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  • 1. Kumamoto Aso
  • 2. Mt. Aso • Volcano Mt. Aso is a potent symbol of Kumamoto, “Fire Country.” The five peaks of Mt. Aso; Nakadake , Takadake Nelodake, Kishimadake and Eboshidake-surrounded the world’s largest caldera, measuring 18 km east- west and 24 km north-south.
  • 3. Kusasenri • A great grassy plain reaching to the northern base of Mt. Eboshidake. Stroll the circumference atop a horse which can be rented. The Aso Volcano Museum along with several restaurants are also part of the scenery.
  • 4. Aso shrine • The palace of the shrine is made from all zelkova tree. The event, Hifuri Shinji - greeting the bridge of the god Kunitatsunokami, with widely waving torches- is held on March
  • 5. Daikanbou • It is a natural observatory. It’s location at an altitude of 936 meters, it scenery is wonderful. We can watch the vast mountains of the “kujyu” from there. A lot of people come here by motorbike.
  • 6. Cuddly Dominion • It is the bares pasture that they are subjective. We can touch little bares. There are chimpanzee and bulldog, “Pankun and James” in full activity on TV.
  • 7. Aso Farm Land • There are seven buildings for industrial arts in wide sites. It is the largest theme park in Kyushu, there are restaurants, spa, ranch, accommodation, athletic fields and so on.
  • 8. Kurokawa Spa • There are about 20 spa along Tanoharu river. Almost spa are open air bath, they are beside the river, the rocky mountain and in the grove. Kurokawa spa is one of the popular spa in Kumamoto. Admission and time are depended on each spa.
  • 9. Shirakawa Suigen • Shirakawa Suigen is headwaters in Shirakawa river. 60 tons of spring water per minute naturally gushes out from the spring bed, and the spring temperature is kept at 14 degrees C. throughout the year.
  • 10. Takamori Yusui Tunnel Park • Before it become a park, the National Railway was constructing a railway here, when they found a water resource under the ground while digging a tunnel. “Takamori Tanabata Festival” is held inside this tunnel in July, and many visitors enjoy walking in the the cool air during the hot summer.