Principal's Briefing : Sec 1 Initiation Ceremony & Meet-Parents-Session

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  • 1. Sec 1 Initiation Ceremony & Meet-Parents-Session: Principal’s Briefing 7 Jan 2012
  • 2. The Secondary School Curriculum N(A) courseExpress course N(T) course
  • 3. Flexibility and ChoiceOpportunities since 2006 Recognising student talents and strengths  N(A) students strong in certain subjects may offer up to 2 O-level subjects at Sec 4 (e.g. MTL, Maths)  N(T) students may offer 1 – 2 N(A) subjects in which they show a strength or talent Recognising differences in learning styles  Introduction of Elective Modules and Advanced Elective Modules  Revised N(T) curriculum with focus on practice-oriented learning New pathways  Top 4N(A) students may progress to Secondary 5 N(A) directly without taking the ‘N’ Level examinations  Top N(T) students may be laterally transfered to N(A) course
  • 4. + Mr Ng Chor Tan The TWSS Team HOD PE & CCA Mrs Shirley Teo Mr Alwin Njoo Mrs Soh Siow TinMr Gideon Yong Mr Michael Tan Dean (Curriculum) HOD Science School StaffVice Principal 1 Vice Principal 2 HOD EL DeveloperMdm Tong Wee Mrs Vena Foo Ms Deborah Tan Mr Kelvin Cheok Mr Alvin Tay Heng HOD Humanities HOD Pupil HOD Pupil HOD Art & Design HOD Maths Development Management
  • 5. The TWSS Team Ms Tan Pin Yin Mr G. Mdm Nurulazmi Mrs Rizal Mr Yusman HOD MTL Krishnamoorthy Manan, SH ML HOD ICT Ithnin, SH ICT SH TL Mr Rahmat Ms Shafillah Mr Aidil Sharil Ms Ng Shu Wen Ms Safiah Rais Hassan Begum SH PE/CCA LH Science LH ELSH Aesthetics SH F&N
  • 6. The TWSS Team Ms Elodie Sng Mdm Lim Bee Mdm Lye Eng Mdm Mary Katru Mrs Ong LeeSH/Social Studies Buat Senior Tr CL Senior Tr Maths Choo Senior Tr EL Senior Tr F&N Mr Tan Boon Peng Ms Charlene Yang Mr Mark Brosas Mr Dave Goh Mr Alan Wong OM Counsellor Counsellor Admin Mgr 1 Admin Mgr 2
  • 7. The TWSS Team 1A FT 1B FTs 1D FT 1D FTwith Ms Sarah Low with Mr Caleb Yap 1E FTs 1F FT 1G FTs with Ms Evelyn Phua
  • 8. Our brand of education Mission: Empowering Lives, Transforming our Future Vision: A Community of Future-ready Learners who Lead, Serve and Achieve ST1: Developing a dynamic and professional staff ST2: Providing a connected and forward-looking curriculum ST3: Nurturing morally upright and socially responsible students ST4: Nurturing synergistic partnershipsResilience Integrity the Synergy in Excellenceour anchor Foundation diversity our goal Core Values
  • 9. Our brand of education Our MissionEmpowering Lives, Transforming our Future We empower Teck Whyeans to create opportunities for themselves and others in the future by equipping them with the 21st century values, skills and knowledge. We help them discover their passion and purpose in life and develop strength of character to succeed despite challenges
  • 10. Our brand of educationOur VisionA Community of Future-ready Learners Who Lead, Serve and Achieve Through a culture of collaboration, a mindset of excellence and a spirit of lifelong learning, we aspire to be a community of Teck Whyeans ready for the future, as we lead with conviction, serve with compassion and achieve with confidence.
