Justin … you tutor kids at the Learning Center, don’t you?Justin: that’s right. Tom, Nicole, and Stacy are volunteers there, too.Ms. Costa: My youngest son, Jesse, goes to the center.Nicole: I know Jesse. He’s adorable.Ms. Costa: Thank you. And your name is…Nicole: Nicole. I’m a senior. And I’m taking Spanish.Ms. Costa: You and Stacy aren’t sisters, are you?Nicole: No, we aren’t. Do we look like?Ms. Costa: A little. Ok, one more person…Tom: I’m Thomas Bryant. You can call me Tom. I’m taking Spanish with Nicole.Ms Costa: Ok. First things first. We usually have a party so you can get to know each other. Anyone interested?Tom: Count me in!
  • Exercise 2. B.Answer each question.Who said it? “I’m the club adviser” ______________ “I’m studying Italian” ______________ “I’m taking French” _______________ “I’m studying German” _____________ Who volunteers at the learning Center? ____________________________ What language are Tom and Nicole studying? ________________________
  • UNIT 2 INTRODUCING YOURSELF (VERB TO BE) (GUIA 3)A. Listen and read.I’m Jose Sanchez. You can call me Pepe. I’m in 12th grade.My name’s Shawn McGasco. I’m in 11th grade.Hi. I’m Candice Collins. Candy for short. I’m a senior like Pepe.B. Introduce yourself to other group members. Say your name and grade level.
  • UNIT 3 PAST SIMPLE (GUIA 2)A. Read along as you listen and fill in the gaps with the past tense of the following verbs [you can use a verb more than one time].Pick / arrive / be / expect / step / doJuly 8, 2008.Dear Nick and Tom,Hi, guys. I’m taking a break from the conference.I ____ up this beautiful postcard at a souvenir shop. I _____ at my hotel late last night. My flight to Singapore ___ very pleasant. The flight attendants ____ so nice and so professional. Singapore is very different from what I _______.The country is very small (it’s about the size of a small city) and very rich! Everything runs like clockwork. It’s also very clean. When I ______ on to my balcony this morning to admire Singapore’s skyline, I ____ not see any litter on the streets. It ___ a wonderful sight.Love,Mom.
  • B. Fill in the gaps with the past tense of this verbs:want / have / enjoy / love / do / beJuly 15, 2008.Dear Ang San,So, I’m back home in Texas. I just ____ to thank you and your wife for the wonderful time I ___ in Singapore. It ___ a busy but very interesting week, and I ______ my stay there. I especially _____ the orchid garden. I ___ not know that there were many varieties of orchids! And the breakfast at the Zoo with Millie, the gentle gorilla, ___ quite an experience!Best regardsEmily Bryant.
  • UNIT 4 ADJECTIVE (GUIA 6)Write the words that mean the opposite of these adjectives from the last exercise. Use the dictionary if it is necessary. Then listen and check your answers.Ugly ________Boring _______Big ________Unpleasant _________Unprofessional _________Dirty ______Poor ________Horrible ________
  • UNIT 5 HAVE TO (GUIA 3)Do I have to? Listen the household chores and describe what the people in the pictures have to do (next page).Clean the roomClear the tableCook lunchDo the grocery shoppingDo the laundryIron the clothesMake the bedVacuum the floorWash (do) the dishes
  • UNIT 6 FOODS AND DRINKS (GUIA 5)A. Listen and repeat. Then match the words (1-12) with the pictures (a- l) (next page).1. Hamburgers2. Ice cream sundae3. Bottled water4. Chips and salsa5. Hot dogs6. Chocolate cake7. Soda8. Spaghetti9. Orange juice10. Salad11. Roast chicken12. Apple pie
  • B. Listen to the phone conversation. Fill in the missing information in Nick’s message.Tom,Mom called from work. She wants you to go to the market and pick up _______, _______ and ________. Then, she wants you to stop by the fast-food place and get some _____ and three ______.Nick.
  • BIBLIOGRAPHYListening files from (source):HARRIS, Michael. Opportunities. Pearson Education. 2005. Spain (Madrid).