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Pr proposal


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PR proposal compiled for Moving Box Studios in downtown Ithaca.

PR proposal compiled for Moving Box Studios in downtown Ithaca.

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  • 1. MOVINGBOXSTUDIOS 12/03/2010 Presented By: Yu-Chen (Jane) Chen, Gavin Cote, Mike Fillare, Jacob Godgart, Noah Roth, George Sitaras, Isabel Sprockel suasionrelations
  • 2. Table of ContentsExecutive Summary............................................................................................................ 1Situational Analysis .......................................................................................................... 2 - 7Target Audiences ................................................................................................................. 8 - 9Objectives .....................................................................................................................................10 -13Day-to-Day...................................................................................................................................14 -16 Strategies ..................................................................................................................................14 Tactics ...........................................................................................................................................15 -16National ............................................................................................................................................17 - 20 Strategies ...................................................................................................................................17 Tactics..............................................................................................................................................18 - 20Measurement and Evaluation ...................................................................... 21Timetable .......................................................................................................................................... 22Budget.................................................................................................................................................. 23About the Agency ........................................................................................................... 24 - 27Appendix.......................................................................................................................................... 28 - 32
  • 3. Executive Summary Introduction With our experience in various fields, we are delighted to work with an innovative, edgy and talented team at Moving Box Studios. We have continuously developed positive and long-lasting relationships with our clients -- a tradition that we hope to continue with Moving Box Studios. Our strategies and tactics strongly reflect Moving Box and its publics’ needs. The creativity of Moving Box Studios is invaluable to current and emerging businesses locally and nationally. This plan will enhance Moving Box’s public image by focusing on connecting with the consumer base. suasionrelations As an innovative PR agency, Suasion Relations understands the importance of relationship-building, consumer needs and publicity. We have tailored a public relations proposal and campaign to the interests and potential opportunities for Moving Box Studios. Our goal is to enhance and expand the public opinion of Moving Box and through our research, we have devised tactics that emphasize the values of the company. Suasion Relations is the avant-garde of public relations. From varying backgrounds, we utilized our experiences and different cultural influences to develop a creative, innovative and effective campaign for Moving Box Studios as well as our other prestigious clients.1 suasionrelations
  • 4. Situational Analysis SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses > Creativity, uniqueness, edginess > Lack of awareness both locally and nationally (client base is only local) > Versatile and dynamic services > Not generating enough buzz > Customizable service to meet the needs of the clients > Not enough resources to expand > State of the art studio & equipment nationally and internationally > Strong network within the Ithaca Community > Intercommunications > Community Support > Ineffective slogan > Participation at events in several cities such as LA and NYC > Lack of market research of their target audience > Shortage of marketing and advertising (both local and national) > Strong internal brand identity, but it’s not conveyed to the public > Limited online presence2