  • 11. School Focus 2011 - 2012 See and make connections between subjects, activities, programmes and real life to make learning meaningful and enjoyable Work with teachers and with one another to achieve and excel
  • 12. School Theme 2011 - 2012R + I + S = E  Resilience: Always trying; not giving up when faced with challenges  Integrity: Knowing and doing what is right  Synergy: Working as a team; respecting different perspectives, strengths and talents  Excellence: A journey of continuous improvement as well as a destination of achievements
  • 13. Learning & Teaching: Achievements & Outcomes 2011 GCE N-Level Examination Passes DistinctionsBetter/Equal N(A): 8 subjects N(A): 5 subjectsNational Average (EL, Maths, Science, MTL, (EL, Maths, Science, D&T, F&N) MTL, D&T, F&N) N(T): 8 subjects N(T): 5 subjects (EL, MTL, CPA, EBS, D&T, (EL, MTL, CPA, EBS, FS) D&T, FS)Better/Equal N(A): 5 subjects N(A): 2 subjects2010performance N(T): 7 Subjects N(T): 7 Subjects
  • 14. Learning & Teaching: Achievements & Outcomes2011 GCE N-Level Examination 4N(A) top students  Poh Jia Hui (4E): 5 Grade 1s, EMB3: 7  Lee Yi Ling (4G): 5 distinctions, EMB3: 8  Lee Wei Ping Joyce (4G): 4 distinctions, EMB3: 9  Chua Ee Ting (4E): 4 distinctions, EMB3: 9  Jolin Pek Si Min (4E): 4 distinctions, EMB3: 9  Sean Lim En Wei (4F): 5 distinctions, EMB3: 9 4N(T) students  Chiang Jun Ming (4I): Four ‘A’s and One ‘B’, Grade 2 for N(A) Maths  Tan Shi Hui (4I): Four ‘A’s and One ‘B’  Carine Ng Jia Yin (4I): Four ‘A’s
  • 15. Learning & Teaching: Achievements & Outcomes 2010 GCE O-Level Examination Passes DistinctionsBetter/Equal 2010 4 Exp: 8 subjects 4 Exp: 5 subjectsNational Average (EL, Maths, Bio, Chem, MTL, (Chem, MTL, D&T, F&N) D&T, F&N) 5NA: 9 subjects 5NA: 6 subjects (EL, Maths, A Maths, CH, MTL, (EL, CH, MTL, D&T, F&N) Art, D&T, F&N)Better/Equal 4 Exp: 11 subjects 4 Exp: 9 subjects2009 Schoolresults 5NA: 8 subjects 5NA: 7 subjects
  • 16. Learning & Teaching: Achievements & Outcomes2010 GCE O-Level Examination 4 Express top students  Kang Wei Hoon (4A): 7 Distinctions  Tan Jia Huan (4A): 7 Distinctions  Lee Li Yee Wendy (4A): 6 Distinctions  Goh Jin Yang (4A ): 6 Distinctions 5 N(A) students  Thien Yu Meng (5A): 4 Distinctions  Hidayatullah Bin Semaon (5A): 4 Distinctions
  • 17. Learning & Teaching: Achievements & Outcomes 2010 GCE O-Level Examination L1B5 aggregate L1B4 aggregate (4 Express) (5 Normal) Achievement Award Achievement Award(Academic Value-added) (Academic Value-added) for Special/Express for Normal
  • 18. Student Development Sec 4/5:Transforming the Future Sec 3: Collaboratingwith Community Developmental Themes Sec 2: [by level] Connecting to inculcate CCE values, with Others skills, competencies, habitudes and NE Sec 1: messages [draft] Empowering Self
  • 19. Learning & Teaching: Fostering lifelong habitsTODAY (Feb 10) featuring ourmorning reading programme English & Mother Tongue Weeks
  • 20. Learning & Teaching: Signature Programmes English Language Multiliteracy Programme Integrates technology (video cameras, iMacs) and story-telling (writing narratives, constructing story-boards) to enhance the learning of English languageDevelops students’ capacity to produce, read, and interpretspoken language, print, online and multimedia texts
  • 21. Learning & Teaching: Signature ProgrammesMac Lab for Computer-AidedDesign lessons Art & Our students’ winning designs at the Many Ways of Seeing III programme organised by the Design Design Singapore Council held at Republic Poly Art & Design Mentoring ProgrammeWorking with professional designers + Art & Design Alumni sharing
  • 22. Learning & Teaching: Talent DevelopmentScience Talent Development Programmes Eco-farming prototype for Sec 2 students Biotechnology of the Aquarium & Fish Breeding : top Sec 1 & 2 Science students Promoting Skyrise Greenery @ TWSS: top Sec 3 Science students Eco-Pond for Learning @ TWSS : Sec 3 students
  • 23. Learning & Teaching: engaged learning with technologyLearning music with the i-Pad The New Paper (Jul 25) featuring our i-Pad Music programme
