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Persentasi 1 TA Persentasi 1 TA Presentation Transcript

  • Persentasi TA 1 Yudha Arif Budiman (116100011) 1 November 2013
  • Agenda  Enterprise Social Software  Social Learning  Video – Oracle ADF Mobile Overview  SunTone Methodology  Mobile Restful Web Service  Apache Hadoop
  • Enterprise Social Software  Berawal dari Web 2.0 (O’Reilly : 2003)  Setiap Orang Bisa Saling Berinteraksi (Media Social)  Kini saatnya membuat setiap orang dapat berkontribusi dan mengendalikan sendiri apa yang diinginkan. Ex : FluidUI (mobile app)  Enterprise Social Software
  • Enterprise Social Software  Aplikasi skala enterprise untuk kebutuhan masyarakat luas.  Perkembangan mengarah ke perusahaan enterprise dan pendidikan tinggi.  Pendidikan tinggi salah satunya adalah untuk keperluan pengajaran.  Sudah tidak jaman belajar one to one, atau one to many.  Sekarang jamannya many to many.  Semua bisa sharing knowledge.
  • Social technology are the most important CRM trend in 2009 – Forrester (Riset Teknologi) The Future of e-Learning is Social Learning – Jane Hart 2009
  • Social Learning It’s what we use in our personal lives Youtube, Twitter, Skype, Linked in, Facebook
  • Media Social is Evolution Social Learning is (R)evolution
  • Connection Social Learning Sharing Knowledge Collaboration
  • Inventive New mind set Rapid Adaptive Collaborative Self-directed
  • Learning never ends
  • Social Learning
  • Social Learning 3 Trends workplace : Social Media Video Traffic Mobile
  •  Dunia baru, keren lho ketika orang bisa buat slideshow sendiri dengan hanya edit css (friendster), myspace edit layout.  Dulu itu orang cari (news di yahoo, google)  Sekarang jamannya dikasih, kita user bisa pakai dan sharing (media social : Facebook, Twitter)  Ke depan yang bisa kasih lebih yang dipilih
  • Suntone Methodology  The Suntone Architecture Methodology helps you address these challenges by being : - Architecture Centric - Extremely focused on systemic quality - use case driven - service driven - pattern based - risk mitigating - iterative and incremental  Memadukan 3 konsep : Tier, Layers, Systematic Qualities
  • SunTone Architecture Methodology
  • Plan Final Project  Mobile Learning for e-University  University Group  Department Group  Content (image, persentation, flash, video)  Collaboration (share, comment, discuss)  Take a Quiz  Integration Email  Integrating SMS  On-device Camera
  • Mobile RestFull Web Service  SOAP vs Rest for Mobile  SOAP: “Simple Object Access Protocol”, is a protocol specification for exchanging structured information via XML in the implementation of Web Services in computer networks  REST: “Representational State Transfer”, was defined by Roy Fielding. It stresses that services can be interacted with via stateless representations of the targets of the service. It leverages the transport layer that was implemented to support the world-wide web
  • SOAP Problem  Change Control (Change client, change service SOAP)  Complexity (must produce the same mobile app for several platform)  Re-Use (migrasi)
  • Rest Does Well  Simplicity  Infrastructure friendly  Cacheable  Scalable  Stateless or Stateful  Efficient
  • Apache Hadoop  RDMS vs Hadoop  Big Data