Principal's Sharing : First Day Briefing 2 Jan 2013


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Principal's Sharing : First Day Briefing 2 Jan 2013

  1. 1. Are you ready for anexciting & fulfillingyear in TWSS? First day briefing 2 Jan 2013
  2. 2. Recap 2012
  3. 3. Teachers who Lead, Care & Inspire Mdm Grace Tan Winner of the Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award 2012 (全国模范 华文教师奖 ) Mrs Shirley Teo Winner of the Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2011 Winners of the 2012 CaringTeacher Awards (school level)
  4. 4. Value-added Results since 2010 GCE O-Level exam performance L1B5 aggregate (4 Express) L1B4 aggregate (5N)25 25 24 Positive24 value-add! 23 Positive 2223 value-add! 2010 – 2012: 2011 - 2012: 21 Achievement Award Achievement Award (Academic Value- (Academic Value-22 added) 20 added) 2009 2010 2011 2009 2010 2011 TWSS Expected Benchmark TWSS Expected Benchmark
  5. 5. Value-added Results since 2010 Hockey Floorball Archery 2008 2008 2011 & 2012 B Boys: 1st B Girls: 3rd B Girls: 1st C Girls: 1st, C Boys: 4th C Girls: 1st B Boys: 2nd 2009 2009 C Girls: 1st 2010: 1st award B Girls: 2nd B Girls: 4th C Boys: 2nd C Girls: 3rd, C Boys: 2nd 2010 2011: 2nd award 2010 B Girls: 2nd 2012: 3rd award B Girls: 1st C Girls: 3rd C Girls: 1st 2011 Sustained 2011 B Girls: 1st Achievement B Girls: 1st, B Boys: 2nd C Girls: 4th C Girls: 2nd 2012 Award (Sports) 2012 B Girls: 2nd for outstanding B Girls: 1st C Div Girls: achievements in C Div: Girls: 3rd 1st Hockey & Floorball since 2007
  6. 6. GCE N-Level 2012 Exam Performance PASSES DISTINCTIONSBetter / Equal NA: 13 subjects NA: 9 subjectsNational Average NT: 10 subjects NT: 8 subjectsBetter / Equal NA: 10 subjects NA: 11 subjects2011 Results NT: 10 subjects NT: 8 subjects 100% PASSES >50% DISTINCTIONSNA 7 subjects 6 subjectsNT 8 subjects 4 subjects
  7. 7. GCE N-Level 2012 Exam Performance 2010 2011 2012%NA eligiblefor 5NA/ PFP/ 75.8 58.1 81.6DPP%NT pass 3 ormore subjects 97.1 96.1 97.5
  8. 8. Experience 2013
  9. 9. What to expect in 2013?Globally,•Uncertain economicand politicalenvironment•Affects cost ofliving, jobs,economical growthof Singapore
  10. 10. What to expect in 2013?In Singapore•Population issues(babies and aged)•Transport andhousing concerns•Values andintegrity havebecome central
  11. 11. PM’s 2013 New Year MessageOur success as a nation is defined not just in economicterms, but also by our ideals and values. We must balanceour material and intangible goals. We are not impersonal,calculating robots, mindlessly pursuing economic growthand material wealth. But neither can we seek fulfilmentand happiness without coming to terms with andresponding to the realities of the world around us. Wemust develop our economic capital, while investing in oursocial and cultural capital. We must be realistic about ourchallenges, and yet passionate about our causes. We mustwork hard to excel, but also temper the pursuit ofindividual success with social graciousness, care andcompassion for others, especially the less fortunate.
  12. 12. PM’s 2013 New Year MessageWe can transform Singapore into something even morespecial if we strike the right balance between head andheart in all these ways. The future may be uncertain, andwe will certainly face many challenges, but we willsucceed if we cherish our dreams, live our values, andcommit ourselves anew to achieve the best for oneanother and for Singapore. When the Lions overcame theodds to clinch the ASEAN Football Federation Suzuki Cupfor a record 4th time, our entire nation cheered as onepeople. We stick together in difficulty and rejoicetogether when Team Singapore makes history. That is theSingapore Spirit.
  13. 13. The TWSS Commitment
  14. 14. School Focus 2011 - 2013 • See and make connections between subjects, activities, programmes and real life to make learning meaningful and enjoyable • Work with your teachers and with one another to achieve and excel
  15. 15. School Theme 2011 - 2013R+I+S=E• Resilience: Always trying; not giving up when faced with challenges• Integrity: Knowing and doing what is right• Synergy: Working as a team; respecting different perspectives, strengths and talents• Excellence: A journey of continuous improvement as well as a destination of achievements
  16. 16. School Focus 2013 Focus: Values &Focus: 21st century SEL Competenciescompetencies &outcomes
  17. 17. ST2 Learning our Focus• Setting educational & career goals and working towards them• Fostering habits of regular revision: weekly Common Tests• Making learning enjoyable and purposeful using design thinking process • Integrated learning activities and programmes • Enrichment and talent development
  18. 18. ST2 Learning our Focus• The Sunday Times, 2 Jan 2011
  19. 19. ST3 Students our Future
  20. 20. ST3 Students our Future• Habits and routines in student discipline • Punctuality for school and lessons • Cleanliness and respect for school property • Greetings and manners• Serving and engaging the community • Student leadership development • CCE-PW • NE & CIP (Values in Action)• Strengthening school spirit • House system
  21. 21. Sec 1 milestones• Getting to know the school, your teachers and your schoolmates• Start building habits and skills that will help you do well• Questions to consider: • Where do you want to go after secondary school? • What do you need to do to get there? • What do you need to work on this year?
  22. 22. Sec 2 milestones• Streaming: Choosing and preparing for an upper secondary subject combination that will help you achieve your educational and career goals• ~ 70% of Exp and ~ 80% of NA/NT get their desired subject combination, based on subject performance and merit• Questions to consider: • Where do you want to go after secondary school? • What do you need to do to get there? • What do you need to work on this year?
  23. 23. Upper Sec milestones • Time is limited in Sec 4 / 5 so make full use of it • Sec 3: see it as a 2-year programme! Term 3: Sep/ Term 4: Term 1 & 2: June Intensive Prelim Exams holidays: Lessons Revision O-level Intensive Common & O/N-level Oral & Coaching & MTL Class Tests Listening Evening Self- ExamsASP & Evening Compre Revision Complete Self-Revision ASP & Evening O/N-level CourseworMid-year Exams Self-Revision Practical & k Prelim Exams Written Exams
  24. 24. 2013 milestones• Participate actively in CCA, school and enrichment activities• Benefits • Develop values, confidence, talent, leadership that will help you in future • Supports admission into post-sec institution (e.g. Direct Poly Admission, portfolio) • Good CCA grades lead to bonus points (2 points for A1/A2) or used as one of the subjects for admission (MI) • Note to NA students: CCA grade counts towards direct admission to poly (Poly Foundation Prog)
  25. 25. 2013 milestones• How to do well in CCA • Regular attendance • Active participation in enrichment and representation activities (e.g. competitions) • Take up leadership positions (class, CCA, student council) • Participate actively in CIP
  26. 26. Let’s work together tomake it a great year inTWSS! To strive and not to yield