  • 24. Co-Curricular Activities @ TWSSUniformed Group OrganisationsBoys Brigade, Girl Guides, NCC, NPCC, St John’s Ambulance Brigade Sports & Games Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Floorball, Hockey, Taekwondo
  • 25. Co-Curricular Activities @ TWSS Performing Arts Groups Chinese Dance, Concert Band,Guitar Ensemble, Modern Dance Clubs & Societies Art Club, Infocomm Club, Environment Club, Library, Robotics Club
  • 26. Character & Leadership: Developing future leadersGreater student involvement & ownership Flexibility & choice in community service Enhanced student leadership development Building confidence through school experiences (e.g. Sec 3 camp, NT programme)
  • 27. Character & Leadership: Developing future leaders Zaobao & Straits Times (Aug 3) Southwest Mural of Love project Lianhe Youths For Wanbao & ReligiousBerita Harian Harmony @ (Feb 2, 21) SouthwestChinese New Year “Love with a GreenHamper” CIP Schools@ activity Southwest
  • 28. Post-secondary Education Landscape University DegreeJunior College (2 yrs) or Polytechnic Institute of Technical Centralised Institute (3 yrs) Education (1 - 2 yrs)(3 yrs) GCE A-Levels Diploma Nitec/Higher Nitec (DSA) (DSA) GCE O-Level Examination Sec 5N GCE N-Level Examination Special/Express Course Normal (Academic) / Normal (Technical) (Sec 1 – 4) Course (Sec 1 – 4)
  • 29. Flexibility and Choice New pathways to polytechnic
  • 30. Post-Secondary Education Options Entry into Entry into Entry into JUNIOR POLYTECHNIC ITE HIGHER NITEC COLLEGECriteria L1-R5 ≤ 15 L1-B4 (L1-R2-B2) ≤ 26 EL-R1-B3/R2-B2 (≤ 20 if all R5 (O) A1/2) EMB3 (N) ≤ 19Required EL or HMTL EL ELSubjects Maths or ≥ 1 E Maths or A Maths ≥ E Maths or A Maths Science ≥ 1 Science / Humanities / ≥ 1 Science Humanities Coursework subject (engineering)Cut-off AJC: 8 - 10 Accountancy (NP): 11 Games Dev’t & Tech: CJC: 10 – 11 Aerospace Tech (NP): 12 14 (N) JJC: 14 - 15 Biomedical Science (NP): 9 Business Studies: 16 PJC: 16 Tourism & Resort (N) IJC: 20 Management (SP): 12 Accounting: 17 (N) Media & Comms (SP): 12
  • 31. Flexibility and Choice Students are given opportunities for lateral transferacross courses based on good results
  • 32. Sec 1 Express & Normal (Academic) Examinable subjectsEnglish Language Mathematics HistoryChinese/Malay/ Tamil Science GeographyLanguageArt Design & HomeEnglish Literature Technology Economics Non-examinable subjects  Pastoral Care / Civics and Moral Education, Physical Education, Project Work, Music
  • 33. Normal (Technical) Examinable subjectsEnglish Language Mathematics ArtBasic Chinese/Malay/ ScienceTamil LanguageDesign & Technology Home Computer Economics Applications Non-examinable subjects  Pastoral Care / Civics and Moral Education, Physical Education, Project Work, Social Studies, Music
  • 34. Lower Sec Timetable TIME MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY0725 - 0735 FLAG-RAISING, NATIONAL ANTHEM, PLEDGE-TAKING0735 - 0800 DEAR Programme [Silent Reading]0800 - 0850 LESSONS0850 - 09400940 - 1010 RECESS1010 - 1100 COMMON1100 - 1150 LESSONS LESSONS TEST1150 – 1240 ASSEMBLY/ FT LESSONS1240 - 1330 LESSONS CONTACT TIME1330 - 1400 LUNCH1400 – 1450 Afternoon enrichment & Afternoon CCA1450 – other activities CCA enrichment
  • 35. Assessment Format & Weighting• Sec 1 to 3 CA1 SA1 CA2 SA2 Total 15% 25% 15% 45% 100% 70% from Term 1 tests 100% from 100% from 100% from mid-year end-of-year 30% from Term 3 exams exams Term 2 testsCA – continual assessment which includes class testsand weekly common testsSA – mid-year & end-of-year exams
  • 36. Promotion criteria: Sec 1 Express Overall Results - Overallpass (50%) - Pass ELYES NOPromote to Lateral Transfer to 2 Express 2 N(A)
  • 37. Promotion criteria: Secondary 1 N(A)Overall Results Pass English + NO NO Above 2 Subjects, OR Maximum Pass 4 subjects Age? YES Retained in 1 N(A) YES OR Lateral Transfer toOverall > 70% & NO 2N(T)Deemed suitable YES Promote/Advance toLateral transfer Sec 2 N(A) to 2 Express
  • 38. Promotion criteria: Sec 1 N(T) Overall Results - Pass EL or Maths NO Above NO- Pass 1 other subject Max Age? Retain in YES YES 1N(T) Overall >70% & NO Deemed suitable YES Promote/Advance toLateral transfer to 2N(T) 2N(A)
