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Ranger overview en Ranger overview en Document Transcript

  • NEWSRELEASE at 10:30 am ICT (UTC/GMT +7 hours), Wednesday, March 23, 2011All-New Ford Ranger Reveals Class-Leading High-Tech Lineupto Fit Every Purpose and Pocket All-new global Ford Ranger debuts in three available cab styles – Regular, Super and Double – and up to five series, giving customers a wider choice Ranger’s three new engines – two Duratorq TDCi diesels and one Duratec petrol unit – deliver superior fuel-efficiency Ranger is one of the most high-tech compact pickups, featuring smart technologies such as Bluetooth®1 with Voice Control and Rear View Camera system Ranger is sure-footed in all terrain, thanks to best-in-class water-wading capability of up to 800 mm and technologies like Hill Descent Control and Hill Launch Assist Class-leading towing capability of up to 3350 kg on selected models proves Ranger’s continued heritage of toughnessBANGKOK, Thailand, 23 Mar., 2011 – The all-new Ford Ranger makes its ASEAN debut at the32nd International Bangkok Motor Show, where the wraps come off a complete family of modelsthat deliver proven durability, outstanding capability, advanced technologies and exceptionalfuel efficiency all packaged in 21st Century Tough styling.Ford’s newest global compact pickup will be offered in three cab bodystyles – Regular, Superand Double – along with an extensive list of practical features that are available in up to fiveseries choices depending on the market. All three cab styles are among the roomiest in thesegment.Also known as Open Cab or RAP (Rear Access Panels) Cab in some markets, the Super Cab isan innovation introduced by Ford on the Ranger in 2002. It has a unique four-door system thatprovides unobstructed access to the cabin via two forward-hinged doors and two rear-hingedaccess panels. An uncompromised side-impact safety structure replaces the centre pillar of atraditional Double Cab.Ranger also comes in 4x2 and 4x4 drivetrains and two ride heights with the 4x2 Hi-Ridersharing the same frame as the 4x4 model.New from the ground up, Ranger was designed and developed to be among the forerunners – ifnot the pack leaders – in every area that is important to the customer such as innovation, safety,fuel-efficiency, capability and interior comfort.One of the most high-tech vehicles in the segment, the pickup boasts smart technologies suchas Bluetooth® with Voice Control and a Rear View Camera System where the camera image isdisplayed in the rear view mirror. At the same time, it is a tough truck with best-in-class towing For news releases, related materials and high-resolution photos and video, visit www.media.ford.com. Follow at www.facebook.com/fordranger, www.twitter.com/fordapa or www.youtube.com/fordapa
  • capacity of up to 3350 kg on selected models with diesel engines. Certain variants also have anoutstanding payload capacity of up to 1500 kg.The new Ford Ranger will be produced from a highly robust single global platform that replacesthe two platforms currently in production regionally. It will be manufactured in Thailand, SouthAfrica and Argentina for more than 180 markets worldwide. Designed and developed inAustralia, it is the first truck to be built under the One Ford strategy as part of a global productprogramme bringing together the full engineering expertise of Ford around the world.“With the One Ford strategy, we were able to deliver a truck with no compromise. Theengineering team in Australia had full access to the global Ford capability, testing facilities and,most importantly, corporate knowledge around delivery of Ford Tough Trucks,” said JimBaumbick, engineering director, Product Development, Ford Asia Pacific and Africa.“We were also able to introduce an array of new features and technologies such as Bluetooth®with Voice Control on the Ranger which will significantly enhance the driving experience of ourcustomers worldwide.”Tough looks echo bigger sizeExuding power and confidence in a styling that the designers call “21st Century Tough”, the tautand muscular Ranger is equally at home on a construction site or outside classy entertainmentoutlets. Its front end features a short overhang with the signature three-bar grille, a global Fordtruck design cue.The windscreen has been raked back for a sportier and more dynamic silhouette, while thetraditional square form of the truck has been sculpted to give the vehicle a more modern andaerodynamic look. Larger headlamps, bigger mirrors and stamped-in wheel lips provide anintegrated look across all series and contribute to an aggressive and sporty stance.The Wildtrak version takes Rangers sporty appearance even further, with a unique colour spliton the front. Designers masked out the feature line on the fascia and contrasted it byhighlighting the lower intake. The same accent colours were used on the side mirrors, doorhandles and side air vents to give the vehicle a dark sporty look.