Trendsetters in eCommerce Marketing in 2011 in US and Europe


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Speech at eCommerce Search and Sales, Sao Paulo, March 15, 2012 on effective eCommerce marketing from top retailers in the US and Europe.

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Trendsetters in eCommerce Marketing in 2011 in US and Europe

  1. 1. Trendsetters in ecommercemarketing in 2011 in US andEuropeYulia V SmirnovaInternet marketer, in-house SEO, ecommerce professional 15, 2012
  2. 2. 5 strategies fortraffic, conversions① Grow organic search visibility multi-format, multi- channel② Reduce noise, extra steps pre-checkout③ Tap into impulse buys④ Tap into discovery buys⑤ Cater local needs, deliver by local
  3. 3. 5 strategies for traffic, conversions① Grow organic search visibility multi-format, multi- channel
  4. 4. Google algo and state of SEO① SEO content is more than KW Research, Quality, uniqueness, originality, authorship, freshness, recency rewarded② Social discovery is hot③ Links losing their weight④ Images index is expanded in universal search, freshness matters⑤ More balanced SERPs, won’t show too many results from one site⑥ Local is growing, mobile recommendations are hot⑦ International launch of shopping rich snippets⑧ Paid search is occupying more space⑨ Mobile starts weighing in, HTML5 looks promising⑩ Rel = author might factor into AuthorRank Source:
  5. 5. Google real estate getting crowded
  6. 6. Google real estate more integrated withsocial, local, personal
  7. 7. Opportunities for search visibilitya. Rich snippetsb. Universal searchc. Social integrationd. Unique, original, fresh content, worthy of share, pin or likee. Mobile friendliness of the site
  8. 8. 30 % CTR upliftOthers CTR boost 36 – 400%SEO traffic lift 5-10% (rel =author, rel=publisher)
  9. 9. Top 500 with rich snippets
  10. 10. Increased conversions forPDP, extended reach
  11. 11. Quality content, SEO as part of product strategy  55 % natural search, 5 % direct traffic
  12. 12. 2 clicks to share and earn Cash
  13. 13. 5 strategies for traffic, conversions② Reduce noise and extra steps pre-checkout a. Help with ‘which one’ decision b. Remove pages, clicks
  14. 14. Smoothwindow shopping, perfect pagination
  15. 15. Converts w/out product pages
  16. 16. compares, swatches pre-checkout Courtesy of Best of the Web 2012, Internet Retailer Hot 100, Dec 2011
  17. 17. Plenty customers? Now What? to shop moreProvide opportunitiesAnywhere, anytime
  18. 18. 41% smartphone users researched andpurchased on mobile  Travel companies dominate top 10 in mobile commerce  85 % of frequent flyers use smartphones and adopt mobile shopping Courtesy of eMarketer, Internet Retailer
  19. 19. mobile is Expected, lost sales if not delivered well51% more likely to purchase from retailers when it was mobile friendly 40% would visit a competitors site instead due to a disappointing mobile experience Courtesy of eMarketer, Internet Retailer
  20. 20. 5 strategies for traffic, conversions③ Tap into impulse buys of “on-the-go” last minute markets a. Mobile loves travel b. Mobile delivers instant gratification c. Mobile + email = perfect match in heaven
  21. 21. 2x mobile bookings in 2011 Courtesy of Internet Retailer, mobile guide 2011
  22. 22. Email + mobile = perfect pages. % YOY 82 % view. % YOY 71 % YOY Email combined 10 % of total traffic, courtesy of Compete
  23. 23. Apps only merchants tap this market
  24. 24. Go Now grabs spontaneous shopper Courtesy of Best of the Web 2012, Internet Retailer Hot 100, Dec 2011
  25. 25. mobile growth 1250% YOY, 184% Courtesy of Compete
  26. 26. 5 strategies for traffic, conversions④ Tap into discovery buysa. Curated merchandisingb. Make me a matchc. Coach, bedroom commerce
  27. 27. spend 2x more, convert 75 % faster Courtesy Internet Retailer, Best of the Web 2012, Internet Retailer Hot 100, 2011
  28. 28. 6 % iPad traffic of total trafficTablet shoppers spend more $225 vs. to $150 on site 8 % of total revenue20 % revenue day after Xmas 2011 Courtesy of Internet Retailer Web, Dec 2011
  29. 29. 5 strategies fortraffic, conversions⑤ Cater to local needs, deliver by local means a. Find real need within your own market /niche/grow dominate hot category a. Expand internationally, but play by local rules
  30. 30. Toronto condensed lifestyle brings delivery ecommerce
  31. 31. Country specificmarketing, merchandising and payment options Top 300 Europe Guide, 2011
  32. 32. 5opportunities for traffic,conversions① Explore natural search, invest into content production of items, worthy sharing every day② Reduce noise, barriers to buy③ Feed impulse buys, convert the always connected shopper whenever, wherever④ Tap into discovery buys, make your shoppers a match in heaven⑤ If expanding markets (segments, countries), think local needs , deliver by local means
  33. 33. Imagine exploring all 5 $100 billion in 2015
  34. 34. Obrigado, perguntas são bem-vindos Yulia V Smirnova