Samsung 3D LED Monitor


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Samsung 3D LED Monitor

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Samsung 3D LED Monitor

  1. 1. Samsung Launches the latest SyncMaster 3D LED Monitor Sensational breakthrough in vibrant 3D visual eraSamsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) a leader in consumer electronics and information technology, todayintroduced Samsung SyncMaster SA series 3D LED monitors, which brings consumers to a new era of 3D entertainment.“3D elements have been integrated into different products, especially in movies and video games. The craze is sweeping all overthe world. In order to elevate consumers’ visual experience, we are now launching the first Samsung SyncMaster SA series 3DLED monitor. Users can get very well-prepared for upcoming 3D movies, 3D video games and other 3D contents. Samsung willbring users to the next level of unique 3D experience,” said Eric Sulit, Director, IT Business, SEPCO.Samsung has strengthened its No.1 position in the global monitor market with more than 6.21 million units sold in the firstquarter of 2011 and has topped the global monitor market for 19 consecutive quarters since the third quarter in 2006.Real-life 3D picturesIn order to strengthen the market leadership, Samsung unveils 3D LED monitors - Samsung SyncMaster SA950. By adopting 3DHyperReal Engine, the reaction is particularly fast, enabling monitors to produce vivid 3D images without dizziness. The newproduct is equipped with Ultra Clear Panel which enhances color contrast for sharper images. Samsung SyncMaster SA950Utilizing Samsung built-in emitter and 3D Active Glasses (which supports images of resolution 1920 x 1080), images will appearmore vibrant and noticeably brighter than using traditional passive (polarized) glasses. Its wide range of inputs, from AV contentto 3D connectivity such as DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI, will facilitate the monitor to be more compatible in enhancing users’experience.At the push of a button, Samsung 3D Converter transforms users’ favorite 3D photos, movies or games from 2D to 3D images.And with the 3D visual adjustment feature, users can even customize the 3D experience to match their particular needs. It bringscustomers a new level of visual comfort. Like other Samsung’s monitors, it is equipped with Samsung’s unique color engine toproduce vivid images.Elegance of NatureSamsung’s patented Touch of Color (ToC) design award is inspired from the elegance of nature. The glass-like finish isreminiscent of a fading sunset, while the crystal clear acrylic stand adds style and sophistication. Samsung SA950 series monitoris lead-, mercury-, Freon- and VOC-free and no volatile organic compounds have been emitted during its manufacture. On top ofthat, its exterior is 100% recyclable. It enhances work environment while protecting the environment. For Samsung SA950 series,the asymmetric frame and integrated curve design create unexpectedly stunning aesthetic value and unique beauty. The strong
  2. 2. contrast between black at the front and sliver at the back offers an indelible impression. And the “Real Mental” material rollingdown to the stand delivers premium and modern sentiment.Smart features are reflected in the refined design, with stand tail for cable arrangement, cables are hidden behind the monitor tokeep the desk neat and clean.Samsung Simple Eco SolutionSamsung SyncMaster SA series is equipped with Eco Motion Sensor. This function helps conserve energy - the motion sensorcan detect body heat of user who is in front of the monitor. The monitor can then be automatically switched on/off accordingly.The Eco Light Sensor is another energy-saving feature that can detect the amount of surrounding light to automatically adjust thebrightness of the screen. For instance, when the monitor is placed on the window side, it will increase the brightness of the screenso as to minimize glares. And when the surrounding light is back to normal, the brightness of the screen will automatically turnback to normal so users eyes are viewing the content at a comfortable level. This function results in reducing eye strain andpower consumption.Zero-bright spot for Samsung monitorsApart from design and image quality, bright spot is another important factor for consumer when choosing monitors, which mayaffect user experience. Samsung has devoted great effort in providing distinguished quality and excellent user experience toconsumers. Thus, a "zero-bright spot" guarantee serves as a promise to our customers along with the 3-year free standardwarranty.Diversified “Magic” functionsSA950 series are consistent with other Samsung SyncMaster monitors with exclusive features of “Magic”, including:• Magic Angle: Users can enjoy a pre-set angle of display with the best contrast and glowing screen even users are not facing themonitor. It fits users’ different usages of monitor, in particular to those who need to use multiple monitors simultaneously.• Magic Color: With the advanced intelligent color optimization technology, it conducts an auto-analysis of incoming RGB lightsignal and thus optimizing the output color to be more vivid and distinctive.• Magic Bright: A variety of special scene modes can be applied: text, internet, games, sports and movies. Optimal screenbrightness and contrast are pre-set to provide the best experience to users at different occasions while the customization optionallows users to customize the most desirable view.