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  • 1. Writes a descriptive essay about atool English 2 [ENGL 0205] Name : Yuan KhaiShien Student ID : 0314818 School : Foundation In Natural and Built Environment Sept 2013 Lecturer : Cassandra Wijesuria Object Selected : broom Quantity of words: 835
  • 2. Finally done a presentation just a moment before I yawned.Layon bed and realized that I had lack of sleep this few days because struggle on this presentation, that’s only 7 hours that I have sleep among this few days. “Sleep…Sleep…” my brain keep yelling me to get rest. But when I look toward my study table, there are just too many stains and rubbish place there make me can’t stand for it. Hardly forced myself to get up and went to clean it. I grab and gathered all those big rubbish and suffered how could I make it simple to clean all those small rubbish and stains and sat beside the table. An hour has flowed without doing anything and not even a rubbish and stain was cleaned up.While Iwas starting to feel frustrated and wanted to give up on it, suddenly a long stick with a furry and hairystuff at the ending thing appear in front of me. “Faster use it to clean it up, or else don’t you dare to get to your bed and no game for u tonight.” a familiar voice whispered beside me and realize that was my mum standing beside me and holding that long weird thing. I was get shock by her because why can’t I hear her step when she walked in. I grab it from her and start stared at thelong weird thing. What I could see is there was a brownish surface on top of the stick. There was also full of weird hairy thing stick with the stick at one of the ending point of the stick. I love stick to furry stuff, I grab the hairy part and put on top of my face. I hold my breath and closed my eyes, slowly get into the feel that it stick to my face, its feel quite hard and itchy but it still comfort me by others way.
  • 3. My brain suddenly appear a scene which how witch get travel to others place with a weird long stick that look similar to what I was holding. My hyper energy suddenly turned on and my hand automatically place the stick at the bottom of my body, between my two legs. Started to jump here and there , ran around in my room. Definitely, I have carried it and swing here and there, and it accidentally hit the walland the sound is like sound produced by gun,“Bang”. Beside when it knocked with steel it will be like I’m playing drum. These got me into playful situation. A “music concert” has been organized by me in my room. Unfortunately, my sweat appeared and flowed off, my whole body got wet like just got out from bath without dry myself with tower. A few minutes later, my tiredness has pulled me back to work and time to cleaned up all those dirty stuff. I start to investigate how to use it and get into work. While I was holding it at the stick part, I can feel it was rough surface and I think it was made by wood because it is brownish surface as well. The hairy part was soft as well and can even bend them by compressed tothe floor. It is not that heavy and it’s like holding a long T ruler. I try to swing it at the floor, unbelievable was the rubbish won’t pass through the hairy part and they will gathered up together no matter what size they were. No doubt, It was a big magic appear in front of me. A weird smell flow toward me at the moment when I was swinging the stick, and thesmell was getting nearer and nearer. And ya, it was come from the long stick. The smell is like plastic and wood smell and only I realized that it is new. Because the smell is too strong enough to make me feel uncomfortable, I start take it as far as I could and just now near to me. The sense of smell of mine was block by the stick’s smell and it was like getting flu can’t smell other smell.
  • 4. It few hours passed since I got this stick and it almost dinner time,but the investigation on this stick keep on carried on and digesting in my brain. Finally I know that was not much time and got up to clean up my room. And the coincidence moment appear, my mum shouted and yelled from the first floor. “What did you do to my broom? are you done cleaning your room? Faster done it and get come down have your dinner.” I replied yes with a smiling face and finally I knew that this weird long stick was named as “Broom”.