“Wildtraks aggressive look and bold new graphics are a perfect fit for those who appreciate asporty and more expressive image. It will look fantastic transporting the latest quad bike or jetski for their weekend getaways,” said Craig Metros, chief designer of the all-new Ranger.Sitting high on 18-inch alloy wheels, the Wildtrak also comes with a roof rack and a sports hoopwhich enhance its profile. Exclusive Wildtrak badging and graphics help to set it apart from otherlifestyle vehicles.At 5359 mm long and 1850 mm wide, Ranger’s rugged good looks are backed up by its beefiersize. Moreover, it is easily manoeuvrable on narrow city streets and during parking thanks to aresponsive steering system that requires no more than 3.5 turns of the wheel lock-to-lock – oneof the best in the segment.Engineers have optimised every millimetre of Ranger’s dimensions to give customers maximuminterior space without compromising the volume of the cargo box. With Ranger increasingly 2 For news releases, related materials and high-resolution photos and video, visit www.media.ford.com. Follow at www.facebook.com/fordranger, www.twitter.com/fordapa or www.youtube.com/fordapa
  • being a work-and-family vehicle, the engineers have paid special attention to the rear seats inthe truck, with the second row in the Super Cab more spacious than key competitors.The B-pillar in the Double Cab has been moved forward, delivering best-in-class rear leg roomand knee clearance. Three adults can easily fit in the second row of the Double Cab while twosix-footers can comfortably sit one behind the other.Designers also raised the beltline significantly, along with the rails of the load box, giving theRanger a substantive presence on the road while increasing its functionality with the deeperbox. The Regular Cab and the Super Cab have the biggest box volume in its class at 1.82 cubicmetres and 1.45 cubic metres respectively while the Double Cab is among the top with 1.21cubic metres.Pockets above the wheel wells and along the side of the box allow truck owners to use timberinserts to carry full sheets of plasterboard or plywood. Depending on the market, a flexible cargomanagement system is available where attachment points can be moved along a rail, instead offixed points on the body, so customers have greater choice when tying down a load.An innovative interiorThe all-new Ranger offers a contemporary look and feel with features and comfort normallyfound only in passenger cars. Bold new interior surfaces are finished with materials that willstand up to the demands of a workhorse while delivering a lasting quality appearance. From theno-fuss vinyl seats of the base series to the cloth trim and leather option of the higher series, allmaterials used in the new Ranger were subjected to heavy-duty testing for commercial vehicleuse.“We’ve developed materials that are tough, not rough, which will deliver a quality appearancematched by high performance,” said Interior Design Manager Peter Jones. “So for example, youget passenger car comfort in the design and trim of the seats with commercial vehicle durabilityto withstand a whole range of rigorous usage.”Making full use of the spacious interior, the Ranger Double Cab offers 23 storage spaces in thecabin – more practical stowage than any competitor. Its deep centre console bin is the biggestin its class at 8.5 litres and can keep up to six cans of beverage cool in models with a duct fromthe air-conditioner.The glove box is large enough to accommodate a 16-inch laptop computer while door pocketscan comfortably fit 1.5-litre water bottles. Ample storage for mobile phones and other smallitems can be found in the console and in areas within easy reach of the driver. Underneath therear seats, a convenient hidden storage area for tools can easily be accessed.Poised to be a leader in innovation, the new Ranger comes with smart technologies that makethe pickup easier, safer and more fun to drive. On selected models with Bluetooth®, USB andiPod connectivity, there is voice control over the radio, CD, iPod, USB, electronic air-conditioning and mobile phone. Dual-zone climate control and cruise control are available onthe high series while selected models offer a five-inch colour screen with satellite navigation. 3 For news releases, related materials and high-resolution photos and video, visit www.media.ford.com. Follow at www.facebook.com/fordranger, www.twitter.com/fordapa or www.youtube.com/fordapa View slide
  • More power at lower fuel costsThe all-new Ford Ranger powertrains have been engineered to give customers a superiorcombination of power and torque at class-leading fuel efficiency. Three new engines areavailable to suit every purpose and pocket:  A new 2.2-litre Ford Duratorq TDCi four-cylinder diesel engine with peak torque output of 375 Nm and power output of 110 kW (150 PS)  A highly responsive and efficient new 3.2-litre Ford Duratorq TDCi five-cylinder diesel engine with a substantial 470 Nm of torque and power rated at 147 kW (200 PS)  A 2.5-litre Ford Duratec four-cylinder petrol engine with 226 Nm of torque and outstanding power at 122 kW (166 PS). It can be aftermarket upfitted to run on LPGThe petrol engine boasts the best fuel economy in its class, with the two-wheel drive modelachieving 9.8 L/100 km in a combined cycle2. The diesel engines also deliver superior fuelefficiency, recording fuel consumption in a combined cycle of as low as 7.6 L/100 km on a 4x2variant with the 2.2-litre engine to 9.6 L/100 km on a full-trim 4x4 model with the 3.2-litre engine.These exceptional figures will give Ranger – fitted with an 80-litre fuel tank – a range of morethan 1000 km on selected models before