  • 5. Situational Analysis SWOT AnalysisOpportunities Threats> Connect with alumni network > Small companies in the area that specialize in similar services as Moving Box Studios> Adjust target clients > Companies that are more established and well> Spread awareness through a promotional contest known who target similar potential clients> Reach out to Ithaca College for student interns to assist > Ithaca College student organizations who produce and edit with the work load and build interning relationship their own material> Be a speaker for career services as a publicity channel> Utilize survey monkey as a market research technique> Build relationships with established businesses in the Ithacaarea who have stable financial backgrounds suasionrelations
  • 6. Situational Analysis Research Findings We conducted two different stages of primary research within the community to get a better understanding of Moving Box Studio’s business environment and target audience. Student Surveys First, we surveyed students in the Ithaca community (both IC and Cornell) to determine the current public awareness of Moving Box Studios. Through our survey sample of nearly 100 respondents, our research showed that the overwhelming majority (85.5%) of respondents have never heard of Moving Box Studios. This result made it quite clear where the focus of our campaign needed to begin. Of the respondents who have heard of Moving Box, 6 learned of the business via word-of-mouth. Moving Box’s social media 1% presence also yielded some of the strongest results in the measurement of awareness. Naturally, the majority of respondents were also unfamiliar with the services of Moving Box. Of the ones who were familiar, they primarily recognized Moving Box as a video editing business only. One aspect of our research that we found encouraging was the interest level in Moving Box’s tutoring services. 46% of respondents said they would be interested in Photoshop tutoring sessions and 35% said the same for FinalCut, both as supplemental learning opportunities to their school educations. Complete survey results can be found in the appendix section of the proposal.4
  • 7. Situational Analysis Research FindingsBusiness SurveysSecond, we surveyed local businesses about their history with multimedia services and their likelihood to seek outMoving Box Studios for design services. These results were qualitative and helped us learn about the multimediabusiness environment. We gathered information regarding whether or not businesses have created or have interest increating commercials, their decision making factors for creating multimedia products, and the companies they have usedto create the commercials. (Our complete business survey can be found in the appendix section of the proposal).We interviewed local wineries, non-profit organizations, museums, and for-profit businesses. The results of our researchindicated that developing relationships with businesses in the community and increasing service awareness are key areasof focus for Moving Box Studios.Through our research we found that many local businesses have never considered the use of commercials forpromotion, primarily because they have not found it necessary. By establishing relationships with these businesses,Moving Box Studios can propose the importance and benefits of creating media advertisements with Moving Box. Wealso found that many businesses have not sought out services such as Moving Box’s because they did not believe theycould afford the services. Communicating a message of quality and affordability with potential clients will be imperativefor Moving Box Studios to generate new business. When informed of the services of Moving Box Studios, the majorityof participants admitted they were unfamiliar with the company, but stated they would definitely consider developing abusiness relationship with Moving Box Studios if the price fit their budget. Overall, our research shows that there is greatpotential for Moving Box to establish new business clients locally, but relationship development will be the main focus. suasionrelations
  • 8. Situational Analysis Media Coverage Ithaca Times > Reporter, Joseph Murtagh, discusses the use of Moving Box Studios’ services for small businesses that need multimedia, and delves further into the aspects of each service. The article also talks about the development of Moving Box Studios and the high-tech equipment it houses. Lastly, the article reviews the company’s mission and future goals. The Ithacan > Aaron Munzer, a senior writer, focuses on the Ithaca College Alumni’s purpose for starting the business and their views on employment in the industry. He goes on to discuss specific projects Moving Box Studios has created, such as its “Olympus Burger” animation and its documentaries on Current TV. Lastly, Munzer reports on the process Moving Box Studios’ owners had gone through to build the studio and all it encompasses. DJ Dubble8 > This DJ features Moving Box Studios in his upcoming projects. Since 2006, he has been working on a soundtrack for Joe Zohar’s film “Chalk Outlines”, expected to be completed within the next few years. Moving Box Studios Blog > The blog contains detailed descriptions of the company’s most recent work, including Chris Davison’s audition video and the development of its videos from the 20th Annual Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance.6
