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My experience in storm
My experience in storm
My experience in storm
My experience in storm
My experience in storm
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My experience in storm


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. MY EXPERIENCE INSTORM“Struggle is the father of allthings.It is not by the principles ofhumanity that man lives or is ableto preserve himself above the animalworld,but solely by the means ofmost brutal struggle”,theseremarkable words once dictated byAdolf Hitler finds my experiencewith nature almighty and againstthe supreme force. A day which may not havechanged my life but for those few
  • 2. moments challenged it completely.Itactually took place when I wastravelling with my father on our twowheeler vehicle and passing throughan area of great scenic beauty butnarrow path.When we actuallybeginned our journey thesurrounding was quite good.the sunwas shining at its ultimate and thesky was clear as if there wasnothing at all.Then came an eyeblinding wind from the directionopposite of my travelling one.Thedead pale yellow leaves were movingas if they had come alive and wereblocking our path.
  • 3. Eventually at the junctionof the two cross roads we saw a tentwhich was taken in charge by fewpolicemen.They told us to not totravel any further distance aheadand take shelter therein.As timewent on,the clouds gatheredthemselves as would have assembledfor any concert and then the migtythunder broke out its minddazzling voice which shaked usfrom within.The real play beganwhen the rain fell down with heavydroplets.The wind was so strong that it was
  • 4. in a mood to shatter our tent fromthe base itself.Soon a realisationcame to me that nearly twenty twomen had slowly gatherd in thetent.We realised our potential andstrongly holded the bamboos onwhich the tent was upright.Thestrength of the wind was in its fullstream when I actually saw with mynaked eyes that a car outside wasspinning sideways like a cricketball. Inspite of being in the tent wewere completely wet.Few nastyobjects like bricks,pebbles and allinjured us partially.For few
  • 5. moments we supposed that we weregoing to be blown away by thosewinds.When the mystic drama ofthe nature quitened itself we wereamazed to see what we had to faceoutside the tent. Everything was in itsdestruction phase.Many cattles weredead,roofs of houses were blown,tresswere debased.Nothing scenic was leftthere.we felt sorry for whateverhappened there and took those sorrowfull memories with us,as we travelledfurther on a never ending journey.