filling up for fuel. All the engines have also beencalibrated to meet the most stringent emission standards in the markets where Ranger will besold.Six-speed transmissions are rare in the compact pickup market and Ranger is the first truck ofits kind to offer an automatic one. The new six-speed automatic transmission has beenextensively tuned to deliver smooth, quick shifts almost imperceptible to the driver, reinforcingRanger’s car-like refinement.The Sequential Shift Control in the automatic gearbox offers a host of adaptive and performancemodes as well as manual control through sequential manual shifting. This level of sophisticationis unique in the segment. The transmission also comes with a number of smart Fordtechnologies that deliver enhanced performance, functionality and refined shift qualities.A smart innovation is the automatic transmission’s ability to recognise when the vehicle is on agradient. Using Grade Control Logic, the transmission will automatically downshift duringdownhill driving to provide additional braking from the powertrain when it senses the driver isapplying the brakes.The new six-speed automatic and manual transmissions are available on the diesel engineswhile the 2.5-litre petrol engine is offered with the proven five-speed manual transmission asstandard equipment. Transmissions and final drive ratios have also been carefully matched todeliver superb acceleration, excellent fuel efficiency and a quiet ride.Composed ride and handling under all conditionsWith an all-new chassis frame, front and rear suspension and steering system, the new Rangerpromises car-like comfort, reduced steering effort, more precise handling and better on-roadstability. 4 For news releases, related materials and high-resolution photos and video, visit www.media.ford.com. Follow at www.facebook.com/fordranger, www.twitter.com/fordapa or www.youtube.com/fordapa View slide
  • Carefully tuned for a variety of road conditions while still delivering outstanding payloadcapacity, the rear suspension also provides Ranger with a firmly planted ride for high-speeddriving on dirt roads with reduced sway and less vehicle ‘skate’ on corrugated or roughsurfaces. A unique suspension setup consisting of springs and shock absorbers has also beendeveloped for the Thai market to provide additional comfort when driving on potholed roads.Engineers have also found clever solutions to tuck key components out of harm’s way so thatthe Ranger can perform on rough terrain. Its ground clearance of up to 241 mm is enhanced byhaving the driveline components mounted above the frame rail so that items like the transfercase and oil pan are protected by strong crossmembers.To improve Ranger’s water-wading capability, the truck’s key electrical components and airinlets are strategically placed high in the engine compartment, enabling the pickup to go deeperthan any others. The 4x4 and 4x2 Hi-Rider models can wade through up to 800 mm of water – aclass-leading feature that will be welcomed by customers who need to ford rivers or floods.Ranger is just as capable on steep grades. With the Hill Launch Assist feature, a fully-ladenRanger, which weighs about 3200 kg, is able to stop and then pull away on a 60% grade. Not afeat easily achieved by all trucks, this gives Ranger drivers more confidence to overcomechallenging topography.When going downhill, the Hill Descent Control feature automatically applies the brakes to slowthe vehicle down to a set speed without locking the brakes and without the need for the driver toapply the brakes. This makes Ranger easier to control and provides an advantage over itscompetitors.The four-wheel drive models are equipped with a sturdy electronically controlled transfer case –for both manual and automatic transmissions – that allow drivers to shift on the fly from 4x2 to4x4 anytime via a switch conveniently located on the console. Selected models can also beequipped with either an electric locking rear differential or a limited slip rear differential toimprove traction control.Built to last, Ranger has gone through extreme testing around the world to make sure it couldstand up to the rigours of punishing terrains and temperatures. Tested in Australia, Dubai,Thailand, North America, South America, Sweden and South Africa, it had to face severe heatand cold, monsoon rains, high altitudes as well as rushing rivers, arid deserts and potholedroads. Prototypes clocked more than a million kilometres on the road, supported by countlesshours of exhaustive testing in laboratories.Setting new standards in safetyWith occupant safety growing in importance for compact trucks as more people use the vehiclefor both work and family transport, Ranger is aiming to be a leader in safety with acomprehensive suite of active and passive safety features and technologies.The truck’s advanced safety protection begins with a highly protective body structure thatutilises high-strength steel throughout. This aims to protect occupants in a collision, along withthe all-new frame that helps manage the brunt of crash energy.Using sophisticated computer modelling, engineers assessed more than 9000 virtual crash testsbefore the first prototype vehicle was subjected to a physical crash test. The virtual simulations 5 For news releases, related materials and high-resolution photos and video, visit www.media.ford.com. Follow at www.facebook.com/fordranger, www.twitter.com/fordapa or www.youtube.com/fordapa