  • 9. Situational AnalysisCompetitors Prizm Video Services (Cortland) LaVere Media Video and Photography Studio (Elmira) Prizm Video Services is located in Corltand, NY. The company’s President, Don, has 23+ years of experience in videography and video LaVere Media Video and Photography Studio is based in downtown production. The majority of projects Prizm works on include marketing/ Elmira, NY. It is a full-service photo and video studio, with 20+ years training videos, video transfer services, seminars & keynote speakers, of experience. LaVere provides video transfer services (film and video to DVD), marketing communication services, weddings, graduations, weddings and, various other events. Its clients include Cornell, United among other services. Way, SUNY Cortland, NY State, Cortland County, and more. 4U Video Internet Productions (Ithaca) Creative Video Productions (Endicott) 4uvideointernetproductions is located in Ithaca, NY. This company specializes in creating and managing an organization’s YouTube Channel. In addition, it performs social media marketing for an Creative Video Productions located in Endicott, NY has been organizations and creates awareness serving the Binghamton, NY, upstate NY, and northeast PA areas for through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, over twenty years. It specializes in wedding videos, commercial, Buzz, and YouTube. The company also corporate, and industrial training videos, editing services, DVD/CD works closely with the Downtown duplications, film transfers, on location production, video depositions, Ithaca Alliance. and full editing services. suasionrelations
  • 10. Target Audiences Moving Box Studios offers a wide variety of versatile and dynamic media services. The quality of work is professional, creative and edgy. However, one of the primary weaknesses of Moving Box Studios is a lack of effective communication of its wide array of services between the company and its target markets. Primary Audience Moving Box Studios’ primary audience is local and regional businesses, organizations, and institutions seeking multi-media services for commercials, promotions and brand enhancement. Local Businesses Moving Box Studios can meet its primary target market’s needs with professional video, audio, Institutions animation and design services. These businesses will provide Moving Box Studios with numerous sustainable business opportunities. This audience represents a relatively untapped market for Regional Businesses Moving Box because in the past, these businesses have worked with other multi-media design companies due to a lack of awareness of Moving Box Studios. Secondary Audience The secondary audience addresses Moving Box Studios’ “big picture” goal and further sustainable business opportunities. Since Moving Box National Businesses (NYC) Studios wishes to expand their business to a national level, national Ithaca Community (wedding videos, family videos) businesses represent a secondary audience for Moving Box to reach out to. National businesses remain a secondary audience because Moving Box will still need to focus on local sustainable business opportunities in order to cover remaining overhead costs.8
  • 11. Target Audiences Media Audiences The media audience plays a critical role in this campaign. To generate awareness of the company’s services and ultimately drive revenue, the media audience is a direct channel for reaching potential clients. Positioning Moving Box Studios in local print publications will reach local business clients and positioning the company in college publications will reach the vast network of Ithaca College and Cornell University Alumni. These publications will bring awareness to the services and capabilities of Moving Box Studios to our primary and secondary audiences.Ithaca Journal WNYC (New York Public Radio)The Ithacan NPR Overall awareness of services within theThe Ithaca Times 97.3 Lite FM Ithaca community will help build a reputationIC View 90.9 FM Binghamton’s Jazz and News Alternative that stands for community commitment, anFuse 93.5 FM Ithaca’s Real Rock Station important part of the organization’s philosophy.WICB 95.9 FM Finger Lakes Community News and Information (Dundee, NY)Cornell Daily Sun 1470 AM WTK OldiesWVBR 93.5 suasionrelations
  • 12. Project Tetris Project Tetris is a public relations plan based on the analogy of putting all the small pieces together to create one dynamic image. We intend to use tactics (or Tetris game pieces) to create a united front for Moving Box Studios nationally and locally. The project focuses on three big Tetris pieces: Relationship-building, Media Exposure and National Expansion. Through our research, we found that building relationships with the local businesses is very important to gain local awareness as well as a sense of brand loyalty for Moving Box. In addition to building relationships with community businesses, it is crucial to increase media exposure as a bridge between the local market and national market. More exposure means a greater online presence, which leads to the third piece of the Tetris Project: expansion into the national market. In order to fully address Project Tetris in its entirety, we divided the proposal into two parts: Day-To-Day and National. This division was intended to give equal importance to projects in both categories. Day-To-Day covers the local and regional business developments to address overhead costs, while National describes a plan of action for further national expansion. Ultimately, the two parts work hand-in-hand to create one dynamic image of Moving Box Studios.10
