Ppt mobile intimacy


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Ppt mobile intimacy

  1. 1. Mobile Phone—A toolfor intimacyYuan Gaoz3402057
  2. 2. Mobile phone in your lifeQuestions: what you usually use mobile phonesfor, and whether you feel close or distance toothers when you use various platforms? eg:Skype, Facebook, Twitter/Weibo, games, SMS,ordinary talking/voice
  3. 3. ReadingThe Mouring After: A case study of social mediain the 3.11 earthquake disaster in Japan -----Larissa HjorthA brief introduction of Larissa Hjorth“While personal technologies such as themobile phone are rewriting the relationshipbetween mobility and intimacy, it is important torecognize that the intimate copresenceenacted by mobile technologies should beviewed as part of a lineage of technologies ofpropinquity”“It is important to contextualize the so-calledmigration of intimacy toward the public assignposted by social media”
  4. 4. Key ConceptsMobile intimacy: is the ability to beintimate across distances of time andspace.Intimate copresence: is keyed to thepersonal, pervasive, and intimate natureof social connections via handhelddevices, such as mobile photo sharingMigration of intimacy: is thetransformation represent the hijacking ofthe personal away from a spacebetween people to a subset of socialtechnologies.
  5. 5. how helpful are social mobile media inmaintaining mobile intimacy in times of crisismanagement?Japan Earthquake 3.11Queensland Flood
  6. 6. Discuss questionHow do you think social mobile media would helpyou in maintaining relationships?
  7. 7. The role of Mobile Media1. Intimacy2. Copresence3. Remediation
  8. 8. Mobile intimacyPreviously, the personal relationship were „leanforward‟Now, Smartphones, Mobile phones are intimateour interactions and connectionsWe use it for multiple communications, eg. Email,photo sharing, social networking…A tool for shrinking a physical distanceConnections with family
  9. 9. Mobile CopresenceThe integration of the „Virtual‟ as apervasive presence in everyday practiceand placeCombine remote and networked relationsas a persistent presenceThey turn place and setting into a„Real/Virtual‟ hybridMobile phone using are technosocialpractices, merging remote or mediatedrelations and physically co-present relations.
  10. 10. Mobile copresenceNo t just seeing who‟s nearby
  11. 11. Mobile RemediationThe boundaries between old andnew mediaNew media lies in the way theyremediate older mediaNew media as an improvementand a complete break with oldmedia? NOMobile Remediation sets thegrounds for conceptualizing therelationship between old and newmedia not as oppositional but aspart of a media genealogy
  12. 12. ConclusionMobile social media provide new channels foraffective cultures in the form of mobileintimacy, they also extend on earlier mediapractices and rituals such as the postcard.
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