  • allowed the engineers to exponentially test more crash scenarios than they would ever be ableto in physical tests.Ranger offers new passive safety technologies, with the availability and array of airbagsdependent on the model and the market. Side curtain airbags are available on all cab styles forthe first time. These airbags deploy from the headliner to provide a protective cushion for thehead of outboard occupants in the event of a side impact and the curtain is designed to protectboth rows of occupants by covering the upper side structure and glass from the A-pillar to the C-pillar.New side airbags for the front seats are also available, deploying from the side bolster of theseat to protect the thorax from side-impact forces. Other airbags include front airbags for thedriver and front passenger.There are three-point safety belts for all seating positions, with pretensioners and load limiter forthe front seats, while the Ford BeltMinder technology helps remind front-seat occupants to weartheir belts.Ranger also uses active safety technologies to help drivers avoid accidents. The ElectronicStability Program (ESP) is a key driving aid that applies brake inputs and engine torquereduction to control wheel slip as well as mitigates over- or under-steer reactions in slipperyconditions or when the driver makes sudden lane changes to avoid an accident.The ESP comes with a complete collection of features that make driving the Ranger safer. TheTrailer Sway Control system monitors the behaviour of the tow vehicle and trailer array to sensethe advent of trailer sway and apply braking countermeasures to reduce its effects. AdaptiveLoad Control provides additional stability assurance for drivers dealing with heavy payloads.Roll-over Mitigation closely monitors Ranger’s speed, lateral acceleration and steering angle,and intervenes to restore stability if the vehicle is in danger of rolling over.Rangers ESP system also includes off-road logic which adjusts ESP control of the engine andbrakes to provide improved stability without any unnecessary interventions triggered by rough orbumpy road surfaces. In 4x4 models, the ESP system can be partially switched off to disableover- and understeer control as well as engine torque reductions, while maintaining the brakeintervention traction control. This setting is most suitable when driving through deep sand orextreme mud as vehicle momentum can be maintained while maximising available grip.Ranger’s top-notch braking capability relies on a combination of the biggest brakes in thesegment and various braking technologies to ensure the shortest possible stopping distanceunder all circumstances. The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) and Emergency Brake Assist aredesigned to recognise when the driver is in a panic braking situation and increase the forceused to slow the vehicle.The Gravel Road Logic in the ABS further improves stopping distances on loose surfaces,which are common in countries with a lot of unsealed roads. Electronic Brakeforce Distributionmaximises brake force used on the rear wheels as payload changes while maintaining optimalstability. Flashing hazard lights automatically alert following vehicles during emergency braking.On top of safety technologies, Ranger has been engineered to include Ford proprietarypedestrian protection features. This includes a “hexageneous” under-bonnet structure to reduce 6 For news releases, related materials and high-resolution photos and video, visit www.media.ford.com. Follow at www.facebook.com/fordranger, www.twitter.com/fordapa or www.youtube.com/fordapa
  • the potential for pedestrian head injuries and a front bumper design that incorporates energy-absorbing materials.“The all-new Ranger is in a league of its own,” said Gary Boes, vehicle line director for Ford’snew compact truck platform. “It’s unique in that it delivers all that’s expected of a truck and morewithout forcing a trade-off on the customer. At the end of the day, the customer not only getsclass-leading towing, payload and water-wading capabilities but also superior fuel economy,cabin refinement and the latest technologies.” ###Editor’s Notes:1 Bluetooth® is a registered trade mark of Bluetooth SIG Inc., and is used under licence.2 All fuel consumption figures are from officially approved tests in accordance with EC Directive 93/116/EC. Fueleconomy figures quoted are based on the European Fuel Economy Directive EU 80/1268/EEC and will differ fromfuel economy drive cycle results in other regions of the world.About Ford Motor CompanyFord Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures ordistributes automobiles across six continents. With about 164,000 employees and about 70 plantsworldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financialservices through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford’s products, pleasevisit www.fordmotorcompany.comContact(s): Craig von Essen Neal McCarthy +86.21.3858.1569 +66.2.686.4319 cvonesse@ford.com nmccart5@ford.com 7 For news releases, related materials and high-resolution photos and video, visit www.media.ford.com. Follow at www.facebook.com/fordranger, www.twitter.com/fordapa or www.youtube.com/fordapa