  • 13. Objectives> To increase awareness and understanding of Moving Box Studios’ services among the Ithaca community> To increase web traffic by 5%> To increase revenue by 10%> To increase reach by 5%> To increase national presence through enhancing web exposure suasionrelations
  • 14. Objectives Day-To-Day > Establish relationship with Cornell > Maintain communication with IC’s Alumni Hall and the Park School of Communication on new Moving Box projects > Reach out to established and growing businesses in Ithaca as well as the Southern Tier region > Employ a marketing intern to assist with business communication12
  • 15. ObjectivesNational > To create awareness and gain more business nationwide, specifically target the New York City and Los Angeles areas > To gain a greater web presence > To build stronger, long-term relationships with potential clients > To expand networking within the industry suasionrelations
  • 16. Day-To-Day Strategies > To utilize connection in Ithaca community to generate business > To utilize online media (ie. The Ithacan) to generate awareness > To utilize connection with two main stakeholders in community (Cornell and IC) > To utilize student population for intern opportunities (esp. marketing, advertising)14
  • 17. Day-To-DayTacticsPublicity Relationship-Building> Signage - A sign indicating where Moving Box Studios is located will > Beginning a conversation - A continuous conversation with help clients locate the studio. important stakeholders in Moving Box Studios’ business environment is a crucial part of this PR plan. Continuing a conversation maintains a relation> Street teams - A street team publicizing Moving Box Studios at ship, which will then become beneficial as it connects to not only the various festivals in Ithaca will ensure a increase in reach to businesses opportunities for videography with the business, but it also opens up to who have not heard of Moving Box Studios. Moving Box Studios will set their personal lives. It creates a web of connections, a crucial aspect in up a tent to hand out flyers, play past work on a display screen and performing the tasks of relationship-building, contacting businesses and provide a venue in which clients can gain knowledge of the studio. The updating them on new written proposals each month. street team will also be walking around the festival handing out flyers. > Film competitiion - A great way to get Moving Box’s name out> Features in ICView, the Ithacan, the Ithaca Journal etc. - in the community is by sponsoring a film competition. This will be a screen It is important to note that in order to have a feature written in the Ithacan play competition where aspiring screenwriters can submit their or the Ithaca Journal, Moving Box Studios must provide something news screenplays to be judged by Moving Box along with other judges. The worthy for the article. Therefore, it is necessary to pitch article ideas to winning script will be produced in the studios of Moving Box free of these newspapers because they are not always aware of what projects charge. This script can be both animation as well as real-life videography. Moving Box is pursuing. Overall, this will bring publicity to the company as well as integrate the studio into the community. The completed film will be previewed at Moving Box’s studio creating an opportunity to showcase the amazing facilities that Moving Box has as well as its creative decor. suasionrelations
  • 18. Day-to-Day Tactics (continued) Relationship-Building (continued) Relationship-Building (continued) > Business proposals - As mentioned previously, beginning a > Discounts - Although the idea of discounts is hard to bear, conversation with multiple local businesses is crucial for relationship building. it is one of the best ways to ensure loyalty among customers. In A successful and eye-catching way to maintain this is to be prepared and order to continuously cover overhead costs, a stable customer professional. As cited in research findings, several local businesses, such as base is very important. Therefore, when it comes to clients such Six Mile Creek, would consider using videography if the cost is within their as Cornell, a discount will help spread Moving Box’s name from range. Therefore, presenting a business proposal to these businesses one department to another. Similarly, Moving Box could also emphasizes the businesses’ need for videography, as well as showcases propose a discount if Cornell could provide at least five departments for which Moving Box could