Where can i get marrage records


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http://bit.ly/13ymRXZ <===> historical records quickly and simply. Search an extensive database of images, newspapers, vital records, and more!

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Where can i get marrage records

  1. 1. Where Can I GetMarriage Records?
  2. 2. Marriage records are documents thatrecord an official, legal marriage. Manyindividuals search for marriage recordswhen performing genealogy research,as marriage records can give you aplethora of information about your lovedones and ancestors.
  3. 3. For example, marriage records may include thefollowing information: the maiden name of thebride, the groom’s full name, the ages of both thebride and groom, the marriage date, the countyand state in which the marriage application wasapplied, and the filing number of the marriagerecord. For individuals interested in genealogy,marriage records can open the door to a wealthof information, much of which can help them withtheir genealogy searches.
  4. 4. Marriage records, in short, mayopen up many doors to moreinformation about lost lovedones or ancestors!
  5. 5. Where Can I Obtain Marriage Records?The most obvious place to start to obtain a copy of amarriage record is at your local courthouse. Youmay have to pay a nominal fee to receive a copy ofmarriage records, although in order to be successfulat obtaining marriage records, you must alreadyknow the county and state in which the marriageapplication was applied. The bride’s maiden name isalso very useful and will yield better search results.Finally, knowing a time span during which themarriage application was filed is also very useful.
  6. 6. However, what do you dowhen you don’t know thisinformation?
  7. 7. Where to Turn When You Need More Information The best place to start your search is on the Internet. If you can perform a comprehensive search on the Internet to find some vital information about the couple you are interested in, then you will be better prepared to secure a copy of their marriage record.
  8. 8. Many times, information on marriages isfound in the unlikeliest of places. You maybe able to glean some information on anindividual’s marriage from their obituary,from local newspaper announcements orthrough church resources. The bottom line isthat you may have to get quite creativewhen it comes to finding the informationnecessary to locate the marriage records ofa certain individual.
  9. 9. Marriage Records WebsitesThere are many websites that allow you tosearch for marriage records online, andmany feature easy-to-use search engines.Best of all, they allow you to perform yoursearches from the comfort of your home.
  10. 10. However, there are just as many websitesthat provide false or inaccurate information,so make it a point to verify the validity of thewebsite before paying money to retrievemarriage records. Most of the time, thesewebsites require a certain amount ofinformation before they can do a thoroughsearch.
  11. 11. Some of the information typically requestedfor marriage records websites include: thename of the bride and groom, their ages,and any other marriage details, such as thecounty and state in which the applicationwas applied. Best of all, trusted marriagerecords websites pull their information froma variety of resources, including public andprivate resources.
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