Since the turn of the century, there has been a significant increase of the
standard of education and the important to hav...
they grow up not knowing how to handle stress and manage time, they feel the
pressure when it comes to the time they need ...
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Leisure time and pressure(cause and effect)


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Leisure time and pressure(cause and effect)

  1. 1. Since the turn of the century, there has been a significant increase of the standard of education and the important to have education. These affect the increasing of challenging in this world to get the requirement that has been set up to youth. There are some young people who are used to be carefree might be vulnerable when it comes to handing stress . They start getting more little leisure time, piling up daily dose of work from studies which causes them to get stressed up easily over little things. Besides being stressed up, the piled up work from studies will eventually drown you with its overdose. In some countries, a number of people even committed suicide due to this condition. So that, leisure time is important in part of student life.There are some reason that make this happen and have some bad effect for this. The first reason that causes students have limited leisure time is student have very heavily packed syllabus of studies require them to dedicate most of their time to studying. This bring that parents nowadays arrange tuition for their son and daughter to improve their education and some private schools also have prepared extra classes for student after their usual day at stale school is over. Secondly, young people these days have a lot of entertainments but don’t know how to have leisures. Entertaining such as games on fb, clubbing, video games are exhausting. This could waste all the leisure time and it is useless in our daily life. It's better to have leisures such as spending quality time with family n friends, reading a good book, gardening are mind recharging. Besides,as technologies develop, there are more challenges and requirements that young people have to deal with. Competitive environment prompts them to harder and makes them feel guilty spending time having leisures and relaxing. So that they usually choose to not to have leisure time and just concentrate on study because they feel that leisure time is just such a wasted and could make them become loser. In the other hand, the effect for less leisure time is students which is usually just concentrate on study but no having other activities such as exercise and socialize themselves. This could bring the effect and cause them to develop into an antisocial characteristic. As it's take a longer time they will have troubles to communicate with new people and social. However, less of leisure time will also cause student be lack in creativity. Having a life which intensely focused on study causes people to view things in one dimension whilst but compare to the societies, they need creative people who can think outside the box to join the workforce. So that this can cause them to be unsuccessful person and also being more worst. Next, leading to an unhappy life is also one of the effect that will get by a student who is less for the leisure time. When the balance of life between work and leisure is not achieved, it’s hard for them to find satisfactions in work and study. Beside, the cause of youth nowadays being pressure in daily life is since young, they were spoon-fed for their study in order to achieve good result. When
  2. 2. they grow up not knowing how to handle stress and manage time, they feel the pressure when it comes to the time they need to do it by themselves. When they enter society, it will be hard for them to adapt the situation and can't produce a good work while they are having job. High expectation from parents are also one of the pressure of student. Traditional Asian family often perceive good grades are the right thing to achieve and road towards success, but they didn't realize that actually thinking and understanding of their child is more important and more useful after they getting bigger. Youngsters in Asian family feel obliged to do so and disappointing parents by failing in exam is simply an unfilial act. Moreover, the next pressure that face by a student is low self-esteem, and lack in tend to cause them to convince they are weaker then their peers. When others are doing better or seems to do well, they feel discouraged, they will feel extreme stress and can't accept they are losing behind. In addition, being pressure will bring quite a lot bad effect which is health problem- cardiovascular disease such as depression. This might lead a person to die by suicide if the disease is worst. Furthermore, when a person who is in stressful situation and full of pressure, it could be a chance for them to find an inappropriate way to relieve stress such as drug abuse and sex addiction. These inappropriate way can destroy a life of a person and their future will change into dark and become useless. As a conclusion, leisure time is important to youth and student compare to pressure up them. Parents, school and government have to take concern about this to prevent bad effect happen. Students have to be smart to choose the right way and also take a balance between study and have some leisure time for others activities such as exercise, go for trip to relax and gain knowledge. Otherwise, you will waste your precious life to just staying constantly in a small area but not doing other things. Beside leisure times can bring us many benefit such as gain knowledge and have a healthy life by doing activities. That why every student has to get their leisure time in their daily life.