employ its services affordability. First time contact with these local businesses will entail Moving and ensure a long-lasting relationship. Box’s elaborate proposal, and as Moving Box continues develops these relationships, the proposal will entail new opportunities that the businesses can pursue (ie. advertising in the theatre). > Hold a Coffeehouse Event- This event would be held in Moving Box Studios and would include performances by small bands from the local community. The company would team > Active member of IC and Cornell Career Services - A up with a local coffee house, ie. Waffle Frolic, to co-sponsor the major detriment in the Moving Box Studios business is the lack of resources event. Attendees would enjoy refreshments while listening to to maintain these tactics. To solve this, Moving Box should aim to employ bands play their trendy music. People who attend will be a marketing intern(s). By being more active (such as being a guest able to interact with Moving Box’s employees and learn speaker, mentor etc.) within IC and Cornell Career Services, Moving Box first hand the company’s purpose and services. By building a establishes a presence in the mind of these career guidance counselors. This relationship with the community and creating ties with then leads to more quality students applying for the position. local bands, Moving Box Studios would establish connections for future projects.16
  • 19. NationalStrategies> Enhance website to drive online leads and business> Employ more online marketing techniques to target specific audiences> Focus future strategy on targeting one vertical market> Utilize industry trade shows for further exposure> Employ the use of smartphone applications to display the services of Moving Box Studios suasionrelations
  • 20. National Tactics Website enhancement > By redesigning the web site and making it more user friendly, we believe potential clients will be able to better understand the services Moving Box provides and how the studio can best serve them. The redesigned website will directly reflect the company’s image by serving as a beneficial medium on which Moving Box Studios can display its projects. The creative and tactical abilities of the team members of Moving Box Studios will be reflected through an enhancement of the website. It is important to show potential clients what Moving Box Studios can offer. Therefore, increasing the “flash” and “edge” of Moving Box’s website, will show clients the company’s capabilities. We also understand that potential clients may feel intimidated by a website with an advanced appearance, but this is addressed on the “Contact Us” page, which specifies how businesses can afford the services. The main areas that we will focus on for the redesign are easy accessbility in which clients can get what they want quickly as well as making the site truly embody the creativity of Moving Box Studios. Please refer to Appendix B for the remaining website redesign samples.18
  • 21. NationalTacticsOnline Marketing Focusing on one vertical > A Vertical Market, also referred to as a Vertical, is a group of> Google AdWords - Google AdWords target keywords analogous businesses and customers that take part in trade based on and terms that potential clients would search for. Moving Box will specific and specialized needs for each individual consumer or business. come up in their search results whenever they search for the The key to successfully focusing on one vertical is finding a subset of a designated keywords. In order to create a web presence, it is larger market. This is also known as a niche market. important that Moving Box’s name appears on the largest and most popular search engine in the world. Some examples of kewords are “ithaca + videography” etc. > Develop a product offering - For example, a possible vertical that Moving Box Studios could target would be the software industry because a lot of sales for this industry are made via the> Facebook Ads - As the number one social networking site, Internet. Moving Box’s niche market could become flash animations, Facebook is highly present in people’s lives. Having an ad on product videos, and other areas of media exposure over the Internet. Facebook has proven to be beneficial with some companies reaching a Return on Investment rate of 5.78%. Moving Box Studios Moving Box can develop product offerings for the client instead of a does have a Facebook page with a significant number of “Likes.” “one and done” service. For instance, in the software vertical market, However, it would be beneficial to take the company’s Facebook Moving Box could produce a product overview and “best practices” involvement a step further producing Facebook Ads (they should be video series for a certain product, which would highlight the capabilities compatible with keywords, like Google AdWords). of said product and how to use it effectively. These types of products will result in lengthened, sustainable business contracts. It would also> Email blasts - A fast and effective way to increase client base increase the