  • 39. Student Management Strong emphasis on building a respectful learning environment: A Pupil Management team working with teachers to support studentsMr Kelvin Cheok Mr Foo Sek Jin HOD/PM Lower Sec N(A) LM Express LM Mr Jack Ho Upp Sec N(A) & N(T) LM Mdm Tan Yoke Hong Ms Teo Yen Peng Express ALM Mdm Idayu N(A) ALM Mr Wafi N(T) member
  • 40. Student ManagementMinor offences ConsequencesSkipping lessons or school After-school DetentionactivitiesTruancy or leaving schoolwithout permission Make restitution/compensationVandalism / damage of schoolpropertyMajor offences ConsequencesCheating, forgery Verbal / Written Apology (private / public)Defiance to teachers DetentionFighting, bullying, rioting In-house Suspension & Suspension fromPossession of weapons SchoolSmoking Caning (class / office / school)Gambling Community Service & special ProjectsOther criminal offences Self-Reflection & Counseling Referral to external agencies, e.g. police
  • 41. Student ManagementThe ‘Yellow Slip’ system: after-schooldetention Improper attire & appearance Entering class late or absence from lessons Disruptive behaviour in classOthers Handphone policy: Strictly disallowed during lessons Late-coming: detention; more serious consequences for late-coming after 8 am
  • 42. How to prepare for 2012 Cicero: “It is not by muscle, speed or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment.”Jimmy Dean: “I can’t change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” 1) List your successes so that you can repeat them in 2012 2) Think about what you need to do better 3) List your failures so that you can avoid repeating them 4) Think about new habits & attitudes to replace negative ones
  • 43. How to prepare for 2012 Larry Elder: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”Sydney Smith: “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.” 1) Draw up a big picture of what you want in the next 5 years 2) Set smaller SMARTER goals (Specific, Meaningful, All areas, Rewarding, Emotional, Realistic) 3) Learn from your successes & failures
  • 44. Plan ahead!Do you know where you want to go aftersecondary school?Do you know what you need to get there?Do you know what to work on this year?Choices today affect tomorrow’s options e.g. Sec 2 streaming Stream % of students who got their 1st choice upper sec subject combination Express 60.5% N(A) 81.5% N(T) 83.8%
  • 45. Key to SuccessThe Sunday Times, 2 Jan 2011
  • 46. Working together as a school “How we manage difficult trade-offs … reflects the strength of our community. Our society is increasingly diverse. … This is expected and natural, just as ournation matures. However, just as important is how well we relate to one another inour shared home. This applies not only in good times when there are fewer frictionsand it is easier to get along, but also when we encounter tough issues, passions run high and different points of view have to be bridged. ” “… We need to strengthen our values of tolerance, mutual respect and empathy. … It involves us actively appreciating others’ perspectives, caring for our fellow citizens,… and accepting the need to make compromises that benefit the majority.”
  • 47. Building strong partnerships with parentsCheck your child/ward’sStudent Handbookregularly as it contains Goals & targets set by your child/ward Record of CIP, leadership training and service (pg 51 – 52) Record of homework & comments by teachers (pg 74 onwards)
  • 48. Building strong partnerships with parentsCheck out the school website or join us on Facebook!Join the TWSS Parent Support Group
  • 49. Building strong partnerships with parentsWith your permission, school will send SMSalerts on important or urgent matters, e.g.invitation to MPS, special activitiesFill in the Parents’ Needs Survey & Feedbackform to help us plan good programmes to meetyour needs and expectationsEmail us at or send yourqueries/suggestions through the online form onthe school website
  • 50. Let’s work together to create a greatTWSS experience for your child!