amount of business Moving Box conducts with clients, is to use Email blasts. Email blasts require the purchasing of a resulting in increased revenue and improved business relationships. name list and sending a mass email out to these addresses. The intention is for Moving Box to purchase a list of marketing departments in > Banner ads production - In addition to the services companies and mass email Moving Box’s prices as well as other big Moving Box already offers, it would be beneficial to expand the product business ideas. These emails are easily created and have an expansive offering to include the production of banner ads for clients. These reach. An important thing to keep in mind is the use of flashy banners will focus on being flashy and animated, reflecting animation or videography for the emails; this will make the Moving Box’s talent. emails clutterbusters. suasionrelations
  • 22. National Tactics > Engage! Conference and expos - This event has been annually held for five years. Held at the Javits Convention Center in New York City, this expo focuses on methods and techniques that will enable a company to reach its target market more effectively. It is a conference based on delivering tools and strate- gies for companies that want to reach the younger demongraphic in this increasingly technological era. This provides an opportunity to collect information relating to the latest technologies and strategies used by media companies in the digital marketplace. It is also an effective venue to increase Moving Box’s client base because expo participants are looking for companies to help their businesses become more in tune with customer needs. Moving Box’s youthful potential and fervor can be seen as an advantage for companies. This year the event takes place from February 15-16. For more information log on to > Vignette commercials - Another possible product offering would be to provide companies the option to produce Vignette Commercials. This will ensure a contracted agreement for a year or two, thus providing sustainable business as well as building a relationship with said company for various other projects. > Creating an iPod app - The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market and the iPod is the market leader in the field of mp3 players. Creating an app for the Apple iPod/iPhone is a simple way to showcase Moving Box’s talents. The application could be a game created by Moving Box further showcasing the quality of its services. Additionally, this application could also be designed to help the consumer with building graphic art or audio engineering. Either way, the application should be a way to demonstrate the ability of Moving Box. The app should be linked to Moving Box’s twitter and facebook, as well as its website to increase website traffic and give consumers a better depiction of Moving Box’s talent.20
  • 23. Measurement and Evaluation Website hits > It is important to keep track of website hits because that can give a general idea as to how many people are aware of Moving Box Studios. Website tickers keep track of how many clicks a website generates. It would also be beneficial to note how long visitors spend browsing through Moving Box’s website. Conduct follow-up business surveys > After Moving Box Studios completes a project with a client, we will have the company conduct follow up business surveys to determine what the client was pleased with, if Moving Box could improve on anything, and various other questions that can help Moving Box Studios better serve future clients.Measure increase in opportunities for business proposals> After the campaign has run its course, we will measure the increase in business proposals for Moving Box Studios. This will help determine if thecampaign has aided in increasing awareness and if the campaign has assisted in building Moving Box’s credibility within the community.Monitoring of press coverage> We will keep a record of any mention of Moving Box Studios on local radio stations, in local newspapers, or on regional television.Measure increase in revenue> We will measure this in the same way as we will with the increase in business proposals. The actual business references the number of proposals Moving Box Studios accepts. We will measure the increase in revenue and compare that to revenue objectives.Interviews> In addition to surveys with past and current clients, we will conduct interviews with them to measure satisfaction with services, likelihood of continuousbusiness and testimonials for potential future jobs. suasionrelations
  • 24. Timetable22
  • 25. Budgetsuasionrelations
  • 26. About the Agency Yu-Chen (Jane) Chen Gavin Cote Jane is currently a junior Integrated Gavin Cote is a junior Sport Media Marketing Communications major with major with a Marketing minor at Ithaca an International Communications minor in College. An aspiring sports the Roy H. Park School of broadcaster, Gavin is an active Communications at Ithaca College. Jane member of two of Ithaca’s top student is highly active on campus being an media organizations. Gavin is a active participant of the American play-by-play announcer and color Advertising Federation and the commentator for Ithaca College’s 92 American Marketing Association. WICB. Gavin also can be heard on ICTV during the football season as Her past internships include being a one of the voices of Bombers football. marketing intern for UCB Pharma Gavin also hosts ICTV’s weekly football Taiwan, a Belgium pharmaceuticals recap show, “The Gridiron Report.” company based in Taiwan, a talent rep intern for Virgin Records Taiwan, as well As a Leadership scholar at Ithaca College, Gavin is an active member of his as being an account management intern community, serving as a volunteer assistant basketball coach at his local middle at the Rockford Group in New City, NY. school for the past two years. Gavin has also served as a volunteer at the From all her internships, Jane has even Greater Ithaca Activities Center, working as an after school tutor and mentor. further ignited her passion for the marketing world and wishes to one day become the head of the Gavin has had several professional work experiences in his time at Ithaca, international division of a fortune 500 company. including working as a student assistant for the Ithaca College Sports Information Department. Last summer Gavin interned with the Maine Red Jane’s current positions include being the assistant design editor for the Claws basketball team, the NBA D-League affiliate of the Boston Celtics and award-winning school newspaper, The Ithacan, a staff designer for our Charlotte Bobcats. He worked with the public relations and marketing in-house design firm Park Design House as well as working as a trainer for departments as well as with the team’s non profit organization, the July 4th our Technology Learning Centre. Portland Foundation. Gavin has also worked as an assistant for the Bowdoin College Sports Information Department and interned with the Media Born in Taiwan, raised in Canada and Taiwan, Jane graduated from Taipei Relations department at the University of Maine. American School in 2008. She will be graduating from Ithaca College in December 201 1. A native of Dexter, Maine, Gavin is a 2008 graduate of Dexter Regional High School.24
  • 27. About the AgencyMike Fillare Jacob Godgart Mike is currently a sophomore Jake Godgart is a junior Business Integrated Marketing Administration major concentrating in Communications major in the Roy H. Marketing at Ithaca College with mi- Park School of Communications at nors in Integrated Marketing Commu- Ithaca College. He just recently nications and Legal Studies. Godgart declared a minor in psychology as is part of the Business School Tour well. On campus, he is a member of Guides, Business School Peer Advis- the American Advertising Federation. ers, Business School Dean’s Hosts and participates as a member of the His passion has always been cars so Ithaca College Club Soccer Team. he hopes to one day work for either the headquarters of BMW of Godgart found his passion for America or Mercedes-Benz of business by interning at Autotask America. Mike is most interested in Corporation in East Greenbush, NY, pursuing a career in the advertising where he was an integral part of the or marketing field and would love to business operations performing tasks work for one of these for almost every department. His world-renowned automotive interests in the marketingcompanies. To compliment his desire for future job in an advertising or department led him to pursue hismarketing position, Mike worked at a local landscaping company near his studies in the field.hometown this past summer as a marketing intern. Godgart was born and raised in East Greenbush, NY, and graduated fromMike was born in Norwalk, Connecticut but he moved to New Jersey at the Columbia High School.age of five and has been there ever since. He graduated in 2009 fromPascack Valley High School in the top five percent of his class with severalhonors and merits. Mike plans to travel abroad to London, England duringhis junior year and will graduate from thaca College in May 201 3. suasionrelations
  • 28. About the Agency Noah Roth George Sitaras Noah is a Sport Media major at George is a junior Sport Media Ithaca College where he is a major at Ithaca College. He sophomore. However, he is still unsure entered his freshman year as an of the direction he would like to pursue Exploratory Major, undecided within that field. As a result, he is on what he would like to pursue exposing himself to a wide variety of in college. During his first year sport media options. Noah is involved though, he quickly realized that with several organizations on campus sports was his true passion and such as WICB Sports Radio and ICTV declared a Sport Media major Sports. Noah is also the Treasurer of the following summer. the Sports Marketing Club and an active member of the Sports Business At first ,George was mostly and Networking Club. focused on academics, not be- coming active in the sports field Furthermore, Noah has volunteered until summer of sophomore year. for the New York Islanders Game Since then, he has participated Operations staff as well as for the in many more school activities Boomer Esiason Foundation by helping and is now actively assisting the Syracuse University Athletics program during them with the Empire Challenge home football and basketball games as an intern. George has also joined the football game. He also assisted the Ithaca College radio station and usually takes part in Sunday afternoon sport Stony Brook Athletic Department with talk shows and other related events. the 2010 NCAA Lacrosse Championship. Born and raised in Nazareth, PA, George graduated from Nazareth Area High School in 2008. He now spends breaks at home hang- In addition, Noah interned with Access 360 Media in New York City this past ing out with family and friends. Much time is contributed helping his dad with summer. While at Access, he was an assistant to the manager of team partner- the family restaurant business and getting some extra spending money in the ships as well as the traffic and networking specialist. process. When George is not working or at school he enjoys going on road trips with his friends and taking summer vacations to Greece, where much of Raised in Roslyn on Long Island, NY, Noah graduated from the Solomon his family resides. Schechter High School in 2009.26
  • 29. Isabel Sprockel About the Agency Isabel Sprockel is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major in the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College with a minor in art. Complementing her future aspiration to work in the advertising or publications industries, Isabel is an active member of the American Advertising Federation’s chapter at Ithaca College. Isabel has participated in several of the organization’s client campaigns, including Ithaca Oral Surgery and Almost College. As a Roy H. Park School Dean’s Host and a Student Admissions Ambassador, Isabel actively promotes both the Park School and the College to prospective students.To give back to the Ithaca community, Isabel volunteers for the AmericanRed Cross at Ithaca College as well as the Volunteer Tompkins organizationthroughout Tompkins County. Isabel participates on Service Saturdays atfood drives and nature projects. Since her senior year in high school, Isabelhas worked as a hostess and currently works as a server at Red Lobster inBridgewater, NJ.Isabel has earned several honors through her time at Ithaca College,including the ALANA Academic Achievement Award and merit scholarship,the Rod Serling merit scholarship, and the Student Leadership and InvolvementLeading Self Certificate.Raised in Bridgewater, NJ, Isabel graduated from Bridgewater-RaritanRegional High School. suasionrelations
  • 30. Appendix 5. Have you ever done any projects that required any of these services? Student Survey Results Yes - 51.9% No - 48.1% 1. Have you ever heard of Moving Box Studios? Yes - 14.5% 6. Would you consider hiring a professional studio for these services? No - 85.5% Yes - 6.3% No - 44.3% 2. If Yes, how did you hear about them? (Check all that apply) Maybe - 49.4% Word of Mouth - 6 5% 1. Radio - 0 7. Would you consider renting out studio space for audio productions? TV - 0 Yes - 22% Print Material 7.7% No - 26.8% Social Media - 23.1% Does not apply - 51.2% 3. Are you familiar with any of the services of Moving Box? 8. Would you consider taking advantage of moving box studio’s tutorial services? Yes - 8.6% (check all that apply) No - 9 4% 1. No - 42.3% Final cut - 35.2% 4. If Yes, which Services? (check all that apply) Photo Shop 46.5% Animation - 71.4% After Effects - 19.7% Videography - 71.4% Flash - 2 1% 1. Audio Engineering -28.6% Excel - 1 3% 1. Graphic Design -42.9% Pro Tools - 19.7% Website Design - 42.9% Video Editing - 71.4% Tutoring - 0 Tape to disc - 42.9%28
  • 31. Appendix Business Survey Questions 1. Have you considered the use of videography to promote your business? 2. Have you paid a videographer to make commercials? a. Where did you find these videographers? b. What was your final decision-making factor for this videographer? c. What were your comments for the commercial? 3. How did you feel the commercial helped with your consumer base? 4. What made you feel like the need for filming a commercial?Media Contact Information Ithaca Journal Cornell Daily Sun Retail Advertising - (607) 27 49 4-92 Main Office - (607) 273-3606 The Ithacan WVBR – 93.5 Elizabeth Sile - Editor in Chief - (607) 27 4-3208 Kyle Scott - General Manager - (607) 273-4000 Derek Rogers - Advertising - (607) 27 18 4-16 WNYC The Ithaca Times Jennifer Houlihan - Director of publicity - (646) 829-4497 Jim Bilinski - Publisher - (607)277-7000 NPR IC View NPR Staff Directory - (202) 51 3-2000 Clare Ulrich - Editor - (607) 27 4-7043 presence 97.3 WYXL 92 WICB Susan Johnson - General Manager - (607)-257-6400 Chris Wheatley - Manager of Radio Operations - (607) 27 4-1040 suasionrelations
  • 32. Appendix Home Page Samples of website redesign About the Company30
  • 33. AppendixServices Portfolio suasionrelations
  • 34. 32 Contact